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13 Things to Know Before Dating Ladies From Russia

If you're a man looking to date Russian women, there are some things you should know. Dating ladies from Russia can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, if you don't do your research before planning your first date, it could end up being a very frustrating one. 

Here are 13 things that men need to know about dating Russian women before they start their search for the perfect partner!

1. Russian Women Are Not Always Looking for Marriage

Although it can be true that some Russian women are looking for marriage on their dating sites profiles, this is not always the case. Dating a Russian girl should be viewed as a pleasurable experience that can provide you with a lot of wonderful memories and experiences. 

Dating and even marriage in Russia is more of a partnership than it is in the US and other countries that value individualism and independence.

If a Russian woman asks you to go home with her, it doesn't necessarily mean that she wants to get married right away. Instead, be sure to talk about your future together if you want one.

2. Russian Girls Often Like to Make the First Move

Russian women are usually very direct with their feelings. 

They will let you know if they like you, and they will also make the first move! This can be tricky for some men, but it is really fun because it takes the stress out of waiting for her to tell him that she wants him. Never be afraid to make the first move too, as it's more subtle than telling her that you like her all at once.

It is always more flattering for a woman when she knows that you were watching her and noticing how beautiful she is! So if you see some sexy Siberian women online, you might just catch her attention if you play your cards right. So be sure you have a great dating profile picture.

3. Do Not Assume That She Will be a Good Housewife

The reality is that most people living in Russia today have jobs and careers of their own to focus on. Even if you do manage to find a woman who's not too busy for dates or conversations, she might not make the best housewife because she might still love her job! 

So before starting your search for Siberian brides or Russian wives, make sure you're prepared for all scenarios.

4. Being Smart Is One of the Most Important Attributes a Lady From Russia Can Have

When it comes to dating Russian girls, intelligence is highly valued.

You can rest assured that your date will probably have a degree from a university and she will want to pursue further education. Just remember that Russian women often value their education much more than they do material objects so always take her for a nice, but not necessarily expensive dinner if you want to impress her.

5. A Russian Woman Will Want Your Opinion on Things

Men often find that they need to provide their opinion on everything in order to keep the peace in their relationship and this is something that other Russian women will also want from you.

If your girl is trying out a new recipe or starting a new hobby, make sure you offer some constructive criticism that will help her out.

6. You Should Not Assume That She is Rich or Has Money of Her Own

Most people think Russian girls are rich because they assume that if they live in Russia, they must be wealthy. The sad truth is, most of them earn less than $300 a month and often times you'll find women living with their parents until their mid-20s to support their Russian families. 

So unless she mentions it herself, don't expect anything from your date other than conversation and a good time!

7. They Come From a Different Culture so Don't Try Expressing Feelings Too Soon

Russian culture is much different from American/Western culture so keep this in mind when dating Russian women.

Don't expect your date to be as open about her feelings as you might be with an American girl but don't worry, if she's genuinely interested in you, she will make it obvious. 

8. You Should Not Assume That She Speaks Russian All the Time

Most girls from Russia live and study English at school so they tend to use this language more often than their own language. This is especially when communicating with people outside of Russia like men on dating sites or even students that speak English at work or language schools. So do not take it personally if she replies to you in English most of the time because this is what most Russians do!

9. What Kinds of Characteristics Russian Girls Look For in Men

If you want to ensure that your date leaves happy, it's important to know which kinds of characteristics Russian women tend to look for in men.

In general, most Russian women prefer an older man who has a sense of humor and enjoys going out with them to social events. They also prefer a man who is kindhearted and respectful.

Family life is important to Russian and Siberian ladies, so be sure to respect her family. It would also help a bit if you learned to speak Russian a little bit.

10. What Kinds of Characteristics Russian Girls Are Not Looking for in Men?

One common problem foreign men have when planning their first date with a Russian woman is being too pushy or aggressive. Keep this in mind before you ask her out so that both of you can enjoy it more!

Another thing to keep in mind before your first meeting is any negative stereotypes she may have heard about American and Western men from the media and other sources. If you show her that these stereotypes are false, you'll not only have a much more enjoyable date, but also show her that American men have a good reputation.

11. You Should Know Where to Go to Meet Russian Women Online

If you're hoping to meet women in Russia or hot Siberian women, maybe even Siberian mail order brides, then your best bet will be trying out traditional Russian dating sites or other online dating services that are specific for people who want to find their perfect soulmate. 

If neither of those options sound appealing to you, then attending cultural events and joining clubs can also prove helpful for finding beautiful singles from Russia. There are many ways to find potential lady friends from Russia and Western Europe, so use your imagination.

12. Many Russian Women are usually very passionate and family-oriented.

They tend to be very honest, caring and understanding. However, they can also be quite harsh and critical, especially of themselves.

Russian women and even a Siberian girl are more patient than western women in general, but still expect chivalry from men on first dates. If you forget these simple rules or behaviors on your first date watch out! You might find yourself single soon. It is important to keep the balance between being straightforward and too passive/submissive for most Russian girls.

Your goal is not to show her how smart you are but rather to make sure she enjoys your company as long as it takes for both of you to feel comfortable with one another enough to start a relationship together that will form into something serious later.

13. Punctuality is extremely important in Russia.

It is important that you be on time, otherwise they get bored really quickly. You should remember a Russian girl will not wait for a man if he is not on time! Getting late more than 10 minutes while going on a date with a lady from Russia can be a real turn off and can often result in a lady not wanting to talk to you again. This is typical Russian mentality and also applies to business meetings, so since it's ingrained in Russian society, always keep that in mind!

Russians are very romantic people especially when it comes to relationships and dating. They like it when their partners treat them well and take care of them, but they hate it when they start acting too possessive or demanding of their own needs to be taken care of all the time.

It is important for Russian ladies to feel independent all the time and that you care for them and not the other way round.


I hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding of what to expect if you are considering meeting or dating ladies from Russia.

While language can be an issue, there are plenty of ways to overcome it with patience and practice. Once language becomes less of a concern, the uniquenesses in Russian culture will become more apparent on your date with these beautiful women! 

So, whether you're looking for a single Siberian woman or a Russian bride, be sure to check out our article on the best Russian Dating Sites.

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