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Where (and How) to Meet Women Other Than Bars & Clubs

Apart from bars and clubs, there are places where you can meet women and have the chance to get to know them while making a good impression. There's nothing wrong with looking for a potential mate in clubs and bars.

At the same time, there's also no need to limit yourself. Try these other places for meeting women; cast your net wider and stand a better chance of meeting that special someone. We've compiled a list of places where you can meet women. We've also thrown in a few tips to increase your chances of success. Read on.

Take a Dance Class

Taking a dance class is among the best ways to meet women. Because you're in an open and calm atmosphere, you'll have the chance to let your personality shine through, which potential mates can find charming.

Another advantage of meeting women at dance classes is that breaking the ice is much easier than if you were meeting them elsewhere. Commenting on the dance class doesn't come across as awkward or boring. It just sounds organic and makes a great conversation starter. From there, you can expand the conversation and start talking about other subjects that help you know each other better.


What makes volunteering a great way to meet women is that it brings out your finer qualities. For many women, seeing you contribute to a cause can be a factor that motivates them to want to get to know you.

A tip we'll include here is that it's best to volunteer for a cause you feel passionately about. Not only will you enjoy the experience more, but it will also make conversations much more natural. Contrast that with volunteering for something you barely know anything about and you'll come across as a sleazy phony who's only there to meet women. Not good.

Make sure it's something you want to help with. If you've been involved in some causes before, even better. Your previous knowledge about those will make it easier to be calm, collected and conversational. Those three Cs make all the difference when you're meeting women.

Dog Parks

One of the things to know about meeting women is that it goes a lot better if you combine it with something you're having fun in. Take your dog out to the park and set yourself up to make three beings happy: your dog, yourself and the lucky woman you'll meet. You'll have a fun afternoon. So will your dog. You might even forget you are there to meet women and, ironically, that's when the most success happens.

This works better when you have your own dog. Standing around a dog park waiting to pet other people's dogs isn't a good look.

You stand a great chance of meeting both women who own dogs and those who don't. If your dog can do cool tricks, you don't need to worry about breaking the ice - that's done for you. Likewise, if you have a cute dog, that'll be a great conversation starter.

Your two dogs might also start to get along or form a romance of their own. This works like a contagion and soon that romance will be there between the two owners. That's more likely if you follow the etiquette tips that come later in this article.

Co-ed Sports

If you want to meet women while being active, Co-ed sports are a great way to do it. The main advantage of this - and one you'll immediately notice - is that it's way easier to build rapport after you've been playing competitively.

Breaking the ice is as easy as cracking a joke about how much you enjoyed the game and how you'd like to play with her again.

The sport you choose should be one that suits you. There's a wide selection to choose from, including outdoor soccer, squash, badminton, and many others.

Online Dating Sites

An easy way to meet women - and one that cuts down on the time you spend doing so - is online. Meeting women online means that they get to know the important details about you quickly. This is usually through a profile that you put on the dating website.

Meeting women online also comes with the advantage that you can easily identify women you're compatible with. Offline, you often realize minutes or even hours into the conversation that as great as the woman is, you might not be a match. Online, on the other hand, profiles can help you get an idea of the woman on the other end, which you can weigh against what you prefer in a partner.

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If you like meeting women while bringing out your fun side, parties are the best way to do it. Icebreakers at parties are easy to come up with. They're usually a matter of asking how she knows this or that other person. For particularly wild and eventful parties, subjects of conversation are never lacking.

Parties also allow you to meet women who are in a jovial mood. someone rarely goes to a party sad. On the other hand, if you meet a woman at a bar or somewhere else, you can't always be sure that they're in the best mood.

Meeting women at parties also allows you the chance to dance together. This can help you start your interaction off on the right foot.

Book Signings

Some of the best ways to meet women are those that demonstrate that you have hobbies you take part in and things you feel passionate about. Reading books is one of those things - and it has the added advantage of making seem like a sophisticate, which a lot of women find endearing.

Meeting at the book signing also means both of you have something to talk about. If it's a book you particularly, you'll have hours of first conversation material and the chance to show your wit and intelligence. Bringing your best qualities to the fore is always a good idea.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are certainly among the best places to meet women because of the kind of person they show you are. Attending a cooking class shows that you are a person who's willing to invest time into useful activities. Bonus points if it's a class that involves learning about healthy recipes.

Meeting at a cooking class makes it easy to segue into your first date, which could be when you offer to make her dinner. How apropos!

Coffee Shop

Sometimes simple just works. That's the case with coffee shops. You can meet a variety of women there who are on their breaks, working from the coffee shop or just enjoying a day off. Striking a conversation can be the start of a partnership. The key is to try - respectfully.

Coffee shops offer an ambiance that's conducive to conversation, which is one of their biggest advantages.

The Mall

Meeting women at malls has the advantage that you meet them while they are shopping and in a good mood, meaning they might be more receptive to conversation.

If you're going to speak to women in a mall, there's a wealth of material from which to draw inspiration for starting the conversation. The shop you're in, how busy the mall is, not being able to decide what to buy etc are all things on which to base a conversation.


Weddings are good places to meet women because of all the mutual friends and acquaintances who'll be around. That certainly makes it easier to get introduced. The general air and mood of happiness associated with weddings also help to create an atmosphere that encourages you getting to know each other.

Etiquette When Approaching Women in Public

You'll need to know more than just places where you can meet women. You'll need to be able to approach then in a polite and mannered way.

If you're at a coffee shop, the mall or cooking place, a polite "Excuse me" can help set a good tone for the conversation. Brashly asking a question or giving your opinion is not likely to be well received.

Be careful not to approach her from behind. It just looks off. Instead, approach her from the front but at an angle. Also, make sure that you're not cornering her. Doing so can make her feel uncomfortable.

When you've started a conversation, be careful not to over-dominate it. When you ask questions, allow time for responses. Make sure that you're actually listening to her and showing an active interest. This isn't just to increase your chances of progressing the conversation to a potential date, it also makes the experience more positive for you.

When looking to meet women, you don't always have to settle for clubs and bars. There are other places you can go to that provide just as much if not better opportunities for meeting and getting to know women. Next time you want to meet someone, refer to this article and choose an option or a few that match your personality. We're sure you'll do wonderfully.

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