Updated on January 5, 2023

The 9 Best Jewish Dating Sites Online for 2023

In traditional Jewish homes, the Jewish bloodline passed through the female.

As a result, there is a lot of pressure for Jewish young adults to find people to marry and have children as soon as possible.

When finding love, Jewish parents are continually looking for meetups and events so they can bring their children to meet people.

When adults look for love on their own, it's hard to find non-Jewish love interests because they flinch at the thought of not celebrating Christmas or Easter anymore. 

It makes them wonder, "Is there an easier way to find someone my mother will approve?"

Luckily, there are lots of dating sites that cater to Jewish people or have a high number of Jewish people on them.

There are niche sites dedicated to Jewish culture, too. People around the world are looking for love. And with a growing number of successful relationships starting online, chances are good people will find success.

Below is a list of nine Jewish dating sites.

Even if they're not exclusively for Jewish people, there are a lot of Jewish people on the site to make it worth noting.

These are the most successful sites for a Jewish person looking for love.

Top 9 Jewish Dating Website Reviews


Since 2000, Jewish Eharmony helped millions of singles find happy, successful relationships. Over two million marriages happened because of Eharmony. Eharmony doesn't cater to the LGBTQ community, however. Jewish singles can find love on this site, guaranteed.

When new users sign up for an account, they take a lengthy personality test. Eharmony's "29 components of compatibility" help people find matches they're looking for. They can only see matches that similarly match their answers in the questionnaire.

Eharmony also has a magazine for new and potential users giving dating advice and tips about building an attractive profile. There is a reason the website says, "every 14 minutes, people find love" on Eharmony!


  • Jewish singles flock to this site for its high success rate.
  • Its compatibility test has a section to pick preferences so that users can select Judaism as a preference.
  • It's available on mobile.

Jewish Elite Singles is a growing giant in the online dating world. Jewish singles flock to this site because of its high success rate and compatible matches. Elite Singles is one of the safest dating sites on the internet with excellent customer service.

Users will take a questionnaire when they first sign up for an account. Then the algorithm will receive the answers and help users find other profiles that closely match their results. The users get an opportunity to see three to seven profiles a day. Any communication between the matches is free.

Before a user signs up for an account, they can read the magazine provided by Elite Singles. These articles offer dating advice and tips to make an attractive profile and dating ideas.


  • Jewish singles love this site because of the compatibility algorithm.
  • Most people on the site are over thirty years old and hold at least a bachelor's degree.
  • Users can receive an email with three to seven profiles a day, so they're not sifting through profiles.

#3: JDate


As the name suggests, JDate is exclusively for Jewish couples to find like-minded people looking for connection and long-term relationships. Since 1997, JDate helped millions of Jewish singles find love and marriage. With 450,000 active members on JDate, the chances of Jewish singles finding one another are high.

When users sign up for a new account, they take a personality test to highlight the things that matter to the user the most. Then, they get matched with other profiles that have the same values as the user. New users see these matches daily. Users have access to live chats and a magazine called JLife. JLife is all about dating advice for a successful online dating experience.

JDate is often called "The Promised Land of Love." Sign up for an account and see why JDate earns its nickname today!


  • JDate has a detailed personality test that highlights the factors that matter the most to new users.
  • All users have access to an online dating magazine called JLife.
  • All users have access to live chats.

#4: Match


Match.com is one of the oldest online dating sites in the world. Since 1995, Match.com helped millions of singles find happy relationships and happier marriages. Over 30 million singles are surfing Match.com now, so the chances of Jewish singles meeting one another are high on Match.com.

When users sign up for Match.com, they can fill out a small questionnaire to find matches based on your personality. Match.com also has a filtering feature where Jewish singles can put that they're looking for other Jewish singles on the site. Match.com also holds meetups and events for singles to meet one another.

Match.com is one of the most successful dating websites on the internet. See why so many people are finding true love and happiness on Match.com!


  • With over 30 million users, Jewish singles have success finding other Jewish singles.
  • Users can use filters to find only Jewish singles.
  • Match.com holds events and meetups for people to meet in person physically.


Supertova is a completely free dating site for single Jewish people to find other single Jewish people. It takes a minute to sign up, and is also a global website! It's easy to use and fun for singles.

Signing up for a new account is easy. Users need to answer a few questions, and they have access to profiles, games, and chat rooms. They can look through announcements and blogs giving dating advice. These blogs are by both the Supertova staff and users for dating advice and dating experiences.

Supertova is a fun and secure website attracting Jewish singles from around the globe.


  • Supertova is entirely free.
  • Users have access to chatrooms and a blog.
  • Users can sign up and register through Facebook.


World of Singles is a unique site on this list. It's not a traditional online dating site, but a site ran by a Jewish matchmaker named Sarah Malamund. She's helped bring couples together for over 13 years with a 90% success rate.

If Jewish singles are interested in Malamund's services, they call the phone number listed on the screen. Then, the single and Malamund will exchange emails, Skype interviews, and phone calls so she can collect information she needs to help find the perfect match. Then, you'll match with people she feels are the best for these singles.

Malamud is a successful matchmaker. She helped couples come together from all over the world. Schedule an interview with her and see for yourself how successful she is.


  • Unlike traditional dating sites, World of Singles is a matchmaking site for Jewish singles.
  • Singles can help Malamud find matches by looking through her profile list.
  • Matches can exchange emails and video calls.


JRetroMatch acts like a dating website, but it's a matchmaking service for Jewish singles. Jewish matchmakers come together to help Jewish singles meet and go on a few dates. With its unique blend of traditional matchmaking and online dating sites, over 1,300 singles got married with the help of JRetro Match.

When users sign up for JRetro Match, they fill out their profiles then select a matchmaker to help. Then, they help users find other profiles to match with them. JRetro Match also holds events for singles to meet and mingle.

JRetro Match is the perfect blend of traditional Jewish Matchmaking and the modern online dating world. See why it's a successful matchmaking service today.


  • It's a blend of matchmaking and online dating.
  • Matchmakers help you find profiles for you.
  • JRetro Match holds events for singles to meet up.


This site is the sister-site to JRetro Match. Like JRetro, Saw You at Sinai blends traditional Jewish Matchmaking with online dating. Over 30,000 singles are on this site looking for love. It's responsible for over 1,700 marriages, too.

When new users sign up for their account, they need to be verified to make sure they are who they say. Then, they're set up with two matchmakers. The matchmakers give the users matches. Users also have access to a resource page offering lots of dating advice and ideas.

Saw You at Sinai is one of the more successful sites when it comes to Jewish singles finding love. It's easy to see why Saw You at Sinai is so successful!


  • Each user has two matchmakers working with them.
  • There is a resource page for getting dating ideas and advice.

#9: Zoosk


Zoosk is one of the biggest international dating giants on the internet. It's available in multiple countries and translated into numerous languages. It's also one of the most downloaded dating apps in the Apple Store.

When users sign up for an account, they fill out a small questionnaire, so they match with people they like. The Behavioral Matchmaking technology learns from the millions of users on the site to make sure matches are more accurate. The more the user uses Zoosk, the more the technology learns from the user's actions.

Signing up for Zoosk is easy, and it's more accessible than a lot of the other dating sites. See why Zoosk is one of the best dating sites on the internet.


  • Because of its massive database, many Jewish singles flock to Zoosk to find like-minded people.
  • Users can sign up through Facebook or Google. They can also download the app through Amazon, the Apple Store, or Google Play.
  • Behavioral Matchmaking technology learns from the user's actions. The more the user uses Zoosk, the more accurate the matches are.


Whether Jewish singles use traditional matchmaking or an online dating site, Jewish singles everywhere are finding successful, long-term relationships with the help of the internet. Lots of these fruitful relationships are turning into happy marriages too!

Jewish singles everywhere are finding people their mothers would approve of. By going on one of these nine sites, a Jewish single's chances of having the same success are high.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I meet Jewish singles?

If you're looking to meet Jewish singles, there are a few different things you can do. One option is to attend events at your local synagogue or community center. Many synagogues and centers host social gatherings and dating events that are geared specifically towards single Jews, providing a fun and relaxed environment where you can make connections and get to know other like-minded individuals.

Also, many online dating sites cater to Jewish singles, making it easy to connect with others who share your faith and cultural background. Whether you choose one of these methods or a combination of them, there are plenty of ways to meet Jewish singles and find that special someone!

Which is better Jdate vs JSwipe?

Both Jdate and JSwipe are popular dating apps for Jewish singles. Jdate is a paid subscription service with a user-friendly interface and extensive search features, while JSwipe is a free app with streamlined design and fewer bells and whistles.

So which one is better? At the end of the day, it really depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you want more control over your matches and enjoy lots of customization options, then Jdate might be a better choice.

Is JDate still a thing?

When it comes to online dating, JDate is one of the oldest and most established platforms out there. Dating back to 1997, JDate was one of the first websites to offer services specifically geared towards Jewish singles, and for years it remained a hugely popular choice for people looking to meet others with similar beliefs and values.

However, in recent years it seems that the site has fallen out of favor, with more and more daters turning towards apps like Tinder or Bumble. Many people have even started to question whether or not JDate is still relevant today, as its user base has dwindled significantly over the years.

Despite these criticisms, however, I believe that JDate still has an important place in the dating landscape. Even if its user base is not as large as it once was, its core mission remains just as relevant as ever – namely, helping Jewish Americans connect with others who share their faith and traditions.

Indeed, with so much negativity circulating around online dating nowadays, sites such as JDate help to counterbalance this trend by creating a supportive and healthy space for singles to connect on shared values rather than superficial characteristics like appearance or personality traits.

So while some may think that JDate is past its prime, I say that it still plays an important role in our modern dating landscape – especially for those who prefer an old-school approach over something more flashy and trendy. After all, there's nothing wrong with wanting to keep things a little bit traditional from time to time!

Is Jdate only for Jewish people?

There has been a lot of controversy around Jdate, the popular dating site that caters specifically to Jewish singles. Some critics claim that Jdate is only for Jewish people, and that non-Jews are not welcome on the site.

However, this isn't true at all. In fact, Jdate has tons of members from all different backgrounds, including non-Jewish ones.

Whether you're looking for a new romance or just want to connect with other like-minded individuals, Jdate is the perfect place for you. So don't let rumors about exclusivity stop you from joining the vibrant and welcoming community on Jdate! 

Can non-Jews date Jewish girls?

The question of whether or not non-Jews can date Jewish girls is one that has sparked heated debate over the years. Some people believe that it is perfectly fine for non-Jewish men to pursue Jewish women, arguing that love is the ultimate equalizer and should be free from religious divisions.

Others, however, argue that dating a Jewish girl effectively means entering into what they see as an exclusive or semi-exclusive relationship with someone who will always keep one eye on her faith and her family.

The answer to whether it is appropriate to date a Jewish girl depends on your own beliefs and opinions surrounding religion and relationships. Some people may find dating a Jewish girl totally kosher, while others may view it as an act of trespass into an ancient culture. 

What is it like to date a Jewish girl?

Dating a Jewish girl is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. For starters, she's fiercely independent and knows her own mind, so you'll have to work hard to earn her trust and respect.

She also has strong family ties, which means that she often puts family first and is always ready to lend a helping hand. And of course, as with any woman, a Jewish girl is looking for someone who can make her laugh and who she can rely on to support her through thick and thin.

So if you're thinking about dating one, be prepared for all of these things – and more! At the end of the day, though, it will all be worth it when you find yourself falling in love with a truly amazing woman. Good luck!

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