Younger Woman Older Man Dating Sites

Age is just a number.

That's what some people believe when they look for love, friendship, or anything else.

Older women like being around younger men to feel young again, while older men want the energy of younger women.

Sometimes, these relationships turn into genuine loving relationships. However, some older men enjoy spending money on young women for their company.

These kinds of relationships are called sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships. It's not because that's the only way they can get beautiful young women to talk to them. A lot of older men genuinely enjoy spending money on younger women so they can spend time with them.

It's a fun way of keeping beautiful women in their lives.

Where do all these rich older men find beautiful women? 

Bars are getting more expensive, and it's not as fun to go anymore. More people are turning to online dating, but is it worth it for sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships?

Older men can find lots of younger women on dating websites. 

Even if they're not looking for a sugar baby, they can have a chance at love with a younger woman by looking at some of these dating websites. Studies prove relationships are stronger when they start online. Marriages end up healthier and are less likely to end in divorce/

Below are thirteen websites for older men to find younger women. Whether they're looking for love or another sugar baby, all of these websites are fun, safe ways to find them.

Top 13 Dating Sites for Older Men & Younger Women 

#1: Match


Since 1995, helped millions of singles find love and happy marriages. People from all walks of life flock to because of its high success rate. There is no other site that compares to's twenty-five years of experience. Older men can easily find younger women by searching through the site by age, location, lifestyle, and more. is one of the most successful online dating sites in the world. Over thirty million people visit the site every month. Sign up today and meet millions of beautiful women.


  • Older men can find younger women by searching by age, location, lifestyle, and more.
  • The site often holds events and meetups for singles to meet and mingle physically.
  • The site offers a trial before users need to purchase a membership.


Our Time is one of the leading dating sites for senior singles looking for love. The site is exclusively for singles over fifty years old, but that doesn't stop young women from finding love with an older man. Most people on this site are looking for friendships, compatibility, and romance. It's unlikely sugar babies can find sugar daddies on Our Time.

Our Time has a downloadable app on mobile, so users can look for love no matter where they go. Our Time is an excellent choice for young women looking for the company of older men.


  • The site is entirely free.
  • Users can search for their matches based on age and location.
  • There is a mobile app available.


Silver Singles is another dating site geared towards senior singles, but that doesn't mean a younger woman can't find love on the site. Like Our Time, it's not likely users will find sugar babies and daddies; no one under fifty can sign up for an account. They will find love, friendship, and companionship. The site is easy to navigate, no matter how tech-savvy the users are.

Silver Singles has an excellent Customer Service team eager to help users with any questions or concerns. Sign up today and start looking for love with the help of Silver Singles.


  • No one under fifty can sign up for an account.
  • Silver Singles has an excellent customer service team to help users with all of their needs.
  • The site is easy to navigate.


Be Naughty is a popular hookup site for singles of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations. It seems like an odd place for an older man to look for a younger woman, but there are a lot of sugar babies on the site. There is a near-even split between male and female users on the site, so there is a lot of choice for older users.

Be Naughty also has a unique Flirtcast feature for users to send a video to every profile that meets their criteria. It's free to sign up and join the fun. Over thirteen million people are visiting Be Naughty every month looking for their right hookup.


  • There are a lot of sugar babies on Be Naughty.
  • Users can take advantage of the Flirtcast feature, which lets them make a video and broadcast it to every account that meets their preferences.
  • It's free to join.


Adult Friend Finder is one of the most popular hookups dating sites on the internet, but that doesn't stop sugar babies from joining either. Over twenty-five million users visit Adult Friend Finder every month looking for their kink. Age is just a number when looking for new people on Adult Friend Finder. Users have a choice of a free standard account or a paid account.

All users have access to live nude cams, messaging service, cybersex forums, and more so they can get to know their next hookup better. Sign up today to join the millions of people looking for new friends on Adult Friend Finder!


  • Users have a choice of staying with a free standard account or a paid membership.
  • Older men can find younger women in search features.
  • All users have access to nude webcams, cybersex forums, and opportunities to write sexy stories in the blog.


Friend Finder-X is one of the oldest hookup dating sites on the internet. It sets the standard for every hookup dating site. A user's free account never expires, and they're welcomed into a community of friendly, helpful members. Each member is happy to help one another as they ask for dating advice and tips.

Millions of people visit Friend Finder-X every month. That means there are lots of sugar babies and sugar daddies eager to meet new people every day.


  • Friend Finder-X sets the standard for other hookup dating sites.
  • A user's account never expires after they sign up.
  • The site is entirely free.


When looking to meet new people on Seeking Arrangement, there are no wishy-washy attitudes. Users come to the site and say what they want out of a relationship. For every one sugar daddy on the site, there are four sugar babies eager to mee them. Men have to pay for their membership, but women can join the site and have access to all its features for free.

Seeking Arrangement is growing online. It's available in 139 countries, and over ten million people are visiting the site a month. Sign up today to find the perfect sugar baby!


  • For every one sugar daddy, there are four sugar babies.
  • The site is entirely free for women.
  • Seeking Arrangement is available in over 139 countries, so it's one of the largest international sugar baby sites.


What's Your Price is one of the unique sugar baby sites on this list. Instead of seeking out sugar babies traditionally, young men can look at profiles of various women and make bids to go on dates with them. At the end of the bidding, the woman keeps the money, and the two have a first date.

The site doesn't like its users wasting time talking online and instead wants to make more first dates happen. Male users bid hundreds of dollars to go on a date with a beautiful woman. Over two million people visit the site every month. Sign up today to bid on a beautiful woman!


  • Over 4.8 million bids happened on What's Your Price since its launch.
  • Users can bid as much as they want to get a date with a woman.
  • The women keep the money from the bids.


Sugar Daddy calls itself "the king of all sugar daddy sites." Millions of people come to the site every day to seek sugar daddies, mamas, babies, and even affairs. New users can set an age range and location parameters, and the site does the rest. Users also have access to advanced search features if they're not satisfied with the website's results.

Sugar Daddy is also mobile-friendly, so users can have access to the site no matter where they are. Sign up today to find the perfect sugar baby or sugar daddy!


  • Users can type an age range and location and have the site do the rest.
  • The site has advanced search features users can use to find the perfect date.
  • The website is mobile-friendly.


At the sound of the site, it makes one think of a sugar dating site. However, it doesn't allow sugar babies on the site at all. Instead, millionaire singles use the matchmaking service to find beautiful women to compliment their wealth. A lot of the people on the website are smart, successful people who don't want to be financially supported but want someone at their level.


  • The site doesn't support sugar dating.
  • All members on the website don't need financial support. No one is out for more money.
  • The site's matchmaking services excel at complimenting wealth and beauty.


Every day, over one thousand people join Sugar Daddy Meet to dip their toes in sugar dating. The site is a friendly, supportive community eager to give tips and advice to people new to the sugar dating world. Users not only found success in sugar dates, but they found friendships, successful relationships, and even marriage!

Sugar Daddy Meet has over three million members, and they're all eager to meet as many people as they can. Sign up today and create a success story with Sugar Daddy Meet!


  • Women can join the site and use its search features to look for sugar daddies.
  • The community is friendly and supportive and eager to help new users get into the sugar dating lifestyle.
  • Users can find friendships and marriage on the site.


Over 70% of the members on Sugar Daddy Catch are women looking for sugar daddies. The site takes the user's privacy seriously, so it doesn't ask for personal information. The site doesn't require users to type in their real names, either. Though most of the websites are women, there are lots of men eagerly messaging women for dates.


  • Privacy is so essential; users don't need to fill in personal information.
  • Users don't need to use their full names when they browse the site.
  • Over 70% of the users are women.


Sugar Daddie is one of the safest sugar dating sites on the internet. Since 2002, Sugar Daddie went from being a startup website to being a top choice for sugar babies seeking a sugar daddy. Potential users can browse through 100 profiles and sign up if they decide they want to contact them. All new users need to have their profiles and photos screened for safety.

Sugar Daddie has over five million members on the site waiting for new people to meet. Sign up today for a fun, safe experience finding a fantastic date!


  • Potential users can browse through 100 profiles before signing up.
  • All new users need to have profiles and photos screened for safety reasons.
  • The site prides itself on its high standard.


Not every older man seeking a younger woman is looking for a sugar baby. With the right website, older men can have their choice of younger women, no matter what relationship they're looking for.

Sugar dating is a popular form of dating for older men and younger women, but sometimes an older man wants to find love with a younger woman. It's reassuring to know that older men can find love with more youthful women without making it a sugar dating arrangement.

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