Updated on January 5, 2023

10 Best Equestrian Dating Sites and Apps in 2023

If you're a passionate equestrian, you know already that not everyone understands why horses are so important.

Because many people don’t see the value of being an equestrian, it’s best to use an equestrian dating site that allows you to talk exclusively with people who are horse lovers.

It’s much easier to not need to justify something meaningful to you every time you introduce yourself to a new person.

Luckily, there are many horse lover dating sites you can choose from.

We searched the world wide web to make you this comprehensive list!

Top 10 Best Equestrian Dating Sites

Just like Match.com, eHarmony is an all-inclusive online dating site with one of the biggest communities on the web. 

Impressively, studies show that love is actually found on eHarmony every 14 minutes—an incredible statistic which shows the power and effectiveness of the dating service.

eHarmony uses a comprehensive customization process that lets you clarify all your personality traits and interests.

After you sign up with the site, you will be matched to other users and allows you to review the choices and check that you approve of the matches.


  • You'll find fellow equestrians here!
  • System does the matches by itself.
  • In-depth profile customization

Despite the larger number of people to choose from, big city dating can be a very difficult task.

However, EliteSingles makes dating equestrians in a big city (and anywhere else!) much easier with their user-friendly website and innovative app.

Over 85% of members for EliteSingles' are professionals with a college education, and over half the singles using this dating service are ages 30 to 55.

An incredible two million people go on EliteSingles every month, and females outnumber males 56% to 44% in the EliteSingles’ membership pool.

There’s nothing better than finding people who are highly successful and share your love for horses!


  • No limit to communication with matches when you have a premium membership.
  • A thorough personality test helps to find the perfect match for you.
  • Modernized safety and privacy measures make sure that your personal information is protected.
  • A fresh batch of verified matches are sent to you every day based on factors such as personality, profile, location, and your relationship preferences.

#3: Match

Even though it’s not focused on equestrians, Match is another excellent way to meet singles who love horses.

This is thanks to the community’s massive size, as Match is one of the leading online dating services, having more than 8.5 million paying members.

If you use a general, non niche specific online dating site, your chances of meeting other people that love horses is much higher than if you only use equestrian-based sites. This makes Match the perfect site, offering a well-made interface which also includes a mobile app.

Match is a paid service, but luckily you can have a free trial to make sure that it's right for you.


  • Massive community
  • Easy to use interface
  • Has a mobile app
  • Offers a free trial

The leading online dating web sites do understand that there are other ways to communicate besides direct messages. 

This is Equestrian Cupid’s greatest strength, as it allows you to post first date ideas, share your favorite horse photos, participate on thriving equestrian forums, share epic horse videos, share stories with the latest equestrian news and use equestrian chat rooms.

Thanks to these various options, Equestrian Cupid leads the way in terms of unique equestrian dating sites.


  • You can share photos and video
  • Chat with others via online forums
  • Follow the latest equestrian news
  • Online equestrian chat

An extra security layer can be very comforting when registering with a relatively new online dating website, and Horse and Country Lovers knows this. 

With their 100% discreet policy, rest easy knowing that all your data is safe and that you’re not open to cyber attacks compromising your private information. All profiles on their site also get checked for their authenticity, meaning you won't need to be concerned about any catfishing on the platform.

When it comes to dating, a tight-knit community of horse lovers hosted on Horse and Country Lovers cannot be trumped, focusing on people who live out in horse country and interact with their horses in rural settings. Last but not least, its mobile app is intuitive and expertly designed.


  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Puts you in touch with rural equestrians
  • All data is well protected

This is a gay-friendly dating site for equestrians which is great for people who are looking for a friendly zone when dating online. 

Since it’s connected to the powerful Online Connections dating network, you can display your profile on many similar sites to ensure that you are viewed by as many singles as possible.

The ease of customizable profiles is a great feature, which allows you to rapidly set up your dating profile without having to jump through so many hoops like a lot of other equestrian dating sites.


  • Display your dating profile on many connected websites
  • Easy to use profile customization

A big selling point for Equestrian Dating - it allows you to track interactions that equestrian singles have when viewing your profile.

As an example, if you wanted to know the number of people that looked at your profile, you can. You also have the ability to access all of your fellow member’s profiles for free, which makes it much simpler for you to talk to as many singles as you wish.

This dating website is open to anyone with any kind of passion involving horses. It could be riding horses, training horses or photographing horses, or anything else you can think of. It's also one of the better free equestrian dating websites out there.


  • This service is free
  • Allows every kind of horse lover
  • Allows you to see who checked out your profile

Are you looking to find love in the United Kingdom? If the answer is yes, Horse Lovers Dating is perfect for you. 

As a community with a special focus on dating equestrians within the UK, this website is an opportunity for you to enter one of the top horse lover online communities.

Even if you aren’t an equestrian, you can still join this site. Perhaps you are just curious about horses and willing to learn more, you should find someone suitable that is willing to help out – who knows where that could lead.

This service is also free and uses a powerful Online Dating Protector to ensure that your experience is private and your data is safe from hackers.


  • Quality data security
  • It lets equestrians of every experience level in

#9: Horse Date

UPDATE - Horsedate.com no longer appears to be in business.

Should you want to meet cowboys and cowgirls, you can count on Horse Date. 

Horse Date allows you to find the perfect equestrian for you and it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is.

It also has a focus on people who live their equestrian lifestyle as cowgirls or cowboys, allowing you to interact with others who really understand what dedication means in the equestrian lifestyle.


  • Specifically look for cowboys and cowgirls
  • Efficient and simple website design

#10: Horseylover.com

UPDATE - Horseylover.com no longer appears to be functioning. 

Sometimes online dating focuses too much on finding lifelong relationships, taking the questionable position that if it isn’t totally serious, it most likely isn’t even worth it.


Horsey Lover takes the opposite approach, instead allowing users to take it at a pace of their choosing so they can find people willing to spend time feeling things out.

Ultimately, this dating platform can be just as good for making new friends as it is for finding partners and that takes away some of the pressure. It's also totally free and is an international website, which enlarges the dating pool!


  • Light-hearted, casual atmosphere
  • The community is international

Conclusion on Equestrian Dating Websites

Dealing with online dating as a lover of horses isn't always easy. That’s why it's best to be part of a community in which you feel accepted and can display the qualities that make you shine the most.

We trust that our list of the 10 Best Equestrian Dating Sites gave you some great information and options to choose from. Our goal is to of course help you find someone special in this amazing community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Where can you find other horse lovers?

If you love horses, there are many ways to meet single horse lovers that enjoy the country lifestyle.  Perhaps the best way is to visit a stable or simply go to an outdoor event where you might be able to see horses in action. Another place where you can meet people with similar interests is through paid and free equestrian dating sites.

There are several websites that allow horse enthusiasts to network and interact with one another even if they live far away from each other. This will also give you access to clubs that share your passion for horses and enable you to form friendships with other members of these organizations. If none of these works out, maybe it's time for you to take matters into your own hands and start a group that caters to animal lovers like you.

How do you Date an Equestrian?

So you're interested in dating an equestrian? Well, there are quite a few things to consider. Make sure you think about these few questions before committing to the relationship:

What level of competition does your partner participate in? How often do they compete?

How involved is your partner with their horse(s)? Do they pay for their own feed and board, or do they have a trainer taking care of them for a fee? Are they a member at a stable, or do they own their horse property?

What kind of horses would I be getting into if I begin dating this person?

Can we date casually while being long-distance? Or will it be an all-or-nothing type thing where I need to try and relocate closer?

Does my partner have any other animals? Pets are a part of their family. It requires time, money, and energy to care for another living being. If they already have pets, am I comfortable with making sure those animals are cared for as well?

Is there a Dating site for Cowboys?

There isn't a specific cowboys and cowgirls dating site only, but the best online dating sites listed above for equestrian dating surely will have some cowboys and/or cowgirls on there. Many of these sites will have filters where you can just search for "cowboy" or "cowgirl" and other search terms like horseback riding, rural lifestyle, etc.

Why do most girls like horse riding?

There are many reasons why girls enjoy horse riding. For some, it is the challenge of working with an animal that is larger and stronger than they are. Others enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes from riding across open fields or through forests. And for many girls, horse riding provides an opportunity to bond with a loyal and affectionate creature.

In addition, horse riding can be an excellent form of exercise, helping to strengthen muscles and improve coordination. While there are a variety of reasons why girls enjoy horse riding, one thing is clear: it is an activity that provides both physical and emotional benefits.

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