Updated on August 15, 2022

Online Dating Tips for Single Men

Online dating has seen immense rise in the recent times.

The reasons aren't difficult to find. In this age of Internet, when everything from shopping, essential services and even marriages are being dealt online, there's no cause for dating to remain out.

Besides, with an exponential increase in the number of fruitful hookups, more people are taking up this option.

On the one hand, such a situation presents plenty of opportunities for men and women to pair up. 

On the other hand, it increases competition, thereby rendering it important for single men to prepare well in order to impress the female daters.

Things to Avoid - for Single Men

After having undertaken extensive study of cases, we've prepared a list of tips for single men. 

While we don't claim to be champions in women psychology, we do have a wide range of data to make fairly accurate predictions.

You'll find that our list is more of a "list of don'ts" rather than that of "dos".

The reason is that while there may be a variety of things that different women may like, the dislikes for almost all women are the same.

If you can just avoid committing these cardinal mistakes, you stand a very good chance of making your relationship work.

Given below are the golden rules of dating for single men (especially first timers) :-

Remember This - Your Long Story of Success or Hardships Doesn't Interest Anyone

Even though some women may show an outward interest in your long stories, it's critical to ingrain the above fact in your head.

Convey your stories in short and leave some parts intentionally to build up curiosity.

Women find long mails or talks insipid, so avoid these initially.

Don't Divulge Everything About Yourself Through Messages

Firstly, too many messages/texts show your desperation, which can even make her wary of you. 

Secondly, if you tell her everything about yourself, she'll not be curious to meet you.

The most important point is that if you've already given out your complete personality to her, what conversation will you have in your meeting?

Ideally, limit the texts to a maximum of two per day (and keep them short).

In addition just a couple of messages through the day should be adequate to show her your interest while maintaining your enigma.

You may increase gradually, if the waiting period before the meeting is long.

Never Make the First Move - Whether it's Sex or Just Sex Talk 

This is a very sensitive issue and can be the make-or-break factor in your relationship.

A woman's mind is the most complex creation of God, especially when it comes to sex. 

She can walk away in either case, if you were too hasty or even if you were a little too slow.

The million dollar question is, "What to do?" and the trillion dollar answer is to assess her type and react accordingly.

Be the Man That You Are

Lies or half truths are easy to catch and hence best avoided. But, if you still have to tell a few lies, keep them to a minimum and note them down.

This is especially important when you're dating online with multiple women.

After a point, you'll yourself realize that honesty is the best thing to follow. However, honesty doesn't mean that you've to tell her everything about your weaknesses. Some things are best kept hidden after all!

Be Passionate But Not Too Forceful

You must understand that there's a thin line of difference between being earnest and pushy.

Women don't like men who are overenthusiastic and too eager. These qualities show lack of confidence and women don't like under confident men. On the contrary, bold men are liked by most women.

Be a truthful and loving man because women like the company of men with these qualities.

Interact in a polite and caring manner and only ask what's necessary.

Women don't like to share too many details with men till the time they're totally comfortable with them.

Dating more than one woman at one point in time may seem macho and adventurous, but it'll reflect in your personality and you'll gradually lose your image.

If you want to date the woman that you love, you must become the man that she would want to love. It's as simple as that!

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