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Time waits for no man as they say, but when it comes to love and finding the right one, it's never too late! It may be that you have just come from a horrible long-term relationship that ended terribly, or you have recovered from a terrible heartbreak.

It could also be that you have finally checked the career goals you have set for yourself and secured a bright financial future you yearn for, and you are now ready to give love a chance. Whatever reason it is, it is possible to still catch this train of love even after 40!

Dating after forty is not a walk in the park.

You definitely cannot compare it to some ten or fifteen years ago. However, who said it has to be difficult?

Dating sites have made it easier for older singles to find their life partners. Dating and age can be a sticky topic but not in dating sites. Dating sites defy all societal expectations, giving older singles a chance at love!

Which is the best dating site to find you're the right person? With the increase in the number of dating sites, it can be a real gamble to decide which one to try.

We understand your needs and have, therefore, take some time to do thorough research to address all your needs. We have provided a buying guide to guide you as you navigate the confusing and, at times, scary world of online dating sites!

Take a look at the best over 40 dating sites.

Top 10 Over 40 Dating Website Reviews


The testimonials of couples that have met on eHarmony are nothing less than an inspiration. Why eHarmony?

High match-up rate

With over 4.1 million visits per month, eHarmony is promising when it comes to finding the right persons given the high rate of matches.

Smart site

The eHarmony site embraces technology, thanks to its smart software, which identifies and eliminates the users who do not meet your needs and requirements.

Suitable for a long-term commitment

At the age of over forty, high chances are one will be looking for a serious relationship rather than a one-night stand. You have come to the right place!


  • User base: All singles
  • Gender ratio: 48% male- 52% female
  • Types of relationships offered: casual dates, deep relationships
  • Popularity (Visits/month): 4.1 million


Looking for a well-educated partner? We have to hand it over to Elite to meet all the needs of the users.

Highly educated users

According to numbers, 82% of users are a bachelor's degree, masters, or doctorate holder. The name says it all!

Mature users

The site reports an estimate of two million hits every month of users between the ages of 30 and 50+. How can you miss the right person?

Search option

The elite singles site allows you to search through different users based on age, ethnicity, gender, or race.


  • User base: all singles
  • Gender ratio: 44% male- 56% female
  • Types of relationships offered: casual dates, long-term relationships
  • Popularity (Visits/month): 2 million

#3: Match


Match.com is one of the most go-to dating sites to look for a partner. Compared to similar sites, it has been reviewed to have matched most partners.

Free of charge

What we love about Match is that its free to use, meaning you can meet your life partner at zero costs.

Specific searches

Although the site is recommended for ages from 30, it is possible to search for partners based on the age you prefer.


 Apart from searching depending on age, ethnicity, and gender, Match also offers different types of communications for users.


  • User base: 30 - 50+
  • Gender ratio: 49% male- 51% female
  • Types of relationships offered: casual dates, deep relationships
  • Popularity (visits/month): 1.5 million


Are you looking for everything from a casual date to a long-term commitment? Silver singles is the way to go!

Easy to navigate

Silver singles offers a matching system that is exceptionally easy to navigate as you can search by age, religion, race, and much more.

Free to use

 You can sign up to silver singles as a free member and still walk away with your soulmate! The site only charges for a premium membership, which allows for advanced features.


  • User base: 50+ years
  • Gender ratio: 41% male- 59% female
  • Types of relationships offered: special relationships, casual dates, deep relationships
  • Popularity (Visits/month): 0.8 million


New brooms sweep clean, right? One time is one such new broom!

Matured singles only

If you are strictly looking for singles above 40, Onetime dating site is the right place. Only mature singles can sign up on the site.

Area search

 One time allows you to search for matured singles around your area of living using the zip code on the site.


  • User base: 50+
  • Gender ratio: 48% male- 52% female
  • Popularity (visits/month): 8.9 million


Are you a devoted Christian looking for other single Christians? Christian Mingle is the ideal place for you.

Variety of denominations

Whether you are Presbyterian, Anglican, or protestant, you will never walk alone! Christian Mingle provides a roof over all single Christian heads.

Tons of positive reviews

Christian Mingle has been in the market since 2001, gathering positive reviews which speak volumes about the site. There are no reports of fraudulent acts committed on the site.


 The site allows for free searches, after which a reasonable monthly fee is paid.


  • User base: Christian singles
  • Gender ratio: 44% male- 56% female
  • Types of relationships offered: deep relationships
  • Popularity (Visits/month): 3.5 million


Senior Match has been matching people for over two decades now, its prowess motivating more seniors to join the dating site. Why choose senior Match?

Mature dating site

As the name suggests, you can meet hundreds of mature people from all walks of life.

Endless alternatives

The site offers different alternatives, such as on-site email and delegation.

Proficient help

Are you struggling with how to go about the whole online dating thing? Senior Match provides the help of an expert to guide you through it all!


  • User base: 50+
  • Gender ratio: 49% male- 51% female
  • Types of relationships offered: deep relationships
  • Popularity (visits/month): 1.7 million


Most features of the site are restricted, but as soon as you subscribe to a premium member, you can enjoy several services such as sending emails and direct messages. The paid membership is generally affordable as its available in a variety of plans for different users.

Powerful search algorithms

 Age match allows for highly efficient searches to help you narrow down to the specs you are looking for, whether age, ethnicity, or gender. Therefore, your chances of meeting your match are increased.


  • User base: 50+
  • Gender ratio: 42% male- 58% female
  • Types of relationships offered: casual and long-term relationships

Age match is one of the best sites if you are an older single looking for younger partners. It doubles up as a cougar dating site.


50 plus dating site is a great platform to meet mature singles above the age of 50.

Mature dating

The site offers world-class matches when trying to find long-term relationships for seniors. The minimum requirement to sign up is 50+ years.


The membership fee is reasonably affordable for users. The site allows for free searches too. However, to send messages, the user must subscribe to a paid alternative.

Positive reviews

 The reviews of a site speak volumes and can influence your final decision. 50 plus site has a load of positive reviews for matching users who ended up being life-long couples.


  • User base: 50+
  • Gender ratio: 47% male- 53% female
  • Types of relationships offered: long-term relationships

#10: AARP


The last but definitely not the least of the sites we came across is AARP. You must have heard of this site as it has been around time immemorial.

ยท Pricing

AARP offers a seven-day free trial upon signing up. Once your first week is over, you will be required to sign up for a paid membership. Good news is there are different pricing plans to accommodate all users.

Dating and beyond

AARP is not your ordinary dating site. Apart from dating, the site also offers other services such as games, food, and information on health, money, and traveling.


Unlike any other site, AARP takes responsibility. If you do not get your ideal match on the site, you can get a 100% refund for your money! What else are you looking for in a dating site?


  • User base: 50+
  • Gender ratio: 47% male- 53% female
  • Types of relationships offered: casual relationships, long-term relationships


Any time is your time for finding the right partner. Dating sites have given new hope to singles above the age of 40. To ensure you make the right choice, head over to the sites we have reviewed above.

If you have unsuccessfully tried before, try again, but with the recommendations, we have given you above. The dating sites on our review give you the chance to meet new people, go on random dates, and who knows? You may emerge with the love of your life!

 What is holding you back? Put yourself out there today!

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