Updated on January 4, 2023

11 Best Conservative Dating Sites for 2023

The US is getting more polarized about politics. People are starting to turn their nose at the thought of being in the room with a conservative.

Everyone wants the free stuff but not the work that comes with it. Dating is the same way.

Today, it feels like conservatives are the bad guys for the way they believe. How is that fair in today's world? It's no longer attractive to be a patriot. Even online dating is painful with finding people that understand your conservative values.

Are there any sites out there for other conservatives?

Luckily, there are dating sites catered to people who are more politically conservative. These sites are for people who don't change their opinions for what's fashionable. They stick to them, even if it means they look like the bad guy.

Below are eleven conservative dating sites for more right-leaning singles. All of these sites have unique features that make them stand out from other dating sites. Traditional singles everywhere found love with the help of these eleven dating sites.

Top 11 Conservative Dating Websites Review


Eharmony is one of the largest online dating sites on the internet. Since 2000, Eharmony helped millions of people find love and successful marriages while using their services. Every new user takes the "29 components of compatibility" test to find their ideal match based on preferences like values, beliefs, and more.

Eharmony is so confident in a user's chance of finding love it claimes "every fourteen minutes someone finds love on Eharmony." Marriage-minded singles are welcome to sign up for an account and take a chance at finding love.


  • The site is not LGBTQ friendly.
  • New users take the site's signature "29 components of compatibility" test to look for the most accurate matches for them.
  • New and potential users have access to the Eharmony blog for dating advice and tips.


Elite Singles is a growing online dating site. Since 2002, millions of couples found serious relationships and happy marriages. Most people on the site have at least a bachelor's degree, destroying the stereotype that all conservative people are uneducated. Users also have access to a 24/7 customer service team who makes the dating experience smoother. The team monitors every account and deletes any inactive accounts.

Elite Singles makes a user's success in finding love their priority. With fantastic customer service, a blog page for all users and potential users, and an algorithm to find accurate matches, Elite Singles is worth a shot.


  • Most of the people on the site are over thirty years old and have a college degree of some kind.
  • Users have access to a blog page to give dating advice and tips on how to build an attractive profile.
  • The site continually monitors all profiles to make sure there aren't any scammers or inactive accounts.

#3: Match


Since 1995, Match.com helped millions of people find love and successful marriages. Its success rate is unlike any other site. With over thirty million people visiting the site every month, Match.com has someone for everyone. Users can easily search for other profiles based on age, gender, lifestyle, values, and more.

Match.com is one of the oldest dating sites on the internet, so it sets the standard for a fantastic online dating service. Users can find someone easily using Match.com.


  • Conservatives can find other matches using the filtration system.
  • Users can find people based on age, location, religion, and more.
  • Match.com often runs events and meetups for singles who want to meet and mingle physically.


Christian Mingle is one of the largest Christian dating sites on the internet. Over fifteen million Christians built a community to find the people God planned for them. Users can register through Facebook and have access to millions of profiles but search based on preferences. New users also have access to the Christian Mingle blog page, Believe, so they can get other dating advice and tips for building an attractive profile.

Christian Mingle is an excellent site for religious conservatives to find like-minded people that share their values. People interested in a faith-based relationship found a lot of luck on Christian Mingle.


  • Users can find matches based on denomination, location, and more.
  • New and existing users have access to the Christian Mingle blog page called Believe.
  • New users can register through Facebook.


Conservatives Only helped like-minded singles find love in a fun way since 2001. The site says it exists "because liberals just don't get it." For a small fee, users can sign up and search for other profiles and have fun doing so. The customer service team works hard to keep all its users safe. Users can reach out by email and social media if they have any questions or general feedback on the site.

Conservatives Only work hard to make finding love a fun experience. The site makes safety, fun, and affordability top priorities for like-minded singles looking for love.


  • The site is one of the more affordable ones on the list.
  • Its customer service team works to make itself available by email or social media should users have a problem or seek feedback.
  • The website is safe to use.


As part of the People Media family, Republican People Meet gives users a lot of the same features users would expect on sites like Black People Meet, Single Parent Meet, or Senior People Meet. That means it's free to join the site and start looking for local conservative singles. Users can also feel assured their personal information is safe.

Republican People Meet is part of a popular dating network. Users can come on the site knowing their personal information is protected. They never need to worry about being charged for anything.


  • Users can search for singles based on their dating preferences.
  • As part of the People Media network, users know their information is safe.
  • At signup, users can start looking for matches in their area.


Conservative Dating Site is the dating community for traditional singles looking for friendships, casual dates, and more serious relationships. After users pay the $3.99 activation fee, they have access to all the features for free. New users could be featured in the Featured Members section after signing up if they wish.

Conservative Dating Site is for all conservative singles with traditional values in love and relationships. Sign up today to find the perfect conservative single.


  • After the $3.99 activation fee, all services are entirely free.
  • Users can look for friends, casual dates, and serious relationships.
  • New users have an opportunity to show up in the Featured page.

#8: Patrio


No matter where the users are, they can find out everything they want to about a potential date using the help of Patrio. The site is available to download on iTunes and Google Play.

When a user finds a possible match, they can find out where that person went to school, their location, and much more. It's free to sign up and free to use for anyone looking to "date right”.


  • The app is available on iTunes and Google Play.
  • Users can search for different profiles based on where they went to school, location, and more.
  • It's entirely free to use.


Republican Singles wants to make sure all its conservative users have fun while looking for love. The site monitors every profile making sure every profile is a genuine person.

If any are inactive or suspected scammers, the profiles get deleted. It's similar to Elite Singles in that sense. Users have their choice of a free standard account or a Premium account at a price. However, they are offering lifetime premiums for new singles.


  • The site currently has a promotion to give new users a permanent premium account.
  • The site is continually screening profiles making sure there aren't any inactive or fake profiles on its website.
  • Users can have a free standard account.


As the name suggests, the dating site is out to "make dating great again." Users can sign up for a free account and start searching for matches based on their advanced search features. The site markets itself as being completely free, so users don't have to worry about losing money if they feel the site isn't for them.

Trump Singles is a recognized brand. Multiple mediate outlets, like Time and Fox News, mention Trump Singles. Sign up today to see how it plans to make dating great again.


  • It's recognized by Time, Fox News, and other media outlets.
  • It's entirely free to use.
  • The site has advanced search features so users can find what they're looking for in a date.


The Passions Network is unique. With over 250 niche dating sites to its name, users get access to not only the right dating site but a social network, too.

 Users can come to Republican Passions looking for friendship, casual dates, and serious relationships. All users have access to chat rooms, forums, and more when they sign up for an account.

No matter which passions site users choose, the Passions network promises to stay free. Republican Passions guarantees everyone who joins its site has one thing in common. They are all conservative thinkers.


  • As part of the Passions Network, the site guarantees everyone will have at least one thing in common with one another: that they're all conservative people.
  • The site is entirely free.
  • Users have access to forums, chat rooms, and traditional dating site features.


It doesn't have to be hard to find love when conservative.

While mainstream users on generic dating sites try to write conservatives off as evil people, these eleven dating sites understand that people are people.

All of these sites are safe for users to try their luck at finding love and happiness. The way a person thinks shouldn't be an obstacle to finding love. Dating fellow conservatives shouldn't be difficult, and thankfully these sites make the online dating experience a positive one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conservative Dating?

Conservative dating is an approach to dating that emphasizes traditional values and etiquette. Conservative daters typically seek out partners who share their commitment to modesty, family values, and personal responsibility.

When going on a date, conservatives typically dress in a more formal way than their liberal counterparts, and they may also avoid public displays of affection. In addition, conservatives tend to be more selective about who they date, often waiting until they are ready for a committed relationship before going on any dates.

While conservatives may have stricter dating standards than other people, they often find that these standards lead to more fulfilling and longer-lasting relationships.

Conservatives typically lean to the right, opposite of their liberal counterparts.

Are there any Conservative-only dating sites?

Yes, you'll find all the conservative singles dating apps and sites right on this page. Some of them we suggest are:

  • Republican Passions
  • Trump Singles
  • Conservative Dating Site
  • Republican People Meet
  • Patrio
  • Conservatives Only

Can a Conservative date a Liberal?

It is no secret that politics is a controversial topic, and it can be difficult to find someone who shares your political views. However, that does not mean that it is impossible for a conservative to date a liberal, or vice versa.

The key is to be respectful of each other's beliefs and to be willing to compromise on certain issues. For example, if you are a die-hard Democrat but your partner is a registered Republican, you may have to agree to disagree on some topics. However, that does not mean that you cannot find common ground on others.

The important thing is to remember that you are dating someone because you are attracted to them, not because of their political affiliation. As long as you can keep that in mind, there is no reason why your relationship cannot work despite your different political views.

Can Conservatives Be Libertarian?

While conservatism and libertarianism are both political philosophies that emphasize individual liberty, there are some significant differences between the two. Conservatism generally advocates for a smaller role for government in society, while libertarianism supports an even smaller role or even the complete absence of government.

In addition, conservatives tend to be more socially conservative, while libertarians are typically more socially liberal. However, there are some areas where the two philosophies overlap, such as in their support for free markets and limited government regulation. As a result, it is possible for someone to be both a conservative and a libertarian.

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