Updated on September 4, 2022

5 Reasons Why Online Dating is Harder For Men

Online dating is the main way that new couples meet one another and there is no doubt that it is a great way to meet potential love interests. However, it is apparent that online dating is harder for men than women.

Here, we are going to explore that and answer the question why is online dating harder for men than women? Hopefully, it will help you learn something and if you are a guy, it might even help you up your game.

Are there More Men Than Women on Dating Sites?

This is an interesting fact because it is not technically true, but I'll explain. At any one time, there are more profiles of men than women on dating sites but research has also shown that MORE women have used dating sites or apps than men in general.

What this means is that women come and go from dating sites, whereas men stick around and often keep their profiles up for years. This could be because they are not successful or they are sticking around to hook up with as many women as possible.

The likelihood is that women get way more messages than men, they go on more dates and are more likely to find what they are looking for. This information from Statista shows that online dating is definitely harder for men but let's take a look at some reasons why that could be the case and possible ways that you can overcome that.

Reasons Why Online Dating Is Harder for Men

1 - Women have higher expectations

When it comes to online dating or even just dating in general, women often expect their knight in shining armor to show up right away. Whereas men, with no offense intended, will often settle for what they can get.

Statistics show that men swipe right on Tinder 46% of the time, whereas women just 12% of the time. Even though there are much more women than men on Tinder, they are pickier with the type of man that they say YES to and that is largely just based on looks.

If you are a man who is using Tinder or any other dating platform, have an attractive profile picture and try to start a conversation with a woman with what you have read on her profile rather than just a standard "hey!"

2 - Men Get Too Sexual Too Quickly

Online dating really is a game, it takes patience but men don't often have that patience. Some men will turn the chat sexual very quickly and when that happens, the woman thinks he is only after one thing and will usually split. 

This is definitely one of the reasons why men are more prolific with dating online rather than women. Make it very clear what you want on your profile and if you are looking for something serious, take your time to check before arranging a date and especially before bringing up sex!

If you haven't got the patience to wait, you might not find the girl of your dreams or even any girl at all.

3 - Women Get Inundated With Messages

Some of the men on dating sites can send out some really creepy messages to women and on the whole, this can make them less likely to reply to the guys who are actually genuine.

The fact that there are so many women on dating apps means they've probably seen it all and this can really make them have their guard up when they come across new profiles.

For that reason, you really need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd but for all the right reasons.

Show that you have read her profile because some messages from men seem like they have been copied and pasted to different girls over and over again.

4 - Looks and Height Matter

We are all shallow creatures by nature but women can be especially fussy when it comes to looks on dating sites because they have a lot more to choose from.

Those who are not attractive or even average by society's standards are less likely to be successful. There are always going to be men who are 10/10 on dating sites, or perhaps just men who are pretending to be 10/10.

It's sad but true that these men will get the majority of the attention. Women can also be very fussy when it comes to height also, with many of them wanting a tall man. When it comes to filling out that part of your profile, don't lie about your height because it will backfire huge if you end up meeting in person.

Women use filters on their photos so there is no reason why you shouldn't do it. Don't make it obvious though or she might be pretty disappointed when she sees you in person!

5 - They Don’t Have the Chat

When it comes to striking up a conversation on a dating site, if you are chatting with a woman who you like the look of, you have already won half the battle.

However, you can't get by on looks alone and you actually need to stand out from the messages that she is getting from other guys.

You need to show your personality, make her laugh, and show her that you are interested. If you have the chat, a date will be guaranteed sooner or later.

Wrapping This Up

There you have it, all the information you need regarding why is online dating for harder for men. As you can see, it boils down to a number of different reasons. Namely, women feel like they have more options than guys so if you are a man who is online dating, is important that you do your best to be as attractive as possible to the women out there.

The other reasons are ones that you can easily get past if you have the personality for it. The internet gives you all the tools that you need for success so just do it.

So what are you waiting for? Don't get discouraged and give it a shot. Your best bet is with our choices of the top dating sites found here.

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