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The church of Latter-Day Saints is a fascinating faith. When most people think of it, they think of the South Park episode. People get wary when men in ties show up at their door, but they end up being some of the most helpful people in the world. They're a welcoming group of people who show kindness to everyone they meet.

However, in love, a Mormon must marry another Mormon. It's common for Mormon men to find love on their missions and marry after they finished, but not everyone in the religion is lucky. Some of the LDS faith need to take other routes to look for their future spouses who God planned for them.

With that in mind, where are some places Mormons can go to find their future spouses? Can online dating help them as it did many other people of faith?

Luckily, LDS singles can rest easy knowing there is an online dating site for everyone.

Below are five dating sites geared towards LDS singles looking for people who prioritize their faith over anything else. 

Only people who follow the LDS faith come to these sites to find the future spouses God planned. Even general dating sites have places for LDS singles to find love.

5 Best LDS Dating Websites

#1: Match


Since 1995, helped millions of singles find love and facilitate happy marriages. It has a success rate, unlike any other dating website in the world. Over thirty million people visit the site every day to try their luck at love. Users can sign up for a free trial then search for matches based on location, age, faith, and more. Users can also opt to have suggestions sent to them for compatible matches.

For twenty-five years, set the standard for online dating websites. Sign up today to find other like-minded singles of the LDS faith.


  • LDS singles can look for matches based on religious faith.
  • holds events and meetups so singles can physically meet and mingle.
  • Users can opt for to email suggested matches for them.


LDS Singles was created for Mormons by Mormons. Everyone on the site has something in common with one another. Users can sign up for an account and participate in message boards and more. The purpose of the site is to help LDS singles find love without having to explain themselves to people who take an interest in them. And it makes signing up for the website fun.

LDS Singles is free to sign up and start searching for other singles. Sign up today to find the perfect love interest!


  • The site is Mormon-owned, so every profile has something in common with one another.
  • The site is entirely free.
  • Users can participate in the message boards and have access to other features on the site.


LDS Pals has a unique take on finding love in the online dating world. Instead of immediately looking for love, people sign up for an account looking for friendship in hopes the friendship will turn into love. Users can sign up for a free account and upload as many pictures as they wish. When they search for different profiles, they can save the searches and have a Favorites list on their online profiles, too.

LDS Pals believes that the best relationships begin as friendships, and it wants its users to make as many friends as possible. Sign up today and make some new friends!


  • It's free to join and make new friends. No matter how long a user remains a member, they will never have to pay for their membership.
  • Users can upload as many photos as they wish.
  • Users can have a Favorites list and save their searches.


True LDS is another dating site owned by other LDS and university graduates helping other Mormon singles find love. New users can sign up for a free standard account or pay to have access to all of the features on the site. Free accounts give new users access to chat rooms and search features. The paid account provides access to private messaging. Users can send and receive a message with a paid account.

Users won't need to worry about safety either. Every new account needs to be verified by the site before users can search for potential matches. True LDS is a safe, fun way for Mormon singles to meet and find love.


  • Every new account needs to be verified to make sure the user is who they claim to be.
  • New users can choose to sign up for a free standard account or upgrade to a paid account for the messaging features.
  • All users have access to search features and chat rooms.


LDS Friends Date is an excellent site for Mormon singles who are always busy. The site is available on both a desktop and a mobile app, so LDS singles never miss a chance at finding love. Users can sign up for a free account and use the search features for dates. Another great feature of this site is that it lets users know where there are dating events in their area. LDS singles don't have to worry about missing an opportunity to meet one another.

LDS Friends Date is entirely free, no matter how long users remain members on the site. It promises never to make users pay for their services while they look for love. Sign up today for a fun way to meet new singles!


  • The site promises to remain entirely free for as long as a user is a member.
  • Users can find new matches based on search features.
  • The site lets users know when there are LDS dating events near them, so they can physically meet other Mormon singles.


With all the misconceptions surrounding the Mormon religion, it could be difficult for LDS singles to find love in the twenty-first century. However, with online dating turning into the new standard, more and more LDS singles are trying online dating and finding success.

Studies prove stronger marriages and relationships happen when two people meet online. With that knowledge, LDS singles can confidently turn to date sites and meet their future spouse online.

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