Updated on January 5, 2023

10 Best Golf Dating Sites For Golfers (2023)

Most people want a romantic partner to share their life with, and most golfers want a golf buddy.

What if you could have both? 

Golf dating websites are extremely important for golfers to find someone they can truly connect with. There are many online dating websites available, but surfing through them all can be a lot of work and a daunting task. 

Luckily for golfers interested in dating other golfers, below is a list of 10 dating websites that are perfect for finding local golfers to date.

Top 10 Dating Websites for Golfers

eHarmony skews more female than male, so men will have slightly better odds of finding a partner who shares their fondness for golf.

Using a 150-question personality test, eHarmony’s sophisticated algorithms will help you make a match designed for long-term compatibility.


  • Premium members can browse anonymously, so you can view as many profiles as you like before you reach out to someone.
  • Free conversation starters are supplied to help you break the ice in a fun, low-pressure way.
  • The search feature lets you narrow down or widen your match preferences as much as you like, making it possible to search for singles according to their hobbies.

It goes without saying that golf tends to attract an older crowd of enthusiasts, so what better place to search for a golf-loving partner than on Elite Singles?

This popular dating site is known for having a community of users whose mean age skews higher than on most other sites, increasing your odds of finding a partner who shares your love of golf.


  • This site prioritizes long-term commitment, so you don’t have to worry about being matched with people who are only seeking casual dating.
  • The majority of site users are college educated with at least a bachelor’s degree, and many hold one or more advanced degrees.
  • Over 165,000 new members sign up each month, giving you a regular, fresh crop of new singles to meet!

#3: Match

Match.com is the oldest dating site on the web, and a reputation that’s backed by the thousands of successful matches it has helped to facilitate over the years.

Its sheer popularity means it has a larger community of singles than anywhere else on the web. Finding a golf partner here should be easy.


  • The search filters allow you to look up singles by hobby, so you can find men or women who share your interest in golf from the very beginning.
  • It’s free to sign up, and your account will never expire or deactivate so you can go on searching for as long as you see fit.
  • 39.7 million monthly visits mean you have an abundance of possible matches to choose from. At least a few of them are sure to be fellow golfers!

Love Golfer Dating Club is brought to you by Online Connections, a network of niche dating sites that let you connect with other people from similar backgrounds.

The entire network includes other golf-oriented and general dating sites, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.


  • Search tools allow you to seek partners based on your sexual orientation.
  • Premium memberships are available, but users can unlock most site functions for free.
  • The site caters to both professional and amateur golfers, so no matter what your skill level you’ll be welcome here!

Golf Dating Service has been helping to unite golfing couples since 2011.

This site acknowledges that most golfers would rather be on the green than anywhere else, and it puts that preference front and center.


  • A page of success stories offers inspiration to golf-loving singles who have yet to meet their perfect match.
  • Search features allow you to look up singles by sexual orientation. No matter which way you swing, you’ll find someone out there for you!
  • This site is also an affiliate of Online Connections, which offers you access to an even wider dating pool.

If you’re looking to make new friends in addition to finding a romantic partner, look no further than Golfing Friends Date.

This one-of-a-kind site is a platform for finding love matches as well as friendships.


  • The site is 100% free to use, so you’ll never have to worry that you aren’t getting your money’s worth.
  • With over 534,000 members worldwide, Golfing Friends Date is the most popular golf dating site out there.
  • Golfing Friends Date also has a social media presence on Facebook and elsewhere, so you can connect with fellow enthusiasts off-site!

According to the header on the homepage, this site will help you to “expand your golf network”!

Simple create a free profile and within minutes you can be meeting other golfers who are waiting to talk to you!


  • A navigation bar contains a tag cloud full of popular interests, so you can look for partners who share your passion for subjects other than golf, too.
  • A list of golf courses by location lets you find out whether there are any golf meet-ups in your zip code.
  • The Top Cities section lets you search for partners based on your location.

This site is all about bringing together golfers in the same region.

There are thousands of users all around the US, so what are you waiting for? Start meeting golf singles today!


  • Fresh new profiles are displayed on the homepage, so you won’t have to worry about seeing the same results again and again.
  • The site design is simple and easy to navigate, making it ideal even for those who don’t spend much time on the internet.
  • Joining is free and only takes a few minutes!

Golf Dating Site understand that for the majority of golfers, golf isn’t merely a sport or a hobby but a lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a partner who makes golf as much a priority as you do, look no further.


  • It’s free to create a profile and start browsing singles on Golf Dating Site.
  • This site is based in the UK, so if you’re living overseas or looking to move abroad, it’s easier than ever for you to find a golf community through this site.
  • Your privacy will always be protected, and your personal safety prioritized.

Did you know golf has a big fan following in Ireland as well as the US?

If you’re Irish, or if you’re planning to relocate to Ireland, Golf Dating Ireland can help you smooth that transition and find new friends – and more.


  • The site is organized by county, so no matter where in Ireland you’re located you can find potential matches.
  • You can browse singles by gender, making it easy for you to locate your ideal match in no time.
  • The site is free to use, though paid membership levels are available.

Conclusion on Golf Dating

If you're a single golfer whether you're an amateur or pro, there are other singles out there who appreciate what golf means to you.

The best golf dating websites are all listed here to help you meet local golfers.

Don’t let your favorite hobby take a backseat to your relationship. Find single golfers on an online dating site that truly understands your love for the game. Playing golf should be enjoyed with golf lovers like yourself. Whether you want to go on a dozen golf dates with many people as friends or find true love, there's an online dating website for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I meet a golfer?

Have you ever imagined dating a golfer? It's not as easy as it sounds, but if you take the right steps into doing that it will be possible. Firstly, what makes dating a golfer difficult is that there are only about 600,000 golfers in America. Therefore, dating one can prove to be very difficult because you can't just go up to someone on the street or at work and ask them if they like golf. To meet a golfer, typically one of two things need to happen:

First - being introduced by friends or family members who know an avid golfer close enough to introduce you for dating purposes. This does have some negatives though because this person has already been vetted through your friend or family member so they would have to "approve" of this golfer dating you.

Also, dating your friend's ex-boyfriend or -girlfriend is never a good idea.

Second - dating sites are popular ways to meet someone new that also shares common interests with you. There are many dating sites that allow the sharing of hobbies and likes. Some of these dating sites are even specific on what they are looking for in potential golfers dating them on there including religion, age, sex, etc... If you think about it, meeting a golfer isn't all that difficult if you put some thought into it. You just really need more people who know golfers to introduce them to you so they can ask if they want to hang out sometime! 

Do guys like girls that play golf?

Do guys like girls that play golf? This is a question that many people ask in dating.

People who golf are usually in the dating pool for more than dating, they also love the game of golf itself.

If you want to attract a guy with your skill of playing golf, here are some tips for you:

* Have an idea about the game. You can show off by asking questions or sharing stories about how you played last weekend; they will then become attracted to your eagerness and love of golf.

* Having a bag of clubs is not enough anymore when having fun dating because not every club members enjoy dating someone who takes it too seriously. Be careful when practicing so that around do not feel annoyed by your golf swing.

* Wear proper dating clothes that are suitable for the game of dating, not too sexy or revealing. If you want to show off your body lines, do it when dating; it may make dating more interesting.

How do you act on a golf date?

When playing golf on a golf date, there are some rules to follow.

Don't take the game too seriously - This is for fun so relax and enjoy it. Talk about other topics than golf.

Take lots of pictures - We all love taking photos and the golf course will be a great location. Make sure to take fun photos while golfing, for example, putting contests and funny poses at the tee box.

Don't get too competitive - golf is already an individual sport but if you want your golf date to go well don't get too competitive with your partner because that's no fun at all! Golf isn't like baseball where if one person fails, the other succeeds; everyone can play their own game and win or lose individually. So relax and enjoy yourself.

The most important thing - Do not forget why you choose to golf in the first place! golf is meant to be fun so golf is for fun and nothing more.

Don't drink too much water - Golfing can give you a big appetite that's hard to satisfy if you are not careful, make sure to bring plenty of snacks with you because golf courses are not known for their variety in food. This will ensure your golfing experience goes smoothly without any knots along the way.

Enjoy yourself on golf dates - this is your time to shine! show off your skills or learn some new ones while having fun enjoying the company of your golf partner.

Have lots of fun - golf on golf dates is meant to be fun so go out there and make the most of it! Don't forget the snacks, water, and camera; everything else after that is up to you. So get ready golfers because it's time to tee off!

Is Golfing a good first date?

When it comes to golf on a first date there are many different opinions. Some people find golfing to be the perfect dating environment where golfers can get to know each other through conversation while others argue that golf can bring out negative emotions in people on dates.

In my opinion, golf is a great way to have fun and relax with someone, especially if you're just starting out as friends or as a couple however it also has the potential to cause high levels of stress within both golfers due to the nature of the sport. In order for golfing to be an enjoyable activity during a first date, I believe that both individuals should have similar skill sets so they can enjoy their time together but without being competitive about their performance throughout the game.

Golfer dating websites exist for the sheer purpose of connecting single golfers. So check out our recommendations above, get your golf club ready and hit the online dating scene!

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