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Best Hookup Sites 2023: Find a Partner for a Fun Fling

Some people aren't interested in finding a committed relationship. Instead, they want to have fun and meet as many people as possible.

Hookups are more fun and more comfortable to deal with than a relationship.

Sex is fun, and people want to explore their sexuality as much as possible. Being tied down could prevent people from exploring things they always wanted to try unless they found someone as open-minded about sex and hookups. Some people are taking their time to be single to figure out their sexual limits and have fun doing so.

With so many people turning to date websites, a person wonders if any sites encourage hookups and casual relationships?

There are millions of people all over the world that aren't looking to be tied down in a monogamous relationship right away. These people want to date around and experiment with their sexuality before they find love. A lot of these hookup sites are some of the most popular sites on the internet!

Below are the ten most successful hookup sites on the internet.

Top 10 Hookup Sites


Be Naughty is one of the most popular hookup sites on the internet. Over thirteen million people visit the site per month, with a near-equal split between male and female users. People of all sexual orientations are welcome to sign up for a free account and try the site's many unique features. Users can even have a Flirtcast, where they send one video to all profiles who fit their preferences!

Be Naughty is a fun way for singles to find new hookups near them. Sign up today and start setting up dates!


  • All sexual orientations are welcome.
  • There is a near-even split between male and female users.
  • Users can send one video to all users who meet their criteria.


Adult Friend Finder knows sex is an essential part of life. Users of all sexual orientations come to Adult Friend Finder to find hookups and kinks of any category. Users can discover hookups, threesomes, and more when they sign up for an account. Whether users get off on cybersex, writing erotic stories, or looking for a quick hookup, there is something for everyone when they sign up for an account.

Users can have access to nude cam chats, and live model shows when they register with Adult Friend Finder. Be a part of the twenty-five million visitors every month looking for a new friend!


  • Users have access to live nude cam chats, live model shows, and more.
  • Users can participate in cyber sex forums and write erotic stories.
  • Users can search for hookups by preferences and location.

#3: Tinder


Tinder is one of the most popular hookups dating apps out there. When young people start looking for dating sites, Tinder is one of their first choices. It's entirely free to join and find hookups fast. Users have access to the unique swipe right, swipe left feature, making it easy to find someone who matches the user's preferences. Users can only message one another if they match if they both swipe right.

Young people everywhere flock to Tinder to find hookups fast and easy. It's available on all mobile devices.


  • Tinder has the swipe left; swipe right feature to make finding matches a speedy process.
  • The app is entirely free.
  • Users can't message one another unless they match.

#4: Feeld


For some couples, hookups don't end when a relationship begins. Sometimes, couples want to make their sex lives enjoyable by experimenting with polyamory or threesomes. Feeld is an open-relationship friendly dating app for couples who wish to add excitement into their relationships. Over one million people have accounts with Feeld and can't wait to meet new users.

Whether users are singles or couples looking for hookups, Feeld is a community that doesn't judge. Users can sign up for an account and join the fun today!


  • Couples are welcome to join the community.
  • Open relationships and threesomes are highly encouraged in the community.
  • Feeld offers a community for non-monogamous couples.

#5: Down


Not everyone wants the world to know they're looking for a hookup. Some people would rather keep their personal life private. Down is the dating app for singles who prefer not to kiss and tell. Over two million people are using Down every day. New users don't need to verify their identity or link their social media profiles to the app.

Down keeps hookups fun while being discreet. There are millions of people on the app now looking for the next hookup. Download the app today and join the fun!


  • The mobile app is available on all devices.
  • Down is dedicated to keeping users' information private. New users don't need to verify their identities.
  • Users can search for hookups by preference.

#6: Grindr


Tinder is open to all sexual orientations, but sometimes, users don't want to sift through all the straight choices. Grindr is Tinder for gay and bisexual men looking for a hookup. It has similar features to Tinder. There is also a feature where guys can see how close their new hot interest is from them. Grindr is also an advocate for the LGBTQ community encouraging others to be proud of their sexuality.

Grindr is a popular app among gay and bisexual men looking for a hookup. Download the app today to find the perfect male hookup!


  • Grindr is only available on mobile devices.
  • It's entirely free.
  • The app is an advocate for LGBTQ rights.


Since 1996, Men Nation helped millions of gay men meet other men and arrange hookups. Over seven-hundred thousand men visit the site every month, but millions of men have memberships on the site. It's one of the most well-established hookup sites on the list. Users have access to chat rooms and blog pages so they can gain more opportunities to meet other people.

Men Nation is also part of the Friend Finder Network. Sign up today and find meet men!


  • Men Nation is one of the most established websites on this list.
  • Over seven hundred thousand men visit the site every month.
  • Users have access to chat rooms, blog posts, pictures, and more.

#8: Zoosk


Zoosk is one of the largest international online dating giants on the internet. It's also the most downloaded dating app in the App Store. With forty million registered members and over twenty-nine million visitors a month, chances are good singles can find a hookup with Zoosk. It's available in over eighty countries, so travelers can get lucky no matter where they go!

Zoosk is a fun site for anyone looking for a quick hookup or something more. Users can put in their preferences when they sign up for Zoosk and have fun searching for others today!


  • Zoosk has Behavioral Matchmaking technology, meaning it bases its matches on the user's actions. So the more the user uses the site, the more accurate matches the site finds for them.
  • It's available in over 80 countries, making it an international giant.
  • It's the most downloaded dating app in the App Store.


For gay and bisexual women looking for a hookup or a threesome, Lesbian Singles is the site. Singles and couples are welcome to create a profile to find hookups, threesomes, and more. Lesbian Personals is unique because while it gears towards gay and bisexual women, straight men are welcome to register with their girlfriends if they're looking for a unicorn.

Lesbian Personals is a fun female-friendly hookup site for women interested in exploring their sexual limits. Sign up today to find a fun hookup!


  • Users have access to webcams and two-way voice chats.
  • Couples are welcome to sign up for an account with Lesbian Personals.
  • Straight men are welcome to sign up with their girlfriends to look for a bisexual girlfriend or a unicorn.

#10: Pure


For a fast-paced, discreet hookup dating site, users can turn to Pure. It's only available on Google Play, but users can use the app on both their desktop and phone. When users find someone they like, they need to set up a date fast. All conversations get deleted after an hour. Users everywhere can find a guaranteed hookup in their area by logging onto Pure.

The site is also anonymous, too. So users never have to worry about having personal information stolen. Register a working email today and join the fast-paced fun of Pure.


  • The site is so discreet; it deletes all conversations after an hour of use.
  • Users only need a working email to register.
  • It's available on both Google Play and a desktop.


Hookups are a natural stage in everyone's life. Some people like hookups so much, they find open relationships, so they keep finding good hookups. Others see their hookup stage as a short ride before they settle down into a serious relationship.

None of these websites are judgmental, and they'll welcome anyone no matter a user's walk in life. Each of the ten websites offers an open, friendly community for people wanting to get as many hookups as they wish. All of these sites provide a safe environment for users to live out some of their most intimate sexual fantasies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most successful hookup site?

There is no shortage of hookup sites available these days, each claiming to be the best in terms of helping people find casual encounters and one-night stands. Choosing the right one can certainly be a bit daunting, but in our experience, you can't go wrong with either BeNaughty, AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison and Tinder.

How do you meet people for hookups?

One of the best ways to meet people for casual hookups is through online dating. There are lots of free and paid sites out there that make it easy to connect with others looking for the same thing. Of course, it's also important to approach things with a relaxed and open mind, since everyone has their own preferences and relationship goals.

But if you're up for a bit of adventure and excitement in your sex life, I'd definitely recommend giving online dating a try. Whether you're looking for a casual fling or something more serious, I'm sure you can find what you're looking for by hitting up one of these popular platforms on this page. Just take things slow and remember to stay safe!

Is Ashley Madison legit?

At first glance, the website Ashley Madison seems like just another shady online dating platform. With its suggestive name and sleazy advertising, it's easy to assume that this site is just a place for people to hook up with no strings attached. However, once you dig a little deeper into this service, it quickly becomes clear that Ashley Madison is actually a legitimate matchmaking site.

While its main goal may be to help users find casual flings and one-night stands, the site also offers a number of other features designed to make long-term relationships more likely. These clever tools include video profiles, real-time chatting options, detailed compatibility quizzes, and more.

So if you're looking for an online dating platform that offers both style and substance, then go ahead and give Ashley Madison a try! You just might be surprised by what you find there.

Is there a website just for hookups?

Of course there is! The suggestions on this page are all geared towards finding people for just hookups. They are all legit and have been in business for years.

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