Updated on January 5, 2023

10 Best Sober Dating Sites and Apps For 2023

Getting and staying sober can be a monumental challenge, but for some people it’s simply the healthiest choice.

Unfortunately, sobriety can complicate socializing, and it can aggravate a lot of insecurities related to dating: What if your date drinks? What if he or she feels judged by your sobriety?

Is there really anybody out there who wants a sober partner?

The good news is that there are plenty of other sober singles for you to meet. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look!

Below are our top choices for meeting singles online that are sober and no longer drink.

Top 10 Sober Dating Sites

eHarmony was developed by a clinical psychologist who recognized an important link between shared values and relationship longevity.

That’s why eHarmony requires users to complete a rigorous questionnaire before they can be matched with other singles, and why about 40% of its applicants don’t make the cut.

This is a site that’s serious about bringing together committed partners with high compatibility. You will find sober singles here!


  • eHarmony’s matching algorithm puts compatibility at the fore, which means you don’t have to worry about being paired up with people who use alcohol
  • Users must fill out detailed profiles, so you can get an in-depth look at who your prospective matches are before initiating contact. This is a valuable opportunity for you to learn about others’ sobriety journeys!
  • Per the homepage, 400 eHarmony members are married each day, cementing its status as a leader in facilitating loving, lasting relationships

Though not oriented specifically toward sober people, Elite Singles has made a name for itself among men and women with discerning taste in partners.

Most of its user base is 30 or older and college-educated with at least an undergraduate degree. This is not a “casual encounters” site, making it easier to find matches who aren’t interested in the typical bar scene.


  • With over 381,000 new members each month, Elite Singles has a steadily growing pool of singles, many of whom will share your commitment to sobriety
  • The use of personality tests to establish compatibility makes it possible for you to find matches whose relationship with alcohol and tobacco is similar to yours
  • Intuitive site design makes Elite Singles easily navigable and offers a smooth online browsing experience

#3: Match

Match.com is the original dating site, and though it isn’t oriented around only sober singles, its user base is almost 40 million strong. With numbers like those, there’s sure to be at least a few sober matches out there for you.


  • Match’s filtering tools make it possible for you to search for matches based on lifestyle preferences including smoking and drinking
  • There are numerous promotions and scheduled events for Match users, making it possible for you to meet your matches in person in a safe, comfortable environment
  • New users can enjoy 3 days free before committing to a paid subscription, giving you a chance to compare Match’s users to other sober singles

While many people choose sobriety for reasons that have nothing to do with alcohol dependency, 12 Step Match was designed expressly for men and women in recovery – people who must abstain completely from alcohol and other substances for the sake of their own wellbeing.


  • 12 Step Match allows users to search for partners based on the usual metrics (age, gender, location, etc.) as well as recovery programs. Now participants in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and similar programs can find each other more easily than ever
  • Because its dating pool consists of other people in recovery, you’ll never have to worry about being judged or misunderstood because of your sobriety. Your matches will have already walked a mile in your shoes
  • The site offers dating tips for people in recovery seeking their first sober relationship

Sober Singles Date was launched in 1998 by a person dissatisfied with the total dearth of sober dating sites available at the time.

With over 47,300 members of all ages, genders, and orientations, you’re bound to find other sober singles you can connect with.


  • Sober Singles Date is available for desktop and in app form. It currently enjoys a four-star rating in Google Play
  • Unlike many other online dating platforms, this site promotes video chatting between members to establish connections, so you can get to know your potential mates in real time
  • An instant messaging function gives users another way of starting a conversation with just the touch of a button

This is another popular site geared toward sober-minded men and women who want to “meet others who are dating clean.”

The niche quality of this site means you don’t have to worry about wading through prospective partners only to later discover their relationship with substances is a deal-breaker for you


  • Users have the option of purchasing a premium membership, but the basic level grants you access to browse the site and view member profiles
  • The site is part of the Online Connections network of dating platforms, which means you can also view profiles found at affiliate sites, widening your dating pool considerably
  • You can browse by categories organized by gender and sexual orientation (sober men, sober gay men, sober women, and sober lesbian women)

Until recently, Dating for Alcoholics was known as AA Dating Service. They have since rebranded to make their name more accurately reflect their target audience, and to remove the assumption of already being in recovery.

This is a judgment-free zone where men and women can come together and form meaningful relationships, regardless of the role alcohol currently plays in their lives.


  • Because it’s part of the Online Connections network, Dating for Alcoholics makes it possible for members to connect with each other across a number of different online dating platforms
  • Because it’s geared toward people struggling with substance abuse, members don’t have to worry about judgment and can rest assured that they’re surrounded by people who understand and empathize with their unique challenges
  • The free level unlocks most of the site’s features, and the paid level comes with personalized support for members

One of Sober.ly’s founders is in long-term recovery. As such, Sober.ly was designed with care and sensitivity toward the pitfalls of recovery.

It’s part dating site, part social network, and all about sober people connecting with one another. You can seek romantic partners, make new friends, and become part of a supportive community that understands what you’re going through.


  • Available for iPhone and Android, Sober.ly offers daily virtual “meetings” for members in recovery
  • Virtual avatars allow you to interact with others while still observing the need for anonymity
  • Because it was designed to be a supplement to classic recovery programs, Sober.ly affords members much-needed emotional support outside of in-person meetings or classes

Love in Recovery is one of the newest sites on our list. Founded on 12-step principles, this site aims to connect sober men and women across a network of online dating platforms.

The site acknowledges the recommendation that sober people should wait one year before embarking on new relationships, and aims to provide support and compassion for those working toward that one-year milestone.


  • The site includes “The Promises” from the Alcoholics Anonymous book, laying a moral foundation for sober relationships
  • Customer support is available to help members find compatible matches
  • An events calendar and newsletter offer further resources to men and women seeking support in their recovery journeys

#10: Zoosk

Zoosk is not expressly a sober dating site. However, with 35 million users, its user base is large enough and diverse enough that you’re sure to find a compatible partner or two.

Picture verification helps cut down on fake profiles and spammers, and a simple interface makes searching for your matches a breeze.


  • Zoosk includes users from all around the world and encompasses all genders, sexual orientations, lifestyles, and backgrounds – including plenty of sober love matches!
  • Matchmaking algorithms simplify the process of finding a compatible mate
  • Advanced search tools allow you to look up users based on shared interests and values


If you’re new to recovery and seeking your first sober relationship, take heart in knowing there are plenty of tools to help you find your perfect match. There’s someone out there waiting to walk the recovery path with you and build a relationship like you’ve never had before.

You can easily find a sober match on one of the general dating sites listed above due to their advanced algorithms. Finding someone who shares your same values is made easy. The niche sites above have less people, but are still a good option when looking for sober dating sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a dating website for sober people?

For people in recovery from addiction, one of the hardest things can be getting back into the dating world. Many people in recovery feel like they have to hide their sobriety when they are dating, which can lead to enabling behaviors and relapse.

Many people in the recovering community have a lot of baggage from their past relationships, which can make it difficult to start fresh. However, there are now sober dating websites that cater specifically to people in recovery.

These websites provide a safe and supportive environment for people to connect with others who understand the challenges of sobriety. You'll find sober dating apps and websites right here on this page.

Where do sober singles meet?

There are many ways for sober singles to meet one another. One popular method is through online dating websites. These websites allow individuals to create profiles and view the profiles of others who are also looking for love.

Many of these websites have special features that cater to those in recovery, such as forums and groups where members can connect with one another and offer support. Similarly, these sites will also include their own sober dating app to use easily if you're only on mobile. In addition, many sobriety meetings also have social events where people can mingle and get to know one another.

These events can be a great way to meet someone special who shares your commitment to sobriety. Whatever method you choose, there are many ways for sober singles to connect with one another.

How do I meet men who don't drink alcohol?

It can be challenging to meet men who don't drink, especially if you're not interested in the bar scene. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of meeting someone who is teetotal.

First, try attending social events that focus on activities other than drinking, such as dance classes or cooking workshops. You can also look for meetups or sober dating online with online dating sites that cater to sober singles.

In addition, get involved with charitable organizations or hobby groups that align with your interests. By taking these steps, you'll put yourself in a better position to meet men who don't drink and potentially find a lasting relationship.

Where can I find girls that don't drink?

There are a few different places where you can find girls that don't drink. One option is to look for bars or clubs that have a "no drinking" policy. These establishments typically cater to individuals who are looking to avoid alcohol for personal or religious reasons.

Your best option though is to search for online dating sites that cater to individuals who don't drink. These websites can be a great way to connect with like-minded people who are interested in finding love without alcohol.

Luckily, you've got a few resources right on this page like Soberly, SoberSinglesDate and sober.ly. Also consider eHarmony and just use their filters to weed out girls who drink alcohol.

How do you date sober?

For many people, the drinking culture is closely tied to the dating scene. It can be hard to imagine going out on a date without alcohol, but it is definitely possible to have a good time without it. Here are a few tips for dating sober:

First, don't be afraid to be upfront about your sobriety with your date. This will help set expectations from the beginning and avoid any awkwardness later on.

Second, find activities that you can enjoy together that don't involve drinking. This could be anything from going for a walk in the park to seeing a movie.

Third, if you do find yourself in a situation where alcohol is present, don't feel like you have to drink just because everyone else is. You can still have fun and be social without alcohol.

Remember that sobriety is a personal choice, and you shouldn't let anyone pressure you into drinking if you're not comfortable with it. If you follow these tips, you should have no trouble dating sober.

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