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Thai Friendly Review: Best Thai Dating Website? Tips to Meet Girls

Welcome to my Thai Friendly review - the site that has over 2 million members and counting. What's great about this online dating site is that you can join for free and get full functionality without having to upgrade to the full premium membership.

The drawback though is that you have to wait 10 minutes between messages if you are just going to stick to the free version.

The free version also has some other search limitations, but for the most part you can get started today and start talking to some sexy Thai chicks.

Be warned though, these girls can be aggressive and message a lot, so the 10 minute wait may seem agonizing especially if you found a real hottie that wants to engage with you. If you can deal with that, then you're good. However it might turn her off a bit waiting so long but still, at least you are getting your foot in the door and checking out the girls to see what's available. For starters, get your free membership here.

The site is designed well and fairly easy to use. You can search for newest members and also live & recently online. You can also search for girls based on age, education, height, weight, photo or no photo and members within a certain distance from where you are. Obviously if you're not in Thailand yet you don't need the last option!

Once you apply these filters, you will be able to see the girls based on your choices. You'll see a picture with their username and also displayed is their location and age. This is a great way to weed out the hotties from ones that you are not interested in!

Girl's Profile Page Info

Once you click on a girl's profile picture, her profile will pop up. Just a suggestion, right click it and choose "open in new window" (if you're on a PC - sorry Mac users - maybe comment below on how to do this) which will show you her profile in a new window because if you don't and just click, when you go 'back' you might lose your spot where you were - I just find it so much easier this way because there's so many girls to choose from!

Anyway, to there's a quick tip for ya.

Once you have a profile open, you can message her right there on the same page. Again, even with a free membership - you can still do this - and she will get your message! A lot of dating sites will trick you into thinking you can send a message and then a window pops up to subscribe to a paid membership - we all hate that. You don't get that on Thai Friendly which i just love!

One thing you should pay attention to is her description in her profile. The majority of girls online will speak and write in English, some are better than others. Some only write in Thai so these girls will be more difficult to communicate with but that's actually a small percentage. Remember, girls on Thai Friendly are looking for foreigners or farangs as they like to call them - that's probably you lol.

The content on their profile varies. You'll either get a few snappy words you usually see or some will actually take the time to write out a decent description. Thai women are very forward, so if they are looking for something in particular (or NOT looking for something) they will most likely include it in their profile.

A Cool Feature - The "Show Interest Button"

For some quick results (yes, even with the free membership) is the "Show Interest" button. Once you click on this the girl will get a notification that you showed interest in her. At this point if she is interested in you, you might hear back. You'll also know if she checked out your profile because you'll be able to see this data as well.

In the "Lists" page on the site located in the main menu, you will get to see all the girls that you clicked the show interest button on and also the ones that clicked on your profile in the same way. So if you see some hottie that showed interest in you, then chances are you're guaranteed a response if you engage.

Add to Favorites

Here, you'll be able to see all the girls you "favorited" - is that a word? - in this section. You'll also be able to see which girls set you as a favorite as well.

However, to get the full functionality of this you will need to sign up for a premium membership.

Comments Section

The hot chicks on the site will likely have a lot of comments from other dudes. You can learn a lot about a girl from what other people are saying. Of course these could be random comments and not necessarily from men that have met them. It varies a lot. So, you too can leave a comment. Don't be nasty - be nice. Even if she doesn't respond to you don't go leaving a bad comment. Everyone can read it and it looks bad on you. Play nice.

Setting up Your Profile Page for Success

You are going to want to make sure your profile page is done well enough to entice the ladies to want to talk to you. As a general rule, it doesn't matter the site - you're going to want to write a good dating profile for Thai Friendly just like any other site.

First off, your picture is going to say a lot about you. If you upload pictures of you partying, wearing a tank top and shorts (or shirtless) you can be guaranteed to attract a certain kind of girl - probably a working girl. The site isn't short of them either, in fact, a lot of girls on Thai Friendly are prostitutes. If that's what you are looking for anyway, then it's a goldmine. Remember, there's over 2 million users and although not all those are Thai girls, a lot will be "normal" girls and not the "working" variety.

So back to your pic. Display a pic (the more the better) that depicts the girl you want. If you dress classy, you'll appeal to the classy chicks. Dress like trash, get the trash.  Ya dig? 😉

You are then going to want to take a few minutes and complete your profile as best you can. Add your age (if you're going to lie about your age - be realistic!) education level, what age group of women you are looking for and also and most important - who you are and what you are looking for.

If you're in your country right now, be very specific in your profile because you might get some "opportunity seekers" to try and part you from your cash. Don't ever send money to a Thai girl you met online - ok?

If you're in Thailand already, make sure you choose the city you are presently in. Don't give too much away that you're just visiting as a tourist (if you are) and be a bit mysterious about how long you're in Thailand for. Again - opportunity seekers might try some shit if you say something like "I'm gone in 2 weeks and need a chick now" - know what I mean.

What you say in your profile will (like your picture) depend on what kind of girls will respond to you. If you come across like a conceited jerk, you'll get the hookers and freelancers responding. If you're nice and confident and write a bit about appreciating the Thai culture and wanting to learn more, you are going to attract the nice girls. Remember, nice girls are also hot. There's a ton of nice girls on the site that are absolute smoke shows.

Messaging Girls on the Site

Because signing up and messaging is free for everybody, even the girls that aren't that attractive will get a lot of messages.

This is where you are going to have to try and be original. Don't write boring messages like "Hey, how are you?" or "What's up?" - chances are she won't respond unless she REALLY likes your pic/profile.

Before messaging her, read her profile and comment on it. If there's not much in content, perhaps comment on a photo she has. Now, don't say "nice tits" or something like that. Hey that might work on a hooker but normal girls - no.

So the rule of thumb here is to be direct, but also try to to be funny. Thais are very direct and also like to joke a lot. If you can get those two elements in your first message to her and sound unique and she can relate to what you say, you're going to get a response.

Whatever Thai dating site you choose, just be respectful and you'll get the same back. 

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