Updated on January 5, 2023

10 Best Redhead Dating Sites: Find a Ginger (2023)

Being a redhead once meant being set up for a lifetime of teasing, but not anymore!

Nowadays, more people than ever consider red hair a sign of beauty and allure, and some people even think of redheads as having special seductive powers.

Men find redheads attractive because of physical and evolutionary reasons. Red heads are thought to be more feisty than most, with a fiery temperament that matched their fiery locks. Humans have evolved to find the color red stimulating and stimulating things that are typically seen as attractive by humans (ex: lipstick, strawberries).

Whether you’re an admirer of redheads – or a redhead looking to capitalize on your appeal – there are tons of dating sites out there for you!

Below is our top 10 choices for the best Redhead dating websites.

Redhead Dating Website Reviews - Our top 10 


eHarmony was designed for commitment-minded folks seeking long-term relationships. If this describes you, sign up today and take its famous compatibility questionnaire.

Soon you can be matched with someone who values a lot more in you than just your red hair!


  • eHarmony was created by a clinical psychologist who wanted to bring more couples together in lasting marriages. It’s designed to facilitate high compatibility between singles.
  • The site rejects around 40% of all applicants, weeding out those who seem to be seeking only casual relationships or those who give inconsistent answers to the questionnaire.
  • Paid subscriptions mean that only those who are really serious about getting the most out of eHarmony will be present on the site. You won’t have to worry about meeting low-effort dates or being led on!


If you’re a redhead with a brain and career ambitions to boot, Elite Singles is the site you’ve been looking for.

The majority of users are college-educated, and many hold at least one advanced degree. If you’re unsatisfied by the casual nature of many other dating sites and apps, give this one a try!


  • Elite Singles has over 2 million monthly visits! It’s super active, and full of people who share your dreams for a future with a long-term partner.
  • A Secure Fraud Detection System keeps the site free of fake profiles, bots, and catfishing.
  • An in-depth personality test helps you find the most compatible possible matches!

#3: Match


Match’s enormous user base means you’ll be in good company here. More users = more redheads and more lovers of redheads than anywhere else on the web! The numbers don’t lie.


  • Since it was founded, more than 42 million people have signed up with Match. That includes a huge percentage of redheads, and if you sign up today it can also include you!
  • The site sees over 13.5 million visits each month. Talk about an active community!
  • New users can get three days free to peruse the site and test out all its features before committing to a paid subscription.


If you’re ready to “find your redhead or ginger partner in crime,” Redhead Dates is here for you! It’s free to sign up, and easy to start meeting new redheaded partners – or those who love them – within minutes.


  • It’s free to register, receive message, and browse profiles! Other features required a paid subscription to unlock, but the basics are available to everyone.
  • The site offers a ton of fun trivia about red hair and other topics.
  • Security is a priority on Redhead Dates, so you can know everyone you talk to is legit and that your credentials won’t be compromised.


According to its homepage, Find a Ginger is one of the largest niche dating sites devoted to redheads and the people who love them, and it’s been bringing these two groups together since 2012!


  • Sign-up is easy, quick, and FREE!
  • New members are prominently displayed on the homepage in the Latest Members section, so you can expect to see some activity soon after joining.
  • You can share your success stories at [email protected]!


Hot for Ginger boasts a staggering 4 million+ users, and registration is free! Since 2010, this site has helped to unite gingers and ginger-lovers looking for fun, romance, and more!


  • Users can browse photo galleries full of stunning images of gorgeous red hair.
  • A blog offers tons of redhead-related news with regular updates.
  • The site was made by and for redheads, so you can know it was designed with you in mind.


Single Redhead Girls is part of the Online Connections network, which includes tons of niche dating sites. When you join, you gain access to these other sites, considerably widening your pool of options!


  • The site is covered by SSL encryption, so you never will have to worry about your privacy and security.
  • It’s entirely free to join and start viewing profiles, sending flirts, and getting recommended matches.
  • Your profile will appear in other Online Connections dating sites, and you’ll never be charged for it. You’re truly getting the best value for your money here!


Ginger Singles advertises itself as “the home of redhead dating,” and appropriately enough, it’s based in Scotland! Since it was founded in 2003, Ginger Singles has gone on to expand throughout the UK and beyond.


  • Sign-up is free and easy!
  • You can browse compatible matches, send instant messages, and receive messages without having to pay for anything.
  • Suggested matches are sent right to your inbox, so you don’t have to spend hours hunting for the perfect match. Let them come to you instead!


As the name implies, Redhead Hookups is oriented around more casual dating. If you’re just looking for some NSA fun with a redhead, this is the place to be!


  • Redhead Hookups makes it free to register and browse matches!
  • Premium features include live video chatting, audio chatting, and more.
  • Message boards allow you to talk to other redhead singles about current events and shared interests.


As the homepage says, “It all starts with a click!” Click Gingers recognizes the value of your time and makes it fast and simple to start meeting redhead singles.


  • It takes only a minute to complete the registration process.
  • Joining grants you immediate access to all kinds of features including instant messaging, video sharing, and more!
  • With over 367,000 members, you’ll have plenty of redheads and redhead-lovers to choose from!

The Advantages of Using a Dating Website

There are many advantages to using a dating website. It's no longer taboo to say you met someone on a dating website anymore. It's slowly becoming the norm and much more accepted.

Why wouldn't you want to use them? Whether you are looking for a fling or something serious, you'll be able to find what you want without leaving the comfort of your home - until it's time to meet!

Here are the top reasons to use a dating site.

Meet a LOT More People

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you can meet more people than you would if you were relying on your friends to set you up. You also have access to a much wider pool of potential partners, since dating websites have members from all over the world.

Find People With the Same Values and Interests

Another great advantage of dating websites is that they make it easy for you to find someone who shares your interests and values. Thanks to their sophisticated matching algorithms, dating websites can help you find the perfect partner for long-term love and relationships.

Dating Sites are Convenient

It's also convenient because you can use them at your own discretion. You don't have to go out on dates during peak hours or dress up for a night out. You can simply sit at home in your pajamas and search through profiles until you find someone who's perfect for you.

It's also great for your self-image. Chatting with others online can make you feel more confident and attractive. It's a great way to get practice in dating and socializing, which can help you when you eventually meet someone in person.

Why Are There Dating Sites for Redheads Only?

There is a dating network dedicated to redheads only because redheads often get left out of the dating scene. They can be harder to find in the dating world, and they sometimes feel like they don't fit in with any group.

Redhead dating websites give them a place where they can feel accepted and comfortable. These websites also help redheads connect with other members and make friends who understand what it's like to be a redhead. If you're looking for love, a serious relationship or just want to meet some fun people, check out a dating website for redheads! Some are even completely free.

What is so Special about Redheads?

There is something undeniably special about women with red hair. Perhaps it's their striking appearance or their fiery personalities, but there is just something unique about them that makes them stand out from the rest.

Redheads are often considered more attractive than other women, and they're known for being feisty and passionate in bed. So it's not just about the hair color. If you're looking for a woman who is sure to keep things exciting, then dating redheads might be something you should consider.

How do Redheads get Their Red Hair?

There are a few different ways that redheaded people can get their red hair. The most common way is when both parents have red hair. This means that the child will likely have red hair too. Another way for a redhead to get their red hair is if one parent has red hair and the other parent has brown or black hair. If this is the case, then there's a higher chance that the child will not have red hair. However, it is still possible for them to inherit the red hair gene from either parent.

Lastly, some babies are born with red hair even though neither of their parents has it. This is because they inherited the gene from a grandparent or another relative. No matter how a person gets their red hair, it is still a beautiful and unique trait.

The Science Behind Red Hair

Redheads have red hair because they produce a different type of melanin pigment than people with other hair colors. Melanin is what gives skin, hair, and eyes their color. The kind of melanin that redheads produce is called pheomelanin. Pheomelanin is less common than the other type of melanin, eumelanin. Eumelanins are darker pigments and are more common in people with dark hair and eyes.

People with red hair tend to have fair skin, freckles, and lighter-colored eyes because they don't produce as much melanin overall. Redheads also tend to sunburn more easily and have a higher risk for skin cancer than people with other hair colors. This is because pheomelanin is less effective at protecting the skin from UV radiation than eumelanin.

Redheads are a unique and fascinating group of people, and we're still learning new things about their genetics and biology. 

What are the Characteristics of Redheads?

It's not just about ginger hair, there are certain characteristics that separate redheads from other women.

  • Known for their fiery personalities
  • Independent, strong-willed and outspoken
  • Quick wit & sharp sense of humor
  • Typically very creative and artistic
  • Many famous musicians, actors, and artists are redheads (i.e. Emma Stone)
  • Redheads tend to have a lower pain threshold than people with other hair colors 
  • Have a higher sensitivity to cold weather
  • Redheads are more likely to suffer from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
  • Studies show that redheaded women live an average of five years longer than women with other hair colors
  • A lot of redheads are left-handed
  • More likely to have freckles than other women

What are the Different Shades of Natural Redheads?

Redheads come in different shades if you will. These are the most common:

  • Bright Copper
  • Auburn
  • Burnt Orange
  • Red Orange
  • Brighter Orange
  • Burgandy
  • Strawberry blonde
  • Dark Auburn

Normally associated with redheads is that they all usually have fair skin with very light or blue eyes. They often have freckles and are sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Redhead Dating Sites and What They Offer

There are certain expectations when signing up for a redhead dating site. Whether you are a redhead looking for other redheads, or a non-redhead that loves the gingers, the best redhead dating sites have the following attributes:

There are fast and free registration options on most of these sites, but if you want to do more detailed searches and webcam chats then it'll cost ya.

There are many sites for redheads to explore their love of dating and find someone who shares it too! The best part about these types is that they have sister websites where you can meet more people like yourself. This will help narrow down your search so much in no time at all.

You can feel confident that your information is safe when you sign up for redhead online dating sites on the most popular platforms.

Some of the best redhead passions dating sites offer video sharing. This will give you a much better connection with other users above the regular chat function.

Users that register can find many redheads by using the advanced search capabilities. For example, you can find girls with naturally red hair, fiery hair, ones that don't use hair dye, freckled singles, view photo galleries, find redheads with similar interests, and more.

Find single women globally. Whether you're looking for a redhead date with a girl from northern and western Europe or in North America, you can be assured that these dating networks can help you find single redheads anywhere in the world.

Are Redhead Girls Loyal?

Redhead girls are often portrayed as mysterious and loyal. Is there any truth to this?

The loyal trait of redhead girls is one that has been whispered about for centuries. There are stories in Irish folklore that portray the woman with red hair as loyal, true, and loving.

However, redheads can be loyal to a fault. They can also be very loyal to their friends which means they will defend them no matter what the situation may be. This has led many people to say that if you want a loyal girl then get yourself a redhead girlfriend!

Overall though, there seems to be truth behind the myth that loyal girls have red hair. It's just too bad it's never written down anywhere so you'll just have to trust me on this one!

Why Should You Date a Redhead?

If you're looking for a date within your next year, you might want to date a redhead. Redheads are the rarest hair color in humans and date back thousands of years when people were still walking around naked in caves and stuff (we made it up). Redheads feel pain differently compared to brunettes and blondes — ouch! — but we think they make up for their unique traits with other qualities like:

  • Passionate about the things they like
  • Loyal since nobody will date them *cough* thanks internet *cough*
  • Funnier than non-redheads because they're constantly trying not to cry from all the insults (we made this one up too)
  • They smell like strawberries which is a nice change from the normal gross BO smell that comes after a measly 30-second date.
  • They date gingerbread men to keep them warm during those long Canadian winters. Ain't nobody got time for cuddling bears, am I right?
  • In conclusion, dating a redhead if you can find one because they're special and funny. Or go date a blonde or brunette it's whatever really, we don't care... wait yes we do! Redheads win every time! REDHEADS RULE OKAY?!

Conclusion on Redhead Dating Sites

Redheads makeup around 2% of the global population, making them rare and often highly sought-after.

If you’re one of these rare individuals, why not use it to your advantage? Or, if you're a non redhead but love redhead girls, then you've got the best chance of finding one on a dating site.

The sooner you sign up to an online dating site for redheads, the sooner you can be swimming in a sea of admirers!

If you love redheads then the dating sites suggested above will help you find your match.

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