Updated on January 5, 2023

10 Best Wiccan Dating Sites For 2023

If you’ve been paying attention to pop culture in recent years, you’ve probably noticed that paganism is enjoying a revival in the United States.

One of the offshoots of the pagan faith is Wicca, a modern religion founded by the occultist Gerald Gardner. 

Over 340,000 Americans identify as Wiccan according to Newsweek, and thanks to online dating it’s easier than ever before for these people to find one another.

If you’re a Wiccan in search of love that will last a lifetime, these ten sites can assist you in your quest.

Top 10 Wiccan Dating Sites

Though Elite Singles doesn’t specifically target Wiccans, this unique platform offers many advantages over other popular dating sites and apps.

Rather than asking you to swipe left or right, Elite Singles helps men and women find lasting partnerships with compatible singles seeking a more permanent commitment.


  • This is an ideal website for Wiccan singles over 30, and the average age of its members trends higher than on other sites
  • The majority of Elite Singles’ members are college educated with at least a bachelor’s degree. If education and career advancement are important to you, know that they’re equally important to most of the site’s many users
  • Advanced search tools allow you to find men and women who share your spiritual practices

Yes, eHarmony was founded by a conservative Christian, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer people of other faiths.

Since its early days, the site has gone in a more progressive direction, welcoming people of all sexual orientations and walks of life.


  • eHarmony was made famous for its signature questionnaire, which is engineered to ensure compatibility between singles. This affords it a much higher success rate than its competitors
  • Because you must pay to use the site, eHarmony has fewer flakes than many free online dating sites, and users are generally respectful and serious
  • The search function allows you to find singles who share your beliefs both locally and abroad

#3: Match

Match.com has been around since 1995 and currently hosts upwards of ten million active users from all around the world.

The fact that its members come from so many diverse backgrounds and faiths makes it an obvious pick for this list.


  • Match sees more than 13.5 million site visits every month. It’s a huge, vibrant dating pool full of people eager to share your spiritual practices with you
  • A free 3-day trial allows you to experience all the site’s available functions before signing up, and the basic membership costs nothing
  • The profile section allows you to go into detail about your personality and interests, and makes it possible for you to find men and women who share your beliefs

#4: Zoosk

Zoosk isn’t a traditional online dating platform. It’s more like a fusion between a dating site and a social network, and that gives it a fun, casual atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic partner or simply seeking new friends with similar interests, there’s someone there for you, and with 40 million members and half a million paying subscribers there are plenty to choose from!


  • Zoosk includes a profile section all about deal-breakers, so you can easily filter out anyone you suspect will be intolerant of your religious beliefs
  • Unlike many apps that prioritize profile photos and swiping to make matches, Zoosk is more about the whole picture. Superficiality doesn’t have to plague your online dating life anymore!
  • Sign-up through Facebook makes it quick and easy for you to start using Zoosk

This site is still relatively new, giving you an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Dating Wiccans is entirely free to use, and it’s the first site on our list created with users exactly like you in mind. Within minutes you can soon be browsing profiles and chatting with singles who share your affinity for nature and spirit.


  • Private chat rooms allow you to connect with other users on a more intimate level
  • Rapid Match helps you locate Wiccan singles in your zip code
  • The search feature lets you look up interests, so you can narrow find men and women who share your hobbies and passions in addition to your faith

If you’re ready to get to know thousands of Wiccan singles, Date A Wiccan has you covered! This site keeps your dating pool fresh by constantly featuring the newest profiles on its homepage.

It makes it easy for you to connect with people you haven’t met before instead of viewing the same matches again and again.


  • Its user base consists exclusively of Wiccans of all levels of experience
  • The site makes it possible for you to search for people seeking a casual or serious relationship or simply new friends
  • The admin team is dedicated to making browsing a safe, secure experience for everyone

Wicca Dating’s homepage invites you to “find real relationships based on common beliefs and lifestyles.” This community of thousands of Wiccans is waiting to meet you, and you can access it with the touch of a key.

Browse the profiles and find singles near you and around the world who won’t be intimidated by your craft.


  • Wicca Dating is an inclusive site that expressly caters to straight and gay members.
  • It’s part of the Online Connections network of dating sites, allowing you to expand your search to affiliate sites, too.
  • Private messages and live webcams make it possible for you to communicate in real time.

Wiccan Personals is another site in the Online Connections network, which means that by joining you gain access to all of its affiliates.

Start by using the dropdown menu to select the type of relationship you’re looking for (man seeking woman, man seeking man, etc.), and within minutes you can be chatting with other practicing Wiccans.


  • The site is entirely free to use, and the simple design makes it easy to navigate
  • As stated on their homepage, the goal of Wiccan Personals is to make it possible for Wiccans to meet each other – or at least to meet open-minded singles – without having to explain or justify their beliefs
  • Wiccan Personals allows you to send “flirts” to singles you’re interested in so you can get the conversation started on a fun, lighthearted foot

According to their homepage, Wiccan Dating Site “works like a charm” at helping you connect with likeminded souls.

This all-inclusive online community is free to join and dedicated to promoting a respectful environment for all.


  • The site’s members include men and women of all nationalities, ethnicities, and sexual orientations
  • Per the homepage, everyone is welcome “as long as they believe in the greater good.”
  • Registration only takes minutes, and joining grants you entry to the Online Connections network

This is a site that aims to make online dating a fun experience, and it accomplishes that goal by offering members games, quizzes, and lots of other features to keep them engaged.

Joining lets you create a profile, upload photos, and browse the selection of activities available in the navigation bar.


  • Witch Dating is open to Wiccans, pagans, and anyone else who practices an alternative form of spirituality.
  • The site is free to join, easy to search, and allows you to send winks and flirts to attractive singles.
  • For more ways to meet other Wiccans, you can click the WitchFest link and browse a comprehensive list of Wicca and witchcraft festivals near you.


Everyone wants a partner to accompany them through life – even those of us who walk the left-hand path! If you have yet to find your soul mate in real life, Wiccan online dating may be the entry point you’ve been looking for to find lasting love.

So go ahead and find your potential match on one of these Wiccan dating websites!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a Wiccan?

A Wiccan is a member of a group of people practicing the old religion called Wicca. To become a "Wiccan," one must learn from another person who already knows about Wicca, or can choose to practice alone in their isolated environment.

According to the website www.witchschool.com, practitioners of this ancient religion strive for harmony with nature and themselves through magical rituals based on knowledge passed down through witch families via books, trial and error, and oral tradition.

The religious movement began in England in the 1920s but quickly expanded into Scotland and other parts of Europe during World War II. In the 1950s, it was exported to the United States when ex-military man Gerald Gardner published his stories of witchcraft.

Difference between Pagans and Wiccans

Wicca is a religion that, generally speaking, is not the same as Paganism. The difference between pagans and Wiccans can be summed up in one sentence. Pagans are polytheistic while Wiccans are monotheistic.

Pagans believe in more than one god or goddess (that is why most pagan religions revolve around nature). A person who practices paganism does not necessarily practice all pagan religions; he/she may only worship specific gods of certain pantheons depending on what country or culture they come from.

Wicca has but one God and Goddess, with both male and female polarities represented equally. Born Again Pagans (and other self-professed pagans) often try to separate Wiccans from Pagans, but this is an absolutely false dichotomy.

The difference between pagans and Wiccans is simple: Paganism better describes the old world religions that revolve around many gods while Wicca better describes the modern-day paganized version of witchcraft that focuses on one God and Goddess combined.

How to Know if You're Dating a Witch

If you think dating is difficult, dating a witch might be even more challenging. Witches do not have the reputation of dating easily and they tend to be picky about who they form relationships with. If you believe your special someone could be a witch, there are several signs you can look for that will help you know if you're dating a witch or not.

Look for one-of-a-kind items on their shelves.   

If certain books, runes, or specific candles seem out of place compared to the other items on their shelves, it's possible they are practicing magic at home. While some witches are more mainstream in their practice of magic, many others prefer to remain private about their magical practices and try to avoid drawing attention to themselves.

Pay attention to their moods.   

There are many different types of witchcraft, but most witches prefer to remain secretive about what they do and how they practice magic. If your dating partner has recently changed their behavior in some way, it's possible that's because something is going on in their life or with them personally.

Ask if everything is okay. Something might be happening that she does not feel comfortable sharing with you at the moment so give her time to open up when she feels ready.

Look for missing objects around the house or car.   

Magical items such as hematite and lodestones can also provide a sign of magical activity: if you notice these items disappearing from surfaces around the home or vehicle where they were left and then reappearing without any explanation, it could be because your dating partner is practicing magic. Just like with mood changes, if this happens don't freak out – ask your dating partner what's going on instead.

Notice how they react to being gifted certain items.   

If you are dating a witch who practices magic, you are likely already familiar with the objects that she uses in her practice. Maybe you have seen them around the home or noticed them when visiting their place of work.

The presence of particular items can indicate if someone is a witch or not so pay attention to whether giving these types of items as gifts makes them happy or not. The next time you go shopping notice which crystals call out to you for purchase and consider getting one as a gift for your dating partner. It could make them very happy and give you a clue as to whether they are a witch or not!

Pay attention to any feelings you have about dating.   

If you find yourself feeling reluctant during the dating process, it might be because of something your dating partner is doing or saying. Pay attention to those feelings and talk with your dating partner about why they're making you feel uneasy – this might help give you some insight into whether they're actually a witch or not.

Look for signs that their behavior has changed recently in specific ways that do not seem normal for dating someone else – these can be clues that will indicate if your dating partner practices magic or not too.

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