Updated on January 4, 2023

Top 13 Biker Dating Sites 2023: Find Fellow Riders Online

For a lot of people, riding a motorcycle is more than just a hobby.

The biker life is a lifestyle.

There's freedom on the open road, and a bike is one way to feel that freedom.

It's also helpful to have someone ride with when travelers want to see the world. All over the US, there are various biking events for people who enjoy riding bicycles. Sometimes, people can find others and start beautiful biking lives together. Other times, people are looking to have fun and make friends on the way.

However, some bikers only see fellow bikers when it's the season for it. Sometimes, they want to have someone that appreciates motorcycles as much as they do all year round. Sure, the occasional bar is fine to find a like-minded person, but it gets tedious and expensive. So what's another place bikers can go to meet other bikers?

Over the years, online dating evolved from unconventional to more standard. More and more relationships are starting online, and these relationships are more likely to be successful and happier. If these relationships turn into marriages, they're less likely to end in separation or divorce.

There is a dating site for all types of people in the dating world. Bikers have their own unique set of dating sites to find like-minded singles for future adventures.

Below are thirteen dating sites for bikers. All of them are unique in their way and have special features that make them stand out from other websites.

13 Best Motorcycle Dating Websites


Elite Singles is a growing online dating giant. Since 2002, Elite Singles helped millions of people find successful, serious relationships.

The high success rate means the site helped many singles find love and marriage. Most of the people on the website are educated and wanting someone who has their same interests in mind.

With a friendly customer service team and a unique algorithm to help singles find love, Elite Singles is an excellent choice for bikers. Users can also access the blog for dating advice and tips to build a more attractive profile too!


  • Bikers can search for other bikers based on preferences. An algorithm sends suggestions to a user's inbox every day.
  • Most people on the site are over thirty and carry at least a bachelor's degree.
  • Moderators are continuously monitoring profiles and deleting inactive profiles.

#2: Match


Since 1995, Match helped millions of people find love and happy marriages. Its success rate is so high there is no other dating site that compares. Users can search for potential singles based on gender, age, lifestyle, and more. The site also holds events and meetups for singles to meet and mingle.

Match.com is one of the most successful online dating sites on the internet. It's also one of the oldest sites, setting the standard for online dating as it's evolved in the twenty-first century.


  • Bikers can search for potential matches based on age, lifestyle, religion, and more.
  • The site often holds events for singles to meet physically.
  • It offers a free trial when users register their accounts.


For over twenty years, Biker Kiss called itself the first biker dating site on the internet. Bikers all over the country can register for a free account and have access to tattoo photo galleries, date ideas, forums, and more. New bikers can also get tips on the biker lifestyle too. Users can register through Facebook and start talking to other biker singles fast.

Biker Kiss is a great place to start if bikers don't want to sift through profiles of people with a casual interest. Sign up for a free account today and see how much fun users are having on the site!


  • The site is entirely free.
  • Users can register through Facebook.
  • Users have access to forums, date ideas, tattoo photo galleries, and more when they sign up for an account.


As the name of the site suggests, this dating site is for bikers who don't want to travel halfway across their state to meet their potential future spouse.

The creators are bikers, themselves, so they know what makes a dating site attractive for bikers. Users can search for different profiles based on their preferences and send flirts and winks for free. It's also free to sign up for the website too!


  • It's free to join.
  • Users can choose to stay with a free account or pay for all of the features.
  • Users can search for matches based on their preferences.


Anyone with an appreciation for motorcycle brands will flock to Biker Friends Date. This site doesn't just help people find loving relationships, but users can find friendships and casual encounters too. It's free to join and start searching for people based on preferences. Busy bikers can have a mobile app, also, so they can keep looking for potential dates on the go!

Biker Friends Date is fast, fun, and easy for new users. Sign up today and find like-minded singles!


  • Users can sign up for an account for free.
  • There is a mobile app available for busy bikers.
  • Users can see who's online and immediately start messaging them.


As part of the Passions Network, Biker Passions is one of the more unique dating sites on this list. The Passions network often makes their niche dating sites look and feel more like a social network than a dating site.

Users can not only find love on the site, but friends and other like-minded people to socialize with them. Users have access to forums, interest groups, and more on the website!

Biker Passions makes a promise to its users to always be free. Sign up today and join one of the largest dating site networks on the internet! It's fun for everyone!


  • Users can look for friendships as well as relationships.
  • The site promises to remain free while it's online.
  • Users have access to interest groups, forums, and friends list while browsing for dates.


Contrary to popular belief, the US isn't the only place for motorcycle enthusiasts. Canada has its fair share of motorcycle fans, too. While there is an American version of Biker Next, Biker Next Canada is for Canadian users. Users can also meet bikers from South Africa too! Users can find out personality traits, dating preferences, life goals, and more when they sign up for their account.

Biker Next Canada has all the same features as the American Biker Next site. It's free to sign up and start browsing, too!


  • New users can register through Facebook.
  • It's free to join.
  • Users have access to dating preferences, life goals, personality traits, and more when they register.


Meet a Biker Next Door is another biker dating site for people who'd instead meet a local date vs. going around the world for their perfect partner. Users can register through Facebook and choose between a standard account or a paid Gold membership. All users have search features, forums, blogs, and receive messages for free after registration.

Meet a Biker Next Door is an excellent option for bikers who don't want to spend a lot of time traveling to find a date. It's free to join and meet other singles while exploring its other features.


  • The site is free for standard memberships.
  • Users have access to forums, blogs, and searches for free.
  • New users can register through Facebook.


Harley Dating Site seems like it's one of the smaller dating sites on this list, but for Harley Davidson enthusiasts, it's one of the most well-known dating sites. Collaborating with over 700 Harley clubs in four countries, users have access to over 260,000 profiles on the site. Some of the users are certified Harley bikers, too.

Harley Dating site is free to join. Users have access to advanced search features as well as advice from a motorcycle counselor. Harley Dating Site is an excellent choice for Harley fans.


  • Harley Dating Site is an international website available in four countries.
  • New users can register for a free account.
  • Users can filter preferences based on age, location, gender, and more.


Bikers Dating is a fast way to find a fellow rider fast. Users only need to add their preferences or register through Facebook, and they have an account. New users have access to fast matches and Biker chats.

They can also see who's been looking at their profile and who likes them, too! Bikers Dating helps users find someone fast so they can spend more time on the road and less time behind a screen.


  • New users can register with their email or on Facebook.
  • Users have access to quick matches and biker chats.
  • Members can see who looked at their profile and who likes them.


Biker Planet is similar to Biker Passions by creating a community setting for users. New users can register for the site for free and begin browsing for other singles.

Users can not only find love while looking around Biker Planet, but they can also find friendships while exploring the biker community, too! Biker Planet has something to offer all types of bikers.


  • The site is entirely free.
  • Biker Planet prides itself on being a community within a dating site.
  • The site is LGBTQ friendly.


There are thousands of bikers on Bikers Single waiting to meet new users. The site claims to be the number one biker site and has the services to back it up.

Users can sign up for a free account and have access to blog posts, exclusive services, and a customer service team keeping everyone safe. It doesn't take long to sign up for an account and meet the thousands of singles looking for love.


  • The site is entirely free.
  • Users have access to a 24/7 customer service team, blog posts, and special services.
  • The sign-up process is fast.


Harley Davidson Dating is another dating site for people who love Harley Davidson motorcycles. It's guaranteed anyone who signs up will have something in common with everyone else on the site. Everyone is a fan of Harley Davidson. Users have access to the site's blog posts while looking for perfect dates.

The site categorizes its users, making it easier for users looking for men, women, or certified riders. It's a fun, easy to use the website for anyone looking for a Harley date.


  • Users can browse based on if they're looking for men, women, or certified riders.
  • New users have access to blog pages
  • It's easy to use, even for the least tech-savvy users.


More and more motorcycle enthusiasts are turning to online dating to find someone as passionate as they are about their hobbies. With more people finding success online, more bikers are trying online dating out. These thirteen sites are the most successful for users looking to find love, friendship, and a sense of community online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I date a biker?

There's something about a biker that just makes them seem so cool, rebellious, and adventurous. If you're looking to date someone who is all of those things and more, then you might be wondering how to go about it. Here are a few tips:

1. Get to know the biker community. This can be done by attending motorcycle events or simply hanging out at popular biker bars or cafes. Getting to know the people who share this interest will help you understand the biker lifestyle and what it means to be a part of it.

2. Be patient. Bikers are often independent individuals who like to do things on their own terms. Don't expect to swoop in and change their minds overnight - it takes time to earn their trust.

3. Show them your adventurous side. Bikers are attracted to people who are passionate about life and willing to take risks. demonstrate that you're someone who is up for anything and isn't afraid to get outside of your comfort zone.

4. Don't be put off by their rough exterior. Many bikers have a rough exterior but are actually very soft-hearted individuals. Don't be afraid to show your own vulnerability - it will only make them appreciate you more.

Is there a Harley Davidson dating site?

If you're looking for love and happen to be a fan of Harley Davidson motorcycles, then you're in luck. There is indeed a dating site specifically tailored to fans of the iconic American motorcycle brand. Launched in 2014, HarleyDatingSite.net helps connect single Harley riders from around the world.

The site includes features like a "Biker Interests" page where users can select their favorite activities, from riding to wrenching to road trips. There's also a "Harley Blog" where users can share stories and advice on all things Harley. So if you're looking for your very own Harley rider, this just might be the place to find them.

What is it like to be in a biker gang as a woman?

Being a woman in a biker gang is not much different than being a woman anywhere else, except that you have to be tougher. You have to be tough to hang with the guys and you have to be tough to put up with the discrimination. There's a lot of macho posturing and a lot of sexism, but you just learn to deal with it.

You learn to give as good as you get and to stand up for yourself. Most of the guys are really great, once you get to know them, but it takes time and effort to earn their trust. It's worth it though, because being in a biker gang is like having a family - they're there for you no matter what.

How do people in biker gangs afford their lifestyle?

Biker gangs have always been somewhat of a mystery to those on the outside looking in. How do they afford their flashy motorcycles and leather jackets? Where do they get the money to support their extravagant lifestyle?

While some biker gangs are involved in illegal activities, such as drugs and prostitution, others have found more creative ways to finance their operations. Many biker gangs run successful businesses, such as restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Others are involved in more legitimate enterprises, such as construction or transportation. Still others rely on the generosity of their members to keep them afloat. Whatever their method of funding, biker gangs have always managed to find a way to support their lifestyle.

Why do bikers call their women, "old lady"

It's a bit of an inside joke, really. When you're out on the open road, there's a sense of freedom and adventure that's hard to find in everyday life. And part of that is the feeling that you can be whoever you want to be. You're not constrained by your job or your social class - on a bike, you're just another biker.

So when a man refers to his girlfriend or wife as his "old lady," it's a way of poking fun at the constraints of traditional relationships. It's a way of saying that even though he's settled down, he's still wild at heart. Of course, it's not always meant in such a serious way. Sometimes it's just a friendly nickname between two people who share a love of biking. But either way, it's a term of endearment that only another biker would understand.

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