Updated on January 5, 2023

10 Best Rocker Dating Sites Online (2023)

To some people, rock is another form of music.

They casually enjoy bands like Metalica or Zepplin, but it's nothing beyond a good band for them.

They don't live, breathe, and consume everything about rock the same way you do.

The history doesn't interest them, and they might find your interest too intense for their liking. It's their loss, not yours.

Is it possible to find anyone out there as serious as you are about the rock scene? Do you feel like you're not going to find people who take your interests seriously? You're not alone.

All over the world, there are people like you who are looking for someone who understands rock. You need someone that understands the political history behind the genre.

That person who knows rock is more than music. It's a way of life. They're out there for you. You might feel overwhelmed by failed attempts at dating sites, but you shouldn't give up.

The internet has multiple niche dating sites. These people are out there, and like you, they know the loss of Kurt Cobain was a bigger deal than the people realize. He was more than the lead singer of Nirvana. Someone out there is grieving his loss just like you.

These ten sites are great for rockers to find a connection. They cover all types of rock music, so you can find someone who sees rock as a lifestyle, not just a genre of music. Choose the online dating site that works best for you.

10 Best Rocker Dating Websites


I know what you're thinking. How could I find someone on a site that feels so anti-rock? The site launched in 2000, and it's helped people find love ever since. Millions of people find love on this site, and two million marriages happened since its creation. The site itself states that people find love every fourteen minutes on Eharmony.

When you sign up, you fill out a lengthy questionnaire, which is what Eharmony's known for. Its 29-layer compatibility technology is how it finds the most accurate matches for you.

This online dating giant doesn't sound typical for finding fellow rockers. However, lots of rockers found successful relationships by trying out Eharmony for themselves.


  • You can have a free account, or you can pay a monthly fee for all the features of the site.
  • You can access Eharmony on your phone.
  • It's an international company so that you can be talking to rockers from around the world.


I know what you're thinking. Isn't this site more mainstream? Technically, yes, it isn't a niche dating site, but it has a high success rate for more serious relationships.

When you sign up for Elite Singles, you take a 200-question personality test, where you fill out your interests, preferences, and hobbies. Then, the site uses its algorithm to help find matches that accurately match your questionnaire results. Most of the people on online dating sites like Elite Singles have some form of higher education, so you know you'll have someone who knows about the history of rock.

Most of the people on the website are over thirty too. If you're looking for some serious connection, Elite Singles is the website for you to find a fellow rocker.


  • After you take your personality test, you'll see three to seven profiles a day.
  • Elite Singles is one of the safest sites on the internet. They make sure everyone on the website is active and not scamming its users. Customer service and support are also friendly.
  • Elite Singles offers free blogs and articles with dating advice and tips. Experts and psychologists wrote these pieces to give you as much support as you need to find love.

#3: Match


When Match.com launched in 1995, it started the online dating industry. It's the oldest dating website in the world. Its high success rate helped it stay in business while other dating sites eventually disappeared.

When you sign up on Match.com, you get a free three-day trial. After three days, you can pay a monthly fee. With over 30 million users on this site with a near equal man to woman ratio, it's easy to see why people want to try Match.com. You can fill out a questionnaire to filter out people that don't meet your preferences and interests.


  • It has a mobile app.
  • Match.com often hosts meetups and events for singles to meet in person.
  • You can message as many as you want when you have a profile.


Over time music changes. The difference between metal and rock changes all the time. Rockers and metalheads alike find a lot of love on Metal Dating as a result.

When you sign up for Metal Dating, you can browse through profiles. You can make a more advanced search if you're looking for someone special. Anyone you like can be on one list, and you can add a ban list if you don't want to keep talking to a profile. Metal Dating is fun and easy to use with a monthly fee.

Metal Dating is a fun, unique website for rockers and metalheads to meet people and find meaningful connections.


  • You can register through Facebook or through the website itself.
  • You can put different profiles on different lists. Your friends can be in the buddy list, profiles you like in the Hot List, and a ban list for people you don't want contacting you.
  • You can have an event calendar for personal use or for Metal Dating events you're interested in.


If punk rock is more your scene, Punk Dating site is the website for you. The website is all about everything punk, from the fashion sense to the different punk bands.

When you sign up for Punk Dating Site, you need to answer four questions. After they verify your email, you have free reign to look through different profiles to find someone that fits your preferences. It's also one of the more affordable dating websites on the internet, too.

If you're someone that's still mourning for Kurt Cobain, Punk Dating Site could be the website for you. You can sign up and look for another punk fan like you.


  • Signing up is easy.
  • You can browse by interest and location.
  • It's a gay-friendly dating site.


Are you a rocker that doesn't stick to one form of rock? Maybe you like a little emo and goth. AltScene is the dating website where all types of rock come together to meet and socialize.

When you sign up for your free account, you can create a profile with an unlimited number of pictures. You can also look for people depending on their tastes in music. AltScene covers all forms of rock music, so you'll be able to find someone that shares your interests. You'll have at least one thing in common with everyone on the website.

As long as you're eighteen and older, you can sign up and start looking for someone today.


  • You can have an unlimited number of photos in your profile.
  • It's a completely free dating website.
  • AltScene caters to all types of rock music.


Some of us rockers like to have a little fun along the way. We don't want every relationship we have to be a serious one. We want to have fun and the occasional hookup too. Emo Friends is here to encourage the hookups you want. If you have an interest in emo rock and like exploring kinks and fetishes, you could consider Emo Friends.

When you sign up for the site, you can also fill in your BDSM role, which filters some of the matches you sort through. For the more kinky users, you can explore different kinks and fetishes. You can have hookups or find a partner that likes to explore sexually with you.

Emo Friends is a growing community. In ten years, it established itself as a place for emo rockers to find people to explore and have fun.


  • You can pick your kink or fetish and find people that share your kinks.
  • It's easy to sign up.
  • Emo Friends has ten years of experience.


Not every search for a partner has to be a serious search. You can have fun, make friends, and socialize while looking for that special someone in your life. Enter Emo Wire. While it caters mostly to emo rockers, it welcomes all forms of rockers on its website.

When you sign up for a free profile, you sign up for a social network. You can participate in forums, take personality tests, and have a photo album with as many pictures as you want. Even if you're not looking for love, you can find friends on Emo Wire.

If you want to have fun and socialize with various people, Emo Wire is the place to go.


  • You can have an album with an unlimited amount of pictures.
  • You can take a personality test and participate in forums.
  • It acts more like a social media platform than a dating website.


Goth Scene is a dating website dedicated to anyone involved in Goth culture. People on this site are about all things Goth. They've brought people together since the early 2000s, and they're still bringing people together today.

When you sign up for a free account, you can immediately start messaging people that interest you. You don't have to have an account to begin browsing the different profiles. You can IM and send emails to someone for free, too!

With an easy sign-up, it's easy to find people who love the Goth scene as much as you do.


  • Goth Scene categorizes the different types of Goths.
  • You can choose who you communicate with if you depending on your preferences.
  • You can participate in chatrooms and forums on the site.


If you're a rocker with interest in Goth culture, you can find luck on Goth Passions. This dating site is all about anything Goth. This free website is part of the Passions network, but you can choose whether or not you join Goth Passions.

When you sign up for the free site, you can participate in message boards and start messaging people that interest you. You can join the different Goth groups where you can find Goth literature or the occult.

If you're interested in discussing anything, Goth, you can try Goth Passions today.


  • You can connect on Facebook.
  • You can participate in message boards and message people fast.
  • It's free to join.

What about Alternative Dating Sites?

Dating sites are a popular way to meet new people and potential romantic partners.

However, dating sites that cater towards those who like alternative music might be a better idea for some. These dating sites allow people to connect with each other based on the types of music that they enjoy. Many dating sites already collect information about members' likes and dislikes, so why not find someone who shares similar musical tastes?

You can find like minded people on an alternative dating site just by reviewing the list above. You won't be able to find a free dating site that caters to rockers only so choose from one of the above. Free alternative dating isn't a thing really since it's such a tight genre.

Dating for Metalheads

If you're looking for a metalhead dating site, finding fellow metalheads won't be a problem on the sites we have listed here. Maybe all won't be into heavy metal music, but you have a much better chance of finding someone that does on these sites.


Rock music lovers of all types are looking for someone that gets them. Like you, they're frustrated with general dating sites filled with ordinary people. And like you, they found these niche dating sites to help them find that person they've been waiting for.

If you're bored with other dating sites and ready to give up, try one of these ten dating sites. By going on one of these sites, the odds are in your favor.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why do girls like rockers?

Girls like rockers because they are different. They aren't the same sporty guy that you see all the time, dating cheerleaders or dating gymnasts. Rockers are popular, but not in a way that makes them instantly attractive to girls. Girls like dating them because it shows creativity and uniqueness more than anything else. It says something about who you are as a person if you're dating someone who's half normal, half unique in some other way.

Why is it difficult for musicians to have relationships?

It can be difficult to date when you are a musician. Many musicians will experience dating problems, and it is hard to have relationships with other people if you are always busy.

Musicians stay busy almost all the time because they need to practice, rehearse, meet up with their band members, or go to gigs. It's not easy dating someone who cannot find the right time to see them. 

Is there a dating app for metalheads?

While there are many dating apps on the market, there hasn't been one specifically catering to metalheads... until now. Metal Dating is a new app that is tailored to help metal fans connect with one another.

The app works like most dating apps - users create a profile and can then browse through potential matches. However, what sets Metal Dating apart is its focus on helping users find someone who shares their love of metal music. In addition to the standard profile information, users are also asked to list their favorite metal bands. This helps to ensure that users are matched with people who share their taste in music.

So far, the app has been a hit with metal fans, and it looks like it will only continue to grow in popularity.

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