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Dating a Thai Girl: 15 Things to Expect

Dating a Thai girl can be a lot of fun, but it can also be difficult. Knowing what to expect beforehand will help you get the most out of your relationship and avoid any major pitfalls.

Thailand is an exotic country full of warm hospitality, friendly people, and gorgeous beaches. Many foreigners are drawn to Thailand for these reasons, but many more are drawn by the culture. Thai culture is rich with customs that should be respected if you want to date a Thai woman or man.

What to Expect When Dating a Thai Girl

Dating Thai Women doesn't come without challenges due to the vast differences in cultures between Thais and Westerners. It's important to understand Thai dating culture and what makes a good Thai girl. The aim of this article is to give you some Thai dating tips so that you can successfully date as many Thai women as you want. Or, find yourself an eventual wife!

Here are 15 things you need to know and what to expect.

1. Dating in Thailand Is Different Than The Rest Of The World

Dating in Thailand is different than the rest of the world. Thai culture is unique and if you want to date a Thai girl, you need to be aware of the customs and traditions that are important to them. The best way to learn about these is by spending time in Thailand and talking with the people there. You'll quickly learn what is important to them and how you can make your relationship work.

Taking your Thai girlfriend on a date may seem like it will be easy, but you should know some important differences before you go. Dates in Thailand are traditionally casual and inexpensive. You shouldn't plan anything too extravagant or expensive, especially if this is your first date. Dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant along with taking her to see a movie are about all you can afford while still being respectful of Thai customs.

A lot of the time while dating in Thailand, girls enjoy going on trips or hanging out at home rather than going to restaurants. Public displays of affection like holding hands and kissing in public are very uncommon among Thai girls, which is something that will take you some getting used to. It's really important for you to respect her culture, especially when you're on your first few dates.

Thai girls also like to get gifts of flowers or chocolate. A bouquet of roses might be great for Western women, but it isn't the best choice if you want to impress Thai girls. They are used to receiving small gifts that show how much thought they were put into. Buying her a box of chocolates or even just giving her some flowers will do the trick nicely.

2. The Thai Woman is incredibly friendly and hospitable.

They love to show off their culture and share it with others. This is part of what makes them such a great choice when thinking about dating women in Thailand.

3. Thai Women Are Very Different Than Western Women

Thai girls certainly aren't shy, so if you want someone who will stand up for herself or be able to introduce you to her friends, she's probably a good fit for you. While this may seem like an advantage, it can also cause problems in your relationships. Thai girls are much more open to talking about sex and it is not uncommon for them to sleep with someone before the first date.

4. Thai Ladies can be Affectionate

Thai girls are also very affectionate, especially when they are around people they are comfortable with. This might make dating a Thai girl in Thailand seem easy, but don't be fooled!

It can take several dates before you make it somewhere private where she feels comfortable showing her true self. Remember, this isn't necessarily bad, though. This will simply require some patience on your part while you wait for the moment when she can let go of all inhibition and give herself completely to you.

5. Cultural Differences

Dating a Thai woman takes time because there are many cultural differences that both of you need to get used to. If you have patience, however, you will be well rewarded with a friendly and loving woman who wants nothing more than to please you.

Thai girls are some of the best women in the world and dating them is a great way to experience a part of your heritage that would otherwise remain unknown.

6. Thai women are traditional and conservative.

They are friendly, hospitable, and family-oriented. They don't usually drink or go out clubbing because it is not considered proper behavior for a Thai girl. They are very respectful towards their parents, so much so that they sometimes let them have control over decisions about careers, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc...

7. Thai Girls are hard working and independent.

Many girls enjoy good jobs and work hard to provide for themselves. In many cases they are as educated as their male counterparts. In the home, most women cook and clean for their families as well as working outside the home, but it can be said that overall, Thai women have a stronger role in the family unit than those from other cultures.

8. They are religious and spiritual

The Thai culture is deeply rooted in religion, particularly Buddhism. Whenever they are faced with a problem or want to make a decision, many Thai's will turn towards the wisdom of their religion instead of seeking advice from psychologists or professional counselors. They believe that, by consulting the spirits of Buddha through different religious activities, they can obtain divine intervention to help them overcome adversity and bad luck.

They are also superstitious about amulets, holy threads (worn especially around the neck), talismans (made out of blessed materials), and other spiritual stuff. They believe that these objects bring them protection and good luck.

9. Most Thai Women are excellent cooks.

Some of their favorite dishes to cook are:

  • stir fry chicken with chili paste and basil leaves
  • spicy green curry with beef and potatoes
  • spicy prawn cakes served on a bed of jasmine rice
  • sweet and sour pork /fish or shrimp /chicken served with steamed white rice.

There is one thing they love to cook for their husbands: "soup" (nam sup). It is actually not soup but it is a kind of sweet stew. After the dish has been cooked they will place some sticky rice in a bowl then pour some of the stew into it. Then they garnish it with fresh fruit such as mango.

They serve this to their husbands before having something else for themselves. This delicate gesture shows that Thai wives are very caring. They make sure their spouse is well fed and comfortable before they eat themselves, if at all.

10. They love to socialize and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Family is extremely important to Thai women. Their parents are their best friends and the source of love, respect, and comfort. They make sure that they go home often to visit them along with younger siblings if any. Family dinners are very common in Thai culture.

If a Thai woman does not have children, she may become like an elder sister to her family's children. She loves spending time with them and enjoys giving them advice on making good decisions in life with problems such as schoolwork or choosing a career path.

11. Thai women are incredibly friendly and hospitable.

This is especially true for girls who live outside of the big cities where they are friendly to everyone. But you can't say this for people in the big cities, like Bangkok. They are friendly but their friendliness is usually specific towards individuals who have proven themselves valuable or interesting enough to warrant it. Thai people love talking and etiquette states that whoever talks first has automatically lost.

It is easy to see why Thai women are so friendly and hospitable. They have a strong sense of family, they enjoy socializing with friends and spending time with their children or nieces/nephews. In many cases, if the woman does not have any children, she will treat her parents' grandchildren as though they were her own kids. It's no surprise that people from all over the world visit Thailand each year in search of a new friend!

12. Thai women are typically modest and shy.

They are shy around strangers and friendly with familiar people.

Thai women are friendly but they do not like talking first, unlike many Thai men. They love socializing with family and friends since it gives them the chance to ask personal questions about each other's lives while getting updates on their families' progress. When they see someone they know at a shopping mall or temple, it is polite of them to smile and greet others politely before moving on their way.

13. You Might be Expected to Support her financially

Thai women might tell you, that they like it when western men take the initiative to pay for things. They may say "your country is very friendly", or something similar. Your intention to support her financially will be accepted unless she is wealthy enough not to need your help. If you can provide financial support at all, you are expected to do so.

You might be pressured by her family members too if this kind of situation occurs: ''When will he take us out to dinner?'' Let's just get this straight right now - she doesn't want to go out with them for dinner or drinks any more than you do! She just wants you to provide money for it. This happens in Thailand because there is serious economic inequality between western men and Thai women. Many families of girls cannot afford to pay for meals at nice restaurants, while their daughter has a western boyfriend who can.

They might even come out and say ''I wouldn't want him standing around wasting money like that,'' or ''he should get a better job.'' This is because they love their daughters and care about them enough to not let some guy go around spending his money on women while she is with him. Even if he is loaded, it's not cool unless you share some of your load too.

14. If You Marry her, You might have to pay a Dowry

Marrying a Thai woman can come with a lot of benefits, but there is one tradition you might not be expecting: sin sod. Sin sod is a dowry that the groom traditionally pays to the bride's family. The amount of sin sod can vary, but it is typically a significant sum of money.

If you're thinking about marrying a Thai woman, it's important to be aware of this tradition and be prepared to pay sin sod if necessary. Keep in mind that this is a custom and not all families will expect it, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Many western men are put off by this tradition but it is expected in Thai society.

15. Online Dating

When looking for girls on online dating websites like Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid, be prepared to come across many "working girls". It's pretty common on these dating sites to find a girl for a quick hook-up, but expect to pay up. If you are looking for something serious and want to avoid these "freelancers", then be sure to read the profile. Most girls are pretty straightforward about what they are looking for in their profile. Some are looking for a serious relationship or marriage.

Check out our post on the best Thai Dating Sites if you are looking to meet young women before even visiting Thailand.


Dating a Thai girl is an experience. You should be prepared for their culture and customs, as well as the date itself. But don't worry! It's not all bad news. If you are willing to make some adjustments to your expectations, there are plenty of benefits that come with dating or marrying them too. They're typically very family-oriented and have strong relationships with one another which can lead to closeness in your relationship too!

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