Updated on August 15, 2022

Top 5 Reasons Why Older Men Date Younger Women

May-December affairs are usually expected to be an older man with a younger woman, Even when the age gap is less, say 5 or 10 years, the man is usually the older one.

Hundreds of articles discuss why women like older men and it usually involves maturity.

Women prefer older men because most women mature earlier than men so they look for a partner from an older age bracket.

Also, older men know what they want. 

They don't play games anymore and it makes women feel more secure. And, of course, shall we deny the fact that men age like fine wine? There's a charisma that a 50-year-old gives off.

But how about men? What is really the basis for this strong stereotype? What makes men date younger women?

Younger Women are Life-Affirming

Men who are usually very conscious of their health and those who want to do a lot of things in life are usually insanely obsessed with how they're going to spend the later years in their life. 

A 50-year-old man does not want to wake up beside a 50-year-old woman; he wants to wake up with someone who has the same vigor for life as he does.

Having a young partner makes them feel young, too.

This is more specifically true to men who want to maintain an active lifestyle. Since it's proven that men age slower, a partner of the same age may not be able to keep up with their activity.

Women actually benefit a lot from this because they see themselves how their partner sees them. So if a woman is in her 30's which is not exactly old , she is still going to feel young and hot with a 50-year-old that reassures she is.

Younger Women are Less Bitter

Women who age and weren't able to reach their full potential or live their lives to the fullest are usually bitter towards their husbands who forced them to stay at home and just take care of the kids.

It's a different story for older men who date go-getter women even if they're younger.

Older men who date younger women are usually those who have great careers and are put together. 

When they find a younger woman who has her own thing going, it just makes their lives a lot easier.

It's an added bonus if the woman isn't dating them because of financial motivations.

Life can really do so much to a person as they grow older. And since women are more emotional, they tend to carry more baggage with them and get affected by things that happened in the past compared to men.

There is always that lady who brings up his ex from a thousand years ago every time she is buzzed with wine.

Yep, men don't like that. 

And we can't blame them because they want to avoid drama on all costs.

Old Men Prefer Women with Less "Complications"

Sadly, older men who are single and well put together has a certain type.

Aside from a woman being young, they want someone with less complications. What does this mean, exactly?

You will rarely find a 50-year-old woman that has not been divorced, has no kids, isn't married to someone and the like.

Women are always tied up to some sort of commitment that make it close to impossible for them to date.

When they have children, they're usually preoccupied with child care - because when a woman is a mother, that is their primary role. 

A man will always just be second. Even if a woman's child is older, there's always the complication and pressure of wanting to get along with her kids or not wanting to be around any children at all.

Older men live like bachelors and they want to keep it that way as long as they can until they find someone worth having a home with.

And just to put this out there, know that older men will want children someday which is exactly why they want to date younger women with less complications because usually, when a woman has had multiple pregnancies, she might not want to have a child anymore.

Older Men are Online Dating, Too

It's the convenience.

There are more younger women on dating apps that are game to do online dating. And older men can use technology, they get it and it isn't too difficult for them.

And, yeah, surprisingly older men are so good at online dating now that they know how to filter fake accounts from not and actually have successful matches with women of their type. 

This is probably because, over the past few years, dating apps have created a safer space for all its users.

Plus, this just proves this theory - older men date younger women because they can. 

They have the means for it, and younger women actually like it. Remember, these online dating platforms will only connect two people together if they like each other mutually. There is consent.

In fact there are dating sites targeted to older men dating younger women, such as in these intergenerational dating sites.

Younger Women Have Fewer Expectations

Older women will pressure men to do many things. 

A perfect example is moving-in together. Men do not like giving up their bachelor's pad for a woman that they've just been dating for a few months just because these women are in a rush to have a lifetime partner.

Younger women take their time - they're busy with their careers, they don't have marriage in their minds yet and they don't really want to settle down anytime soon.

If anything, they usually only look forward to weekends at the beach, wine at the balcony, investing their time and money on their next project or just staying young.

And if a 50-year-old guy is single, he is probably wants the same thing.


Note that these are just 5 reasons, there are more benefits to dating younger women than one may think.

The best way to find out if this is something that a person can jump into without committing right away, then online dating sites are the way to go!

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