Vegan Dating Sites

Going vegan is a lifestyle change so significant it can be hard for people to find like-minded people.

When vegans talk about their lifestyle, some non-vegans don't receive the information well.

Some of them decide they need to show their lifestyle isn't valid. Other non-vegans are more open-minded and open their minds to different foods.

Often there are lots of online communities for vegans looking for other people. For vegans living in smaller towns, they turn to the internet for a sense of community. Vegans can also find that in various dating sites.

Below are eight dating sites for vegans to find a sense of community and dates.

Most of these sites are focused on finding love, but vegan singles can find friendship and more! Here are the top eight vegan dating sites!

The Top 8 Vegan Dating Sites


Since 2002, Elite Singles helped millions of people find serious relationships online. Vegan singles looking for a potential spouse can find a lot of success on the website. According to a blog post from the site, vegans can get up to 50% more attention than non-vegans on the site! There is also a pretty balanced male/female rates on vegan members!

Elite singles is also a friendly and safe community for vegan singles. The site often monitors profiles to make sure they'll still active and real people. Sign up to one of the most successful dating sites for vegans!


  • Vegans are popular on Elite Singles. 51% of vegan users are female, and 49% of vegan users are male.
  • Most of the people on Elite Singles are looking for a serious relationship. They're also over thirty years old with at least a bachelor's degree.
  • The site often monitors all profiles on the site. Safety is essential to the site, and they delete any inactive or suspicious profile.


Green Singles is part of the Conscious Dating Network, which is for people more eco-conscious and spiritual. The network is for not only vegans, but yoga enthusiasts, eco-minded individuals, and social justice warriors. The site itself wants new users to know everyone can have an account no matter their religion, sexual orientation, and location.

Green Singles started as a paper in 1985, but it evolved into a dating website in 1996. Then in 2014, the site joined the Conscious Dating Network, helping more singles meet more people.

Green Singles is an excellent choice for green-minded singles. It's easy to find a date, regardless of whether the user has a free or paid account. Sign up today to find your newest eco-friendly date!


  • New users can choose between having a free account and a paid account.
  • All users, regardless of sexual orientation, religion, and location, can join Green Singles. Users can opt to find international accounts to up their chances of finding a date.
  • Green Singles often promotes events and retreats for their members.


Veggie Connection is the dating site for people who make their diet and lifestyle an essential factor in finding a partner. The site welcomes vegans, vegetarians, and more! New users can upload up to fifty photos on their profile and search for people based on diet, location, and more! New users also have the opportunity to get featured on the homepage when they sign up for an account.

Veggie Connection's homepage has lots of success stories and testimonials to show potential users they're one of the best. Sign up today and start looking for like-minded singles today!


  • New users have a chance to be featured on the site's homepage so that they can get more attention at the beginning of their time on Veggie Connection.
  • Users don't have to look for dates on Veggie Connection. Users often look for friendships and penpals while they're on the site.
  • Users can upload up to fifty pictures when they build their profiles.


Vegan Dating is for people who want to date other vegans. Like-minded singles come together to find a sense of community and a date. The site is based in Canada, so it's perfect for vegan singles looking for a Canadian date. New users can sign up for free and have a basic profile. The basic profile includes browsing, sending flirts, and more!

Vegan Dating is one of the best sites for Canadian singles looking for dates. Canadian vegans can have a lot of fun while finding someone on the site. Sign up today and find a new friend!


  • New users can choose to have a free basic account or a paid account.
  • Free basic accounts allow users to view profiles, send flirts, and browse the site for other profiles.
  • The site is part of the Online Connections Network.


Often, vegans will find themselves searching for other vegans because it's easier to do so. It's hard to fall in love with someone who won't consider someone's dietary needs. Vegan Dating makes it easier to find like-minded people with the same dietary preferences. When new users sign up, they can immediately click on the type of diet they're looking for with their dates.

Vegan Dating Site is part of one of the largest online dating networks, Dating Factory. Users can easily find an unlimited amount of choices when they sign up for an account at Vegan Dating site. The site is growing every day, with thousands of new members signing up every month. Sign up today and find the perfect diet date!


  • New users can log their dietary preferences when they register for an account. While the site is for vegans, there are a variety of other nutritional choices on the site.
  • Thousands of new members are signing up for an account with Vegan Dating Site every day.
  • The site loves hearing from its members. It welcomes any feedback members have about the website and strives to make improvements from their suggestions.


Veggie Date sounds like it's more for vegetarians. However, like Vegan Dating Site, they welcome all kinds of dietary lifestyles. It's free to sign up and look for other profiles on the site. Vegan singles often come to this site for not only dates but friendships and other people to share hobbies. The website acts as a community.

Hundreds of new members are signing up for Veggie Date for new friends and fresh dates. Potential users can look at VegNews magazine and check out a book series too. Sign up today and see why people are turning to Veggie Date!


  • It's free to sign up for an account with Veggie Date.
  • Users have an opportunity to be featured on the homepage when they sign up for an account.
  • Users can sign up to find friendships and casual dates, too.


Vegan Passions is part of the Passions Network. The Passions Network is famous for making its niche dating sites work as a social network. While it's a dating site, it also acts as a community too. Users can sign up for the 100% free dating site and have access to forums, group chats, webcams, and more. Finding love on this site is a bonus to finding a community on Vegan Passions.

The Passions Network promises never to charge its members no matter the situation. So users can enjoy a fun, safe community without opening their wallets. Sign up today and join the fun community on Vegan Passions.


  • As part of the Passions Network, the site is 100% free and will always stay that way.
  • Vegan Passions is part dating site, part social network. Users can have access to forums, message boards, chat rooms, and so much more when they sign up for Vegan Passions.
  • Vegan singles don't have to find dates on the site exclusively. They can discover friendships if they're more interested in that.


The moment a potential user comes to the site, it asks, "Ready for a new adventure?" Vegetarian Singles caters mostly to vegetarians, but vegan singles are welcome, too. When users sign up for an account, they can see who's looking at them. They can also see who likes them and start messaging them. There is also a quick match feature so users can pick someone with a simple yes and no.

Vegetarian Singles is a fast, fun way to meet like-minded singles. Sign up today and find the next best vegan date!


  • Users can register through email or Facebook.
  • The site has a Quick Match feature. Users can see pictures of profiles and decide if they like them with a yes or no.
  • Users can see who's been looking at their profile and who likes them.


Living the vegan lifestyle isn't for the faint-hearted. Finding a date while vegan isn't the most straightforward task to do. But if vegan singles know where to look, they can strike gold—finding love while vegan doesn't have to be hard.

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