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Match.com Review: Is This Dating Site Still Worth it to Join?

The fact that here are numerous mostly positive reviews of Match.com out there is no accident. Match is the longest-running dating website and has been setting the standard when it comes to online dating for the longest time and its team is highly knowledgeable about matching up compatible singles.

Match has successfully set up more first dates, relationships, and even marriages than any of its competitors since back in 1995. It is actually estimated that close to 200,000 people find love on this highly respected dating website and companion app on an annual basis.

If you are looking for that special someone and something real, Match.com should be your go-to platform since it offers the best options in a global database. The following is a more in-depth look into how Match.com works and all the necessary information to find your perfect match.

Match.com is simply unparalleled with regards to identifying compatibility and creating opportunities for romance. Match.com has been a leading dating platform since the mid-1990s for a reason. It keeps prioritizing quality members and has managed to develop an unmatched, personality-driven dating experience.

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The following is a breakdown of Match.com’s user base, features, and demographics:

  • Match is available in 15 languages and 24 countries
  • The search filters in the Discover section include lifestyle, looks, interests, and many others
  • Match is the longest running dating website in the world

You can probably already tell that Match is an incredibly popular dating platform. Users have long praised its easy-to-use interface as well as the global membership base. Many people in different countries have used the platform to find dates and even relationships.

If you are truly seeking love, you should at least consider creating a free profile on the platform to find out what all the fuss is about.

Ratings by Category

If you are looking for a dating platform by the people and for the people, you shouldn’t look further than Match.com. The platform welcomes singles of all demographics from young people in their 20s looking for fun dates to 50-year-old divorcees looking for a second chance at love. You can become part of this dating community regardless of your orientation, age, or background and make the most of its matching capabilities.

You will find a break down of what the platform has to offer certain types of daters so that you can see that there’s literally something for anyone.

For Men

Men can sometimes have a difficult time finding matches on traditional dating platforms simply because the numbers work against them. On most dating platforms, men regularly outnumber women, which means that they are often facing serious competition and tend to get fewer messages and matches.

Match.com, on the other hand, puts both women and men on equal footing and supports a good balance of both male and female users.

For Women

On the flipside, women too may sometimes have far too many options in the world of online dating and thus become overwhelmed with unsolicited messages in their inboxes. Match.com, however, has set up a paywall for filtering out fakes, creeps, and rejects, which means that only serious singles are able to message each other.

Match.com is the perfect dating platform for women looking to get into a relationship that leads to marriage and don’t like the idea of wasting time sifting through seemingly endless profiles.

For Senior Dating

Seniors have slowly but surely embraced online dating especially over the past several years. That has been excellent news for Match, which has earned a reputation for supporting a more mature user base anyway. Match.com’s internal stats show that 26.5 of members are actually over 50-years-old.

Match is a senior-friendly dating platform, which means that it can provide guidance throughout the online dating process and recommend matches that meet your standards.

For Black and Interracial Dating

Match.com has helped facilitate matches between singles that share similar lifestyles, perspectives, and backgrounds. The diverse membership base of the platform means that biracial and black singles have the opportunity to be themselves.

For Christian Dating

Christians obviously wish to date people of the same faith since everything becomes much easier and Match.com is perfect for this. The platform has search filters for religion and users can also indicate in their profile that they are specifically looking for Christian dates.

If religion is something you hold dear, you can even set it as a “must have” in your profile on Match.com and this will automatically filter out potential matches that don’t want a relationship that’s centered around God.

For LGBT+ Dating

Dating platforms tend to be about twice as popular among the LGBT+ community than among straight people. Fortunately, it is easy to pick up a LGBT+ date in this nonjudgmental platform and sites like Match have become the go-to resource for closeted, questioning, and bi-curious people as well as openly gay singles too.

Match.com is also a great lesbian dating platform. If you set your match preferences as “woman seeking women”, you will never have to see or even ever come into contact with a man on the platform from that moment on.

Match is an excellent tool for all kinds of daters and you should definitely try it out the next time you feel like flirting.

Match.com costs $22.65 per Month

Match might not be a totally free dating platform, but it is certainly cheaper than other premium platforms currently available. You should sign up for free to see what all the fuss is about. Perhaps you will be the next success story coming from the platform.

Browsing profiles and sending likes is completely free, but if you wish to send a message to an online crush, you will have to pay a small amount.

The following is a breakdown of the standard Match.com subscription pricing:

  • $26.65 a month for 3 months
  • $23.99 a month for 6 months
  • $22.65 a month for 12 months

It is quite clear that you will enjoy greater value if you commit to a longer subscription period. If you sign up for a monthly subscription package, you will enjoy full access to your inbox as well as various other fun features such as the ability to see who has viewed and liked your profile.

Premium plans cost just a few dollars extra each month and offer additional perks. Match.com members with premium plans appear at the top of the search results and receive notifications when their emails are read.

Create Your Profile by Simply Filling Out the “About Me” Section

It literally takes less than 5 minutes to set up a Match.com profile. Honestly, finding the right picture to use for your profile is the hardest part. You shouldn’t worry if you have several top contenders, however, since Match.com allows you to add as many as 26 photos.

You can customize your Match.com profile by uploading pictures and completing the About Me section.

The About Me section is obviously important if you are looking for dates with substance. Serious daters would like to know who you are and what you are searching for, so provide as much information as possible.

The About Me section handles all the basics in terms of lifestyle, religion, and looks and you can go into more detail regarding your personality and life in the Summary section. It is an open-ended section that can by anywhere from 100 to 4,000 characters in length.

Match advises users to include information pertaining to their careers, academic background, childhood, hobbies, pets, friends, and passions. It is also a good idea to list some of your favorite TV shows, movies, songs, bands, artists, authors, books, etc.

You don’t need to go into detail about all aspects of your life, but you need to give potential dates a reason for wanting to know you better. The Match.com blog even advises users to save some of the details for later. The best approach is to use anecdotes that inform readers about the real you.

It might take more time to write an attractive dating profile than simply completing the bare minimum, but being funny and thoughtful in your profile responses can pay off by increasing your chances of getting lots of likes, views, messages, and matches.

If You Search for Matches, You Will Receive Daily Recommendations

The real fun starts after completing your Match.com profile. You can immediately start searching for a compatible date and like profiles (by clicking on the heart icon) as a way to initiate contact and express your interest.

In the Discover section, you can search for profiles and play around with various filters. The platform automatically sets age ranges and locations within the parameters set up when completing your profile, but they can be adjusted as needed if you wish to either narrow or widen your search.

The advanced search filters help singles be more targeted when it comes to looking for compatible dates by going beyond general demographics. You can state a preference for certain interests (soccer, skiing, cooking, bloggings, fishing, etc.), looks (short, tall, slender, etc.), educational background, healthy habits (i.e. smoker or non-smoker), politics, and faith.

Match offers you a variety of search criteria to help you find the date of your dreams.

After putting together your ideal search criteria, click on the bookmark icon to save your search so that it appears automatically whenever you log into your account and head over to the Discover section.

Match.com uses profile information to generate up to 7 match recommendations every day. You will find yours in the Matches tab. You will find a swiping setup in this section where you will see a profile picture of potential match and some basic information and you can either skip or send a like.

The swiping system provides a quick way to create multiple matches and generate interest in your profile. Only visible members that have a profile picture are able to send likes, so ensure that your profile is complete before you dive into your matches.

Match has managed to perfect the process of online dating and made it easy for compatible singles to find matches. The dating platform is also extending its influence to the real-life dating scene. Match Events are now the talk of the town in multiple major cities in the United Kingdom and United States and all of them offer an amazing way to meet viable dates in person without the need to swipe.

Over 15 Million People Use Match.com Each Month

Match attracts millions of singles and has facilitated innumerable relationships over the years. It is not simply a dating platform for anybody. It is targeted towards serious daters that are willing to invest in the process of dating to find a life partner.

An internal survey of Match.com users revealed at 74 percent of them have attended college and about 84 percent state that they are selective when it comes to choosing people they want to date.

Match.com has been translated into 8 languages and is available in 25 countries. The platform receives more than 15 million visitors each month and supports more than 1.5 million messages sent in an average day.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the platform, you are always free to contact Match.com customer support.

Match is Simply the Best According to Reviews

Match.com has been operating longer than some of its users have actually been alive and all these years have given the team behind it a great deal of insight into what is required to spark romance in the online dating scene.

Match had developed a compatibility rating system since its early days that helps match up people on the basis of shared interests, lifestyles, and relationship goals. In turn, this provides a solid foundation for building a relationship and has consistently proven its effectiveness.

Match.com is highly recommended since it has been around for much longer than all other dating websites and has a higher number of success stories to its name. Match.com’s streamlines interface and curated match lists can be used to find many like-minded people that you fancy.

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