Native American Dating Sites

When it comes to finding love, Native Americans have their own set of issues. 

It's hard to find love when every person they meet has to talk about their royal Native American ancestor. Is there a way to find love without every person claiming they're from any tribe that sounds cool to them?

More and more people are exploring online dating as twenty-first-century advances. Studies often show that stronger relationships and marriages start online. Marriages are less likely to end in separation if they begin online.

Below are nine dating sites for Native American singles.

These sites are for Native Americans looking for someone who isn't going to annoy them about their Native ancestors.

People understand one another's culture and backgrounds. It's a nice feeling after having dates with people that don't understand anything.

Top 9 Native American Dating Websites

#1: Match


Since 1995, millions of singles used Match to help them find successful relationships and happy marriages. It has one of the highest success rates of any dating site on the internet. Users can search for matches based on location, age, gender, ethnic background, and more. The site also holds events and meetups for singles to meet and mingle physically. is one of the pioneers of online dating. Sign up today and see why it's one of the leading examples of great online dating.


  • All sexual orientations are welcome to register with
  • Users can search for matches based on culture, location, ethnicity, and more.
  • often holds meetups and events for single users to meet and mingle.


As part of the Online Connections Network, Native American singles can sign up and meet other Native Americans in their area. They need to fill out a four-part questionnaire to register and build a profile on the site. The site is also free to sign up for and use its many features. A user's profile will also appear on other sites in the Online Connections Network.

Meet Native Americans helps Native Americans meet other Native Americans and find love without ignorance of their culture.


  • Meet Native Americans is part of the Online Connections Network.
  • Users can sign up for an account for free.
  • It's easy to sign up for an account.


Most people come to the Native American Dating Service for a chance to find love and happiness. However, some people come to the site to look for new friends. Users can register for free and immediately search other profiles based on age, location, appearance, and more. Users can also take suggestions from the site on matches and have access to customer support.

The website is entirely free to use for all new users. Sign up today to make some friends and find love!


  • The website is entirely free.
  • Users can search for matches based on appearance, location, age, and more.
  • Users have access to customer support and can receive suggestions from the website.


Find Native Americans is a dating site that guarantees users will find a match fast. The site takes a minute to sign up and immediately start browsing other profiles. When new users sign up, they can have their profiles featured on the Homepage, making it more likely users will start messaging them. It's free to join the site, and it promises new users they'll have people messaging them fast.

The site claims users will "have so many matches they'll have problems trying to pick their favorite." Join this free dating site today to find the perfect match out there.


  • The site is entirely free.
  • New users get featured on the homepage, upping their chances of existing users messaging them.
  • Users have access to winks and messaging services.


At first, the member count on Native American Personals sounds tiny. There are over ten thousand active users on Native American Personals. However, every person on the site is a Native American man or woman. Native Americans don't have to worry about dealing with an ignorant white person on this site. Users can sign up for the standard free profile or pay a small fee to get some extra features on the site.

Native American Personals is a small dating site for a small group of people. Like-minded singles can come and find people who understand their experiences and culture. Sign up today for a chance at love.


  • Users have the choice of getting a standard free account, or they can get a paid membership and have access to a few more features.
  • Messages and flirts from other users show up in the user's Inbox.
  • Users can search through the different profiles to see if they find anyone they like on the website.


Native American Passions isn't just a dating site. It's a social network for Native Americans, American Indians, and Americans to meet and possibly date if they feel like that's what they want. Often, users come on the site to find friendships and companionship, as well as looking for love. Users can browse by different tribes and reservations. They can also participate in message boards, send emails, and more when they sign up.

Native American Passions is entirely free to join and promises fun while users look for a sense of community. Sign up today and make some new friends while looking for love in a popular social network!


  • Native American Passions is a dating site as well as a social network, so people are free to look for friendships as well as love on the site.
  • The website is entirely free to join.
  • Users have access to chat rooms, message boards, search features, and forums while they look for love.


Native American Date is so confident in its abilities to help singles find love; it calls itself the "best Native American dating site." It's free to sign up for a profile and check out the other users on the site. A new user needs to fill out a small number of questions, and then they have access to the different profiles and their various features on the site.

Native American Date encourages its users to put themselves out there and not be shy. The best thing a user can do is make the site's advice and see for themselves why it calls itself the best.


  • It's free to join the site.
  • Users have to answer a small set of questions to build a profile.
  • Users can search by the tribe.


Greek Dati

In 2015, Native Crush launched in the online dating world. Today, it's one of the more popular sites for Native American singles looking for a chance at love and happiness. Users can sign up for a free account and search for other matches based on location, age, and more. They can also receive personalized dating advice at no extra cost if they choose to take it.

Native Crush is a growing site for Native American singles looking for someone special. In five years, it evolved from being a small dating site to one of the most popular for Native American singles. Sign up today to take a chance on finding love!

ng Site is actually 


  • The website is entirely free.
  • Users can search for matches based on location, age, and more.
  • Users can receive specialized dating advice at no extra cost.


America's Single Natives started as a regular Facebook page, but it morphed into a site to post dating personals. Over twenty thousand members come to the page every day to make new friends and find love. The creator of the page displays a profile, and users like and comment on it, encouraging others to send the profile private messages. People can get to know one another quickly using this method.

While America's Single Natives isn't a traditional dating site, many people managed to find love by going on the Facebook page. Join the page today to get to know other like-minded singles!


  • When users join the Facebook page, the creator posts a profile, encouraging people to like and comment on the profile.
  • Users can DM the user's personal Facebook profile when the creator posts it on the home page.
  • Because it's not a traditional dating site, it's entirely free to join.


Native American singles don't need to sift through giant, generalized dating sites to find love. There are lots of dating sites out there for Native American singles looking for love and friendship. Singles all over the world can find other like-minded people with the help of these nine dating sites. Singles can browse knowing they won't have to worry about people being ignorant of their culture.

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