Updated on August 15, 2022

How to Take a Dating Profile Picture

So you're setting up your online dating profile.

You have interesting and funny details about yourself on your profile.

Great job!

That's an important part of your profile you just finished. You're not done, though.

There's one super important thing left to take care of.

Let's face it; one of the first things you look at on an online dating site is someone's profile picture.

 Whatever site you're on, whether it's a mature dating site or the trendy apps like Bumble or Tinder that people in their 20s like, the picture is one detail you gotta nail.

Match.com's dating expert, Kate Taylor, says if you're planning to spend time on anything, it should be the picture.

She puts it like this: if you take a weekend creating a profile, most of it should be spent getting friends to take pictures of you.

You'll need just twenty minutes to half an hour for the words.

So now you've got your phone in your hand, clueless about how to get those perfect angles. Read on, we're here for you.

Think Practically

If you follow these tips, your pictures will be the worthy of billboards on Times Square and in London. 

Sadly, most people will view them on the tiny screens of their phones.

That's how a third of internet users browse the web. More and more people are looking at dating sites on small screens so your photos need to look good on them.

Your main picture needs to be a close-up of your face.

Make sure it's not too far away, that face of yours is a selling point.

Spark A Conversation With Photos

After your headshot, you'll need three other photos.

Each says something different about you. 

One of them should show you doing something you find interesting and enjoy. Love taking walks in the park or skating?

Put a picture of yourself doing that. It helps potential matches to get to know you a little better.

Ever realized how it's easier to talk to someone at, say, a dance class than while waiting in a line?

That's exactly the same thing with this picture. It gives your match some context to work with and get the conversation going.

The other picture you'll need is one of your full body to show how it looks,

Stay away from those bathroom abs shots, though. 🤣

Quality Over Quantity

Kate, the dating expert from earlier, says a variety of pictures is definitely important but you can't throw a bunch of shoddily-taken pictures on your profile and call it a day.

You have a good side, show it. When you're crafting a great profile, every picture counts.

If you have eight fabulous pictures and one bad one, it could potentially drive away potential matches.

When all of them are good, so are your chances of someone sticking around to strike a conversation.

Always Go With Honesty

According to Kate, you want to stay away from old or overly flattering photos because they don't really show how you look.

You want a first date with the right match to turn into a second, then a third.

Over time, that can be become a passionate romance. When that match finds that you look different from your pictures, things might not go so well.

Don't be worried about fewer people contacting you.

If you get the pictures that show the true you looking great, the people who contact you will want to know you for longer.

Go Pro If You Want To

If you've got some spare change lying around, Kate suggests throwing some of it at a professional photographer.

On many dating sites and apps, people are using professional photos. 

There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, you should go for it. There are so many professional-grade photos online that it won't look out of place. It'll only look well done.

Just because it's good doesn't mean you should overdo it, though. Your camera roll still has some gems in it.

Men respond well to selfies. Women do too, though not as much.

A mix of both gets a thumbs up from us.

You know what to do now.

Can you hear that?


Hear it now?

That's the sound of your camera begging you to take photos that will mesmerize and charm your match.

What are you waiting for? Get snapping. 😀

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