Unicorn Dating Sites

In the twenty-first century, more heterosexual couples are experimenting with the polyamorous lifestyle.

More couples are experimenting with open relationships and their sexuality.

Often, one of the first steps is to look for a unicorn. A unicorn is the bisexual girlfriend of both the man and the woman in a heterosexual relationship.

As more straight couples seek unicorns, more relationships are starting online. There is evidence online dating makes a bond stronger than starting online. Does that mean there could be a lasting unicorn relationship?

Where can someone find a unicorn to date?

Most people would immediately assume they could find one in a traditional hookup site, but is that the only place for a unicorn to be waiting?

Luckily, for most couples, they don't need to go to some of the hookup sites strictly. There are a lot of sex-positive dating sites on the internet, and some of them help straight couples find their perfect unicorn.

There are niche dating sites dedicated to helping straight, and bisexual couples find unicorns too.

Below are five sites for a couple looking for their unicorn. Some of these sites are technically dating sites, but they're some of the most successful in the online dating industry. 

Top 5 Unicorn Dating Website Reviews


Adult Friend Finder is one of the most popular hookup sites on the internet. Over twenty-five million visitors come to the site every month looking for BDSM hookups, threesome, unicorns, and more. New users can sign up for a free account and have unlimited access to millions of profiles and messaging services. Users can also participate in nude cam chats, cybersex forums, and write erotic stories on the blog page.

Adult Friend Finder is the dating site for every person's kinky needs. All sexual orientations are welcome to come to the website to find their perfect hookup. Sign up today to join the fun!


  • Users can search for other profiles depending on what they're looking for.
  • New users have a choice of signing up for a free account or a paid account.
  • All users have access to nude live cams, live model shows, cybersex forums, and a chance to write erotic stories on their blog page.


Bi Cupid might not be part of the Cupid network, but it's still one of the largest bisexual and threesome dating sites in the world. Straight and bisexual couples flock to Bi Cupid to find threesomes, unicorns, and other people interested in polyamorous relationships. Over one million people have a membership with Bi Cupid and are looking for unicorns too.

Bi Cupid is a popular dating site for people interested in finding their unicorns. Users can take advantage of the Let's Meet feature and meet their potential unicorns as soon as possible. Sign up today to find the right one!


  • Bi Cupid has a "Let's Meet" feature to help couples meet their potential unicorn.
  • There is an almost even split between male and female users.
  • There is a mobile app available.


Ashley Madison looks like a strange choice. When most people hear of Ashley Madison, they think of cheating couples and having secret affairs. However, couples can sign up for an account together and go unicorn hunting on the site. Since its 2015 hack, Ashley Madison worked hard to protect its users by making more reliable privacy features. Users can't link their social media accounts to Ashley Madison, either.

Because there are so many more men than women on the site, Ashley Madison lets women have an account with access to all features for free. Sign up today for a more discreet unicorn hunt.


  • Women have complete access to the site for free.
  • Couples can sign up together for an account.
  • Its privacy features make it extremely difficult for hackers and scammers to sign up and steal information.


Be Naughty is another popular hookup site that has everything a new user could be looking for in their next casual encounter. Singles and couples can register for a free account and search for a match based on their preferences. One of the more unique features from Be Naughty is the Flirtcast feature. Users can send one video to every profile on the site that meets their standards.

Over thirteen million users visit Be Naughty every month. With that many people searching for a good time, the chances of having a successful unicorn hunt are excellent on this site!


  • Couples are welcome to sign up together to go on a unicorn hunt.
  • There is a near-even split between male users and female users on the site.
  • All users have access to the Flirtcast feature, which allows them to create a video to broadcast to every existing profile that meets their criteria.


While this dating site is technically a part of Bi Cupid, Bi-Couples is strictly for unicorn hunters, threesomes, and polyamorous couples looking for someone short and long term. Users can go unicorn hunting based on location and other preferences. Polyamorous couples had a lot of luck finding fabulous threesomes on this site, too.

Bi-Couples is an excellent choice for users wanting to go unicorn-hunting. Sign up today and join the hunt!


  • It's part of Bi Cupid, so users have access to millions of profiles on the site.
  • Users can search for unicorns based on location and other preferences.
  • The site is welcome to polyamorous couples and threesomes.


As more people take the time to experiment with their sexuality, there's no time like the present to join the unicorn hunt. These dating sites are some of the safest places for bisexual couples to spice up their relationships. All of the sites have lots of privacy features on them, so users don't need to worry about wasting their time on fake profiles.

Unicorns are famous people to look for in this day and age. Some of the most unexpected dating sites could be the key to having a successful unicorn hunt.

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