Positive Dating Sites

Every once in a while, there is an unlucky set of people that test positive for the disease.

It's a scary time for anyone who's going through it. However, thanks to modern medicine, these diseases aren't death sentences.

These positive people are all over the world and living healthy lives.

The only difference between these people and others is that positive people need to be more careful with love and sex.

They have to make sure to communicate with others about their diseases. Sometimes, their partners don't take it well, and they end up leaving them. Others can look past it and have happy lives with their partners.

However, it's normal for one to wish for a more natural way to find love when you have an STD. Are there places for people to go where they're guaranteed to find someone who can look past their medical conditions?

The online dating industry is filled with niche dating sites. These sites appeal to anyone who wants to find a hookup, want a fellow parent to understand them, and people with STDs. People come online every day to find people like them. With more and more relationships starting online, dating sites are an excellent way for positive people to find love.

Below are ten websites for STD-positive people to find love without judgment. Most people on these sites have STDs themselves, and they want to find like-minded singles for connection and love.

Privacy is vital to these people too. These sites help keep users safe and protected while they look for new relationships.

10 Best Positive Dating Website Reviews

#1: Match


For twenty-five years, Match helped millions of people look for successful relationships and happy marriages. Match.com is welcoming for people of all races, sexual orientations, medical conditions, and more. Over thirty-eight million people visit the site every day, making the chances of positive people finding others highly likely. Users can search for people based on lifestyle, location, and more.

Match.com is free to register. Users can also have suggestions emailed to them for dates, and more! Since 1995, Match.com set the standard for smooth online dating experiences, and it's one of the best choices for online daters.


  • It's one of the most diverse communities of online singles out there. All people are welcome, no matter what their situation.
  • Users can search for other matches based on gender, lifestyle, location, and more.
  • Match.com holds events and meetups for singles to meet and mingle.


Since 2001, Positive Singles worked with STD-positive people to help find love, friendship, and support as they get through life after their diagnosis. Safety and privacy are the site's priority for users, so it works to keep every user's information confidential. Users can sign up for a free account and have access to a live dating advisor, treatment stories, a Q&A forum, and more.

Positive Singles is one of the largest herpes and STD dating sites on the internet. It brings every user a sense of community as they try to date while STD-positive.


  • The site is free to join.
  • Users have access to personal stories, Q&A forums, and more.
  • The site keeps user's information confidential.

#3: H-Date


Herpes isn't a lethal STD, but people will often treat it as a death wish. H-Date is a dating site for straight, gay, and lesbian singles diagnosed with herpes to make connections and find love. Users can sign up for a free account and share photos and reply to anyone wanting to connect. Users can browse other profiles by location and more.

H-date wants all of its users to find heartfelt connections. The site emails users when someone wants to connect. Then users can start making friends or starting beautiful relationships.


  • It's free to join.
  • Users can share photos and reply to people who want to send messages to them.
  • The site sends emails to users when other users want to connect.


Since 1997, Poz Circle helped people flirt and date online anonymously. When users sign up, they don't have to give their real names if they're not ready to do that yet. However, the site does validate every member to make sure there aren't any hackers and scammers on the site. After a new profile gets validated, they can search through users and send messages and winks.

Poz Circle creates a safe dating experience for anonymous daters.


  • Users don't have to give their first name when they register for an account.
  • There is a validation process all new users need to do before they can browse accounts.
  • Users can send messages and winks to profiles they like.


When doctors first discovered HIV, people thought it was a death sentence. Now, HIV-positive people are living healthy lives but more cautious when it comes to love and relationships. Poz Personals helps thousands of people every day find love without judgment from potential partners. Users can sign up for free and participate in active forums. They can also post a dating profile and find love.

Poz Personals has over 150,000 members on the site looking for someone special. The site's testimonial page gives hope to new members that HIV doesn't keep users away from love.


  • Users can join the site for free.
  • There are active forums for users to chat with other users.
  • Users can post a profile and browse other profiles.


HIV Dating 4U is what it sounds like it is: a dating site for HIV-positive singles. It's based in the Scandinavian region, but it's got a growing international membership. Now, there are users in the US, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and South Africa. The site is strictly anti-fake to make sure all of its members stay safe while they're dating around.

HIV Dating 4U is a growing international community of HIV-positive people. Sign up today and find community, support, and love.


  • It's a growing international community available in seven countries.
  • Users can sign up for free.
  • The site's strict anti-fake policy validates users before they can start browsing profiles.


HIV Mingle brings a welcoming, supportive environment for all people with HIV. The site works hard to monitor all profiles and keep its users safe from hackers stealing their information. Users often come to HIV mingle to find friendships, relationships, and general support as they go through their lives with this disease.

HIV Mingle's number one priority is the safety of its members. Users can register for HIV Mingle, knowing their information is private.


  • Users can date anonymously.
  • A team of moderators monitors the site to make sure users stay safe.
  • All races and sexual orientations are welcome to join HIV Mingle.


When HIV-positive users think about excellent dating sites, HIV Dating Online is one of their first choices. HIV Dating Online offers a community of people encouraging others to be open about living with HIV. Users can sign up for an account, browse through other profiles, and use the chat features to talk to anyone of interest.

HIV Dating Online has thousands of people looking for connection and support.


  • Users can browse accounts and use the live chat feature to talk to others.
  • Users can send flirts to other profiles.
  • Users can edit a profile for free.


Over 800,000 members are on HIV People Meet for connection, support, and of course, date or two. Men and women of all races and sexual orientations can sign up for an account and talk about their experience without judgment and shame. Users can sign up for free and browse for other profiles for friendship, love, and support.

Over five hundred users left testimonials on the site. Each of these users found the comfort they needed while living with HIV and other STDs.


  • Men and women of all races and sexual orientations are welcome on the site.
  • The site not only helps people find dates, but it helps users find comfort and support.
  • Users living with other STDs are welcome to join.


The same people who created HIV People Meet created Herpes People Meet to give singles living with Herpes a sense of community and support. Users come to this site to make friends, have casual dates, and look for long-term relationships. Users can use the site's advanced search features to find the people they want to get to know.

Herpes People Meet is free to join for anyone needing support while living with herpes.


  • The site is free to join and welcome to all races and sexual orientations.
  • Users have access to the site's advanced search features to find people they want to meet.
  • Users can find a supportive community.


Living with an STD doesn't mean someone is disqualified from a happily ever after. While some people won't understand life with an STD, there are lots of communities online to find support, friendship, and love.

All of these sites are safe spaces for people living with an STD. All of the sites make the user's safety and privacy a number-one priority. Often, it's their steps to protect their users that make them stand out from a lot of other sites. Users living with STDs can rest easy, knowing there are places online for them to look for love and support without judgment and shame.

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