Updated on January 4, 2023

10 Best Fitness Dating Sites and Apps for 2023

When people choose to get healthy, they quickly realize it's about more than changing their diets and getting more exercise.

Getting healthy and fit is a lifestyle change. Many people choose to live a fit lifestyle to maintain their health, for vanity, and success in their lives.

Fitness is more than about health. It's a lifestyle.

When fit singles decide to find love, they don't want to end up with someone unhealthy.

Fit singles plan on living for a long time, and someone that can't keep up with their lifestyle isn't worth giving the time of day. Not every fit single has the time to make someone into a project. Are there other places they can meet that don't involve the gym?

In the twenty-first century, online dating is a growing trend. It's starting to turn into the standard for dating. Studies show the most successful relationships begin online, and fewer marriages end in separation or divorce when they start online too.

The internet is filled with niche dating sites for whatever people want in a relationship. Fitness is another example of an ideal niche dating site. No matter where a fit single goes, they can find someone by going online and getting to know people.

These are the most successful websites for people who see fitness as more than just a hobby. All of these websites have unique features that make the sites stand out from other dating sites. Some of them are free, and some offer a free trial.

Below are ten fitness dating sites for fit singles. They are fantastic choices for any fit single ready for love.

Top 10 Fitness Dating Websites


Since 2002, Elite Singles helped millions of singles find successful serious relationships. Today, they're a growing giant in the online dating world. Singles of all sexual orientations are welcome to come to Elite Singles and try their chance at love. Fitness enthusiasts can have suggestions sent to them based on lifestyle and other dating preferences.

Elite Singles wants to see its users succeed. They provide a customer service team available to help users with dating advice and tips for an attractive profile. They also screen every profile and get rid of any fake or inactive accounts, so no one is wasting their time.


  • Fitness enthusiasts can look for other accounts based on their preferences on lifestyle, values, and more.
  • Most people on the site are over thirty with at least a bachelor's degree.
  • Moderators are continually screening accounts to make sure no one is wasting their time.

#2: Match


Since 1995, Match.com set the standard for online dating. Millions of people found successful relationships and marriages with the help of Match.com. The success rate on that site is unlike any success rate of any other site. Over thirty million people visit the site every month for a chance at love. Fitness enthusiasts like Match.com because of its advanced search features.

Match.com likes to have events and meetups for singles to meet and mingle physically. Sign up today and see why Match.com stayed the standard for twenty-five years.


  • Fit singles can look for other singles based on age, location, lifestyle, and more.
  • The site offers a free trial before purchasing a membership.
  • Match.com runs events and meetups for individuals wanting to meet and mingle physically.


As mentioned in various media outlets, Fitness Singles is the dating website for fit singles. When users sign up for their free account, they can search for their matches based on what kind of fitness they like. For example, some fit singles can find other weight-lifting enthusiasts, while others can look for kickboxing enthusiasts.

Fitness Singles helped thousands of couples find friendships and romance since 2003. Sign up today to find other active singles!


  • Users can find other users based on activities like kickboxing, weightlifting, and more.
  • It's mentioned in places like the Today Show, Fox News, and more.
  • It's free to register.


Find Fit Dates is more than just a dating site. It works as a social network too. When users sign up for a free account, they can have a profile that looks similar to Facebook. They have a wall for users to post pictures and videos.

Users also have access to live chats and messaging services. Safety is a priority on the site, so users can block users and know their personal information is encrypted.


  • Find Fit Dates has a social media feel to the site.
  • Users have access to live chats, photos, videos, and messaging services.
  • All information is encrypted for safety.


Fitness Dates is so confident in its services; it calls itself the "#1 Fitness Dating Community on the Net." Users can sign up for a free account and immediately start browsing through profiles based on their preferences. New users have a chance at being featured on the Fresh New Profiles section so they can get more attention on the site.

Fitness Dates creates a fun environment for athletic singles to look for love. Sign up today and meet other fit singles on the site!


  • The site is free.
  • New users have a chance to get featured on the homepage when they sign up for an account.
  • When users look for a profile, they can see their age, location, and more.


With Fitness Match Maker, it's easy to find local matches in a user's area. The site is free to join, but users have the option to upgrade to a paid membership. With a free account, users have access to messaging services, an account with the site, and the chance to view profiles and like them. Fitness Match Maker makes looking for a date easy.

As part of Friends Worldwide Inc., users know they're getting excellent service when they fill an account with Fitness Match Maker. The success stories show people find a lot of luck on this site.


  • Users have a choice of staying with a free standard account or a paid membership.
  • With a free membership, users have access to messaging services and thousands of profiles to view and like.
  • The site is a part of Friends Worldwide Inc.


Single Athletes is one of the most popular dating websites used by fit singles. Amateur and professional athletes alike come to the site for a chance to find love. Users can test the site's services using the Quick Search feature before signing up for an account. With an account, users can find someone based on age, location, and gender.

Singles Athletes is fast, easy, and free. Sign up today to find a fun athlete!


  • It's entirely free.
  • Users can test the site's services with the Quick Search feature.
  • All sexual orientations are welcome to the site.


Runners Friends Date understands one of the best ways to maintain healthy habits is to have other people take part too. So it set up a dating site specifically for people into running. It's free to sign up and look for other runners.

Users need to provide minimal information so they can start looking for the perfect running partner.


  • Users can join if they put in their birthdate, location, what they're looking for, and more.
  • The site is entirely free.
  • Over 75% of its members visit the site every day.


As Runners Friends Date is for running enthusiasts, Yoga Match is for people into yoga. Users need to follow three steps, and then they have a free account with The Yoga Match.

Thousands of users visit the site every month, with more users joining every day. With yoga turning into a growing trend of the twenty-first century, there are a lot of options for yoga enthusiasts.


  • Thousands of users visit the site every month, with more people joining every day.
  • Users can sign up for an account with three easy steps.
  • The site is entirely free.


As part of the Passions network, athletic singles can have a free dating site that operates as a social network, too! Users have access to traditional dating site features. They also have access to forums, discussion boards, and more! Users flock to Athletic Passions for love, but they also find lots of friends and casual dates on the way.

The Passions Network promises all users that it will remain free for the duration of their account. They have access to all the features they need to create a fun, supportive community.


  • Athletic Passions is part of the Passions Network, making the site act as a social network, too.
  • Users have access to traditional dating features, forums, discussion boards, and more.
  • The site is entirely free to use.


Athletic singles all over the world can rest easy knowing finding love is more accessible than ever with online dating. More fitness enthusiasts are turning to online dating sites every day for not only love but a fitness community. These ten dating sites reflect how easy it is to find love at little to no cost to them.

Online dating is working to become the standard of dating in the twenty-first century. With stronger relationships happening because of online dating services, it's only a matter of time before it becomes more reasonable than finding someone at the bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dating sites do single athletes use?

While there are a variety of dating sites to choose from, many athletes find that they prefer sites that are specifically geared towards people with active lifestyles. Sites like Elite Singles, Fitness Singles and Fitness Dates cater to users who are looking for partners who share their love of fitness and the outdoors.

These sites can be great for people who want to find someone to explore new trails or workout partners. In addition, many of these sites offer features that make it easy to connect with people who live in your area, which can be ideal for athletes who travel frequently. Whether you're a professional athlete or simply someone who enjoys staying active, there are plenty of dating sites that can help you find the perfect match.

How do you meet fit people?

There are lots of ways to meet fit people. You can join a gym or a local sports team. You can also go for runs or walks in your neighborhood, or take up biking or hiking. You can even just strike up conversations with people you see working out at the park. It's really not hard to find fit people to talk to - just look for those who are actively engaged in physical activity.

The easiest way though? With online dating of course. We've hand-picked for you the best fitness dating sites found right on this page.

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