Updated on January 4, 2023

11 Best Fetish Dating Sites 2023

When looking for love, sex is an essential part of a relationship.

Some people are happy with vanilla-style sex. Some are happy finding that with one person, and others are happy with finding vanilla sex with multiple people. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to anything sexual. Some people like to keep it simple, while others like to feel more adventurous in their sexual escapades.

However, when people think about fetishes, they think about it as hookups only. There are a surprising amount of people who are in committed relationships that operate on fetishes. So how do people with these various fetishes find each other these days? They can turn to online dating.

In the twenty-first century, online dating is starting to turn into the standard for dating for people with fetishes. 

There are niche dating sites for every type of person. Fetish dating sites is another collective group for people looking for a date. Below are eleven dating sites for people and their different fetishes. They're all discreet and fun for anyone looking for a casual encounter or a more serious relationship. 

All of these sites below have unique features that make them stand out from other dating sites.

Top 11 Fetish Dating Website Reviews


Adult Friend Finder is one of the most popular hookup sites on the web. No matter the fetish, users can find someone to meet and get to know better. Singles and couples alike can come to these sites and find threesomes, affairs, and unicorns, for example. There are many other fetishes to explore on the site.

Adult Friend Finder has so many different features. All users have access to them, whether they paid or are using a free membership. With over twenty-five million people visiting the site, users can easily find a new friend on Adult Friend Finder.


  • All users have access to unlimited messaging, live nude cam chats, live model shows, cybersex forums, and erotic blog posts.
  • Users have a choice between a free account and a paid account.
  • All fetishes and orientations are welcome.


Be Naughty is another famous site for casual hookups and fetishes. Over thirteen million users visit the site to find hookups, threesomes, and people into the same fetishes as they're into. New users have access to the millions of profiles eager to meet them. They can search through different accounts based on preferences.

Be Naughty is a popular dating site helping kinky users find others in their area as kinky as them.


  • One of the unique parts of Be Naughty is the Flirtcast feature, which allows users to send a video message to all users that meet their criteria.
  • There is a near-even split between male and female users.
  • Users can look for whatever fetish they're into.


Friend Finder-X is one of the oldest hookup sites on the internet, and it set the standard for other hookup sites on the internet. Users are welcoming to one another. They are more than happy to give dating advice as well as tips on how to arrange a threesome. For every fetish, a veteran user is willing to provide new users with information on arranging dates.

An account on Friend Finder-X is free, and it'll never expire. Sign up for the gold standard on hookup dating sites today!


  • The site is entirely free.
  • A user's account will never expire.
  • Experienced users are eager to help less experienced users with dating advice and more.


The Feet Hunter is all about feet. Anyone with a foot fetish can find a hookup or a love interest by signing up for a free account. Users can not only look for love, but they have access to pictures, videos, and more. There is also a community available. Users have access to expert advice, which gives new pieces daily.

The Feet Hunter is one of the first places for people to go for foot fetish dates. Sign up today and find the perfect pair of feet.


  • The site is entirely free.
  • Users have access to pictures and foot fetish videos.
  • The site provides expert advice every day.


Beautiful women with beautiful feet often come to the site to find me willing to worship them. It's free to sign up or download the app on a mobile device. New users can sign up and have free access to live chats and videos while they search for the right pair of feet for them. Everyone on the site will have one thing in common. They all have a love of feet.


  • The site is entirely free.
  • There is a mobile app available.
  • Users have access to live chat and videos while they search for the perfect pair of feet.


Bondage Pal is one of the safest sites a BDSM user can turn to for a chance encounter for a femdom. It's fast and free to join. The website remains free for members no matter why they're on the site. Every new account gets verified, so users don't need to worry about scammers and inactive accounts ruining their fun on the site.

Bondage Pal takes the safety of its users seriously, so users don't need to be afraid to reach out if someone is abusing the site. People with a femdom fetish will have a great time on Bondage Pal.


  • Each new user is verified before they can start looking at other profiles.
  • The site is entirely free.
  • It's one of the safest websites on the list.


Find a Femdom does what it says it's going to do. It helps users find the perfect femdoms fast. In a way, it's like Tinder for femdoms. Users can see a picture of another user, and then they can decide if they like them. The site is straightforward about helping singles find the perfect femdom for them in their area.

Find a Femdom is one of the most straightforward websites a single user can use.


  • Its Rapid Match feature operates like Tinder. Users see a picture of another profile, and they can either like or favorite the profile.
  • The site remains straightforward.
  • It's free to join.


Gay men don't need to sift through straight male profiles to find a hookup or someone into the same fetishes as they are. Men Nation is the largest gay and bisexual male dating website on the internet. Over seven hundred thousand people visit the site every month, and millions more are members. Users have access to millions of profiles as well as videos and blogs while looking for the right hookup.

Men Nation is also one of the oldest gay dating websites on the internet, too. Sign up today and find eager men waiting to meet for a hookup.


  • Men Nation is one of the largest gay and bisexual male dating websites on the internet.
  • Users have access to millions of profiles and a blog post.
  • Seven hundred thousand men visit the site every month, and millions more are members.


Are traditional gay dating sites too vanilla? Gay Fetish Personals is the site for gay and bisexual men that are into more hardcore fetishes. With that in mind, there are a lot of experienced men on this site waiting to find other experienced men for a fun night. Newer users can pay the monthly fee to sign up if they think they can handle hardcore fetishes.

Gay Fetish Personals promises to make all of a user's fantasies come true. Sign up today to find out!


  • This site has more hardcore fetish users in mind.
  • Users can pay an affordable monthly fee for membership.
  • Bisexual men are welcome to join the site.


Lesbian Personals prides itself on being one of the most female-friendly dating sites on the internet. Singles and couples can sign up and look for their particular fetish and find like-minded people. The site offers free webcams and voice chats for all its users. Bisexual couples often come to the website in search of a unicorn for both parties.

Lesbian Personals helps women find the hookup they need. Sign up today to find the perfect hookup or the perfect unicorn.


  • The site is one of the most female-friendly websites on the internet.
  • Users have access to two-way voice chats and webcams.
  • Straight men can sign up with their girlfriends if the couple wants a unicorn.


Anyone with a fat fetish can try their luck on Fat Fantasy Girl. All of the women on the site are on various parts of the plus-size spectrum. Some girls are busty, while others are big all around. Users can sign up for their free account, and they can start chatting with all these beautiful women looking for someone to love. The site offers super-sized women, too!


  • The site is entirely free.
  • Signing up is fast.
  • All the women vary from being slightly busty to supersize


There are so many different fetishes in the world, but these eleven fetish sites are the most successful for people looking for their obsession. It doesn't matter if a user is looking for a hookup or a serious relationship. Users found more success on these dating sites than anywhere else on the internet.

It's the twenty-first century now, so no one needs to feel ashamed of their fetishes anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will girls date a guy with a foot fetish?

There is no doubt that many girls would be wary of dating a guy with a foot fetish. Such men are often seen as creepy or weird, and their interest in feet can seem strange and off-putting to most women.

However, there are also plenty of girls who find the idea of being intimate with someone who loves feet quite appealing. For many women, having their feet worshipped and adored can feel highly erotic, and they may enjoy exploring this aspect of their sexuality with someone who shares their enthusiasm for all things related to feet.

Whether or not girls will date a guy with a foot fetish depends on the individual woman in question: some might find the idea totally unappealing, while others may be eager to explore it further.

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