Thai Dating Sites

If you're a man from the west looking for a Thai woman (or ladyboy) to date, you've come to the right place.

Many white men love Thai ladies for their looks, charms and great attitudes.

The attitudes they have are so different from the women in the west. They DON'T GET OFFENDED like western women do.

If you want to date a Thai woman, the best place is online. 

Even if you are living in Thailand whether it's Bangkok or Pattaya, you're going to find a TON of Thai girls online looking to date foreign men.

So check out these top Thai dating sites below to find your Thai match!

10 Best Thai Dating Websites 


Thai Friendly calls itself the biggest Thai dating site. This site caters to Western men exploring Thailand who want to make a friend, have a casual date or date a Thai girl long term.. Over 750,000 users have profiles on this site. Though it's mostly for casual dates, some of these dates turned into long-term relationships.

Users can sign up for a free account and immediately message as many Thai women as they wish. Users often have an option to upgrade, which gives them more features they can play around with while on the site. The website does say users get more responses if they pay for their accounts, however.

The creators of Thai Friendly are working to make this site one of the best when it comes to Thai dating. The testimonials show how much users love Thai Friendly.

See more on our Thai Friendly Review.


  • Users can have the option of a free or paid account.
  • Users can sign up through Facebook.
  • Users can download Thai Friendly through Google Play or the Apple Store.


Thai Cupid is the largest dating site for Thai singles looking for a serious relationship. Over 1.5 million people signed up on this site. Unlike Thai Friendly, Thai Cupid is for singles that want a more serious relationship with Westerners or other Thai singles. People on this website have marriage in mind.

When users sign up for their free account, they can have the same features as a traditional dating site. However, if they want to pay a small fee, they can get access to other elements on Thai Cupid.

Thai Cupid is full of success stories from people who found their happiness using this site. For ten years, Thai Cupid helped many singles safely find someone to spend their forever with.


  • Users can have a choice of using a free or paid account when they register.
  • Users can download Thai Cupid on their Androids.
  • If they download the app through Google Play, they can sign up through Facebook.

#3: Match

best-thai-dating-sites-match is one of the oldest dating sites on the internet. Since 1995, it helped millions of people find successful relationships and happy marriages. It's now one of the giants in the online dating world. With over 30 million users online, the chances are high that Thai singles will find other Thai singles to meet and possibly marry.

When users sign up for an account, they can take a small questionnaire, helping them match with profiles that meet their criteria. They can also use the filtration system, which highlights gender, location, and cultural background. If a user wants to find a single Thai person, they can use this system. also hosts events for singles to come and meet others. It's one of the oldest, most successful dating sites on the internet. There is a reason stayed successful for twenty-five years.


  • Many Thai singles choose because it's one of the oldest dating sites on the internet.
  • There is a filtration system that helps single Thais find other single Thais.
  • Users can download the mobile app.


Asian Eharmony is one of the most well-known dating sites in the online dating world. This international giant helped millions of couples find love and happiness since 2000. Over two million marriages happened, thanks to Eharmony.

When new users register with Eharmony, they take the site's signature personality test. This test is part of the "29 components of compatibility," making sure users have access to accurate matches. Users will only see the profiles that match their criteria. Then, users can pick and choose who they want to communicate with.

The website proudly states that "every fourteen minutes, someone finds love on Eharmony." See why so many people are finding happiness on Eharmony today!


  • Because Eharmony has one of the highest success rates of any dating site, Thai users flock to the website to look for successful relationships.
  • The "29 components of compatibility" is Eharmony's signature feature.
  • The site does not cater to anyone in the LGBTQ community.


Asian Elite Singles is a growing giant in the online dating industry. Successful singles come to Elite Singles to find other successful people for serious relationships. Many Thai singles will come to Elite Singles for the high success rate and excellent customer service. Elite Singles will make sure a user's experience is smooth and fun.

When a new user signs up for an account, they have a small survey they need to fill out that includes goals, values, preferences, and backgrounds. Then, users receive a daily email giving them three to seven accounts of other people who matched their survey. Users can message these people as much as they wish.

Elite Singles will make sure everyone on the site is safe. If they suspect any inactive profiles, they will delete them. There are also blogs potential users can look at before they sign up, giving dating advice and tips to make an attractive profile today. It's easy to see why users are so happy with their experience on Elite Singles!


  • Its growing reputation makes it an attractive dating website for Thai singles looking for a husband or wife.
  • Most of the people on the website are over thirty years old and hold at least a bachelor's degree.
  • Elite Singles has excellent customer service that helps with both tech support and giving dating advice. They also delete inactive profiles, so no one wastes their time.


Foreign men looking for locals to spend time with before they go to Thailand will love Thai Kisses. This site is a popular dating site for Thai women looking to spend some time with foreign men. There are significantly more women than men on Thai Kisses so that men can have their pick of women for friendships and more serious relationships.

When users sign up for their account, they can browse through the different profiles on the site. With traditional online dating features, users can also participate in live chats with other users.

Thai Kisses is one of the most popular sites for foreign men looking for Thai women to date. There is a reason so many men and women are finding happiness on Thai Kisses!


  • There are a lot more women on the site than men.
  • New users can sign in using Facebook.
  • Users have access to live chats.


Similar to Thai Kisses, Thai Romances helps foreign men find a Thai woman. Unlike Thai Kisses, which focuses on friendships and relationships, Thai Romances is about finding casual dates and long-term relationships. Thousands of women are on Thai Romances every day looking for a foreign man to potentially start a romance.

Users can sign up for an account with Thai romances for free. Before they sign up, they have a chance of looking at pictures of some of the users on the site. Then, they can view profiles and start chatting with as many people as they wish.

This site is an excellent site for foreigners wanting to learn about Thai culture before going to Thailand. The homepage provides dating advice when meeting dates in person. Thai Romances will make sure users have successful dates through their site.


  • There are many more Thai women on the site than foreign men.
  • Potential users can view pictures before registering.
  • The homepage offers dating and cultural advice to make sure users have strong first impressions and dates.


Thai Flirting is based in Thailand, making sure the site meets the needs of Thai singles on the site. Whether Thai singles are looking for other Thai friends or foreign friends, Thai Flirting wants to make dating a fun experience.

When users sign up for a free account, they can get more than traditional online dating features. They have access to live chats, voice calling, video calling, and greeting cards, to name a few. Over 70,000 Thai women alone are looking for love on Thai Flirting.

Thai Flirting is entirely free for anyone to use, Thai or foreigner. People are finding success on this site daily. See why so many people are having fun on Thai Flirting.


  • Thai Flirting is entirely free.
  • Users can sign up through Facebook, Twitter, or Google.
  • Users have access to voice calls and video calls.


Want to find dates from all over Thailand? Thai Match is a dating site to try! This site is another one filled with Thai women looking for a foreign friend for casual dates or a serious relationship. It's another popular website for foreigners who plan on going to Thailand in the future.

Users can sign up for an account and immediately start talking to other profiles. Unlike other profiles, there's an equal ratio of men to women so that women can be just as lucky as the men.

Thai Match is also an international dating site. Users are from as many as 56 countries looking for a Thai friend or a potential soulmate. Sign up for an account today and join the fun!


  • Users can sign up for Thai Match through Facebook.
  • There are more equal men to women ration on this site.
  • Users are from at least 56 countries.


Since 2009, Truly Thai helped bring together many couples looking for love and happiness. It calls itself the #1 Thai dating site and app on its homepage. Over 170,000 people use Truly Thai to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with them potentially.

Truly Thai cares about keeping its users safe, so when new users sign up, they need to be verified. There won't be any scammers on Truly Thai. When new users create their profiles, they can send messages to any account they like. There is a translation feature to minimize any language barriers users might experience.

Truly Thai helped so many couples find true love while on this site. Signing up is easy, and people are having fun while exploring Truly Thai.


  • There are more men than women looking for love on Truly Thai.
  • Truly Thai verifies all new users to make sure they are who they claim to be.
  • There is a translation feature to minimize the language barrier.


Whether someone is looking for someone to show them around Thailand, or they want to find someone to spend forever with, these dating sites are some of the most successful sites for Thai singles. Thai and foreign singles alike found successful relationships and marriages with the help of these ten dating sites.

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