Polish Dating Sites

Below are the top ten dating sites for Polish singles. 

These Polish singles are looking for people to share their culture with or find someone who reminds them of their life at home.

Polish singles flock to these sites every day to watch for friendship and long-term relationships.

Often, a lot of these dating sites lead to successful marriages too.

For Polish singles or anyone who wants to find someone who can help them speak Polish, these are the top ten dating sites for Polish singles.

10 Best Polish Dating Websites 


Why would Polish singles want to come to Elite Singles? Elite Singles is a growing giant in the online dating world. Whether they're looking for someone from home or looking for someone who loves Polish culture, Elite Singles is a fun, safe way to find someone for a serious long-term relationship.

When new users sign up for Elite Singles, they can take a short questionnaire. This questionnaire will help the site's algorithm match people based on their compatibility. Users can type they prefer Polish singles on their new account. The site will also make sure the other users are still active by deleting inactive accounts.

On Elite Singles, users have a fun, safe experience. The customer service team is an excellent resource for tech support and dating advice. The site's blog page also gives dating ideas and tips for building an attractive profile. See why Elite Singles is an excellent place for Polish singles to meet!


  • Polish singles can punch in their preferences. They want other Polish singles. The algorithm will find compatible matches based on the questionnaire.
  • Users see three to seven profiles every day and can communicate with them for free.
  • Most people on this site are over thirty years old and hold at least a bachelor's degree.


Since 2000, Eharmony helped millions of singles meet and develop over two million marriages. Because of its high success rate, many Polish singles will flock to this site for connecting with other Polish singles. The site takes pride in people finding love every fourteen minutes on Eharmony.

When new singles sign up for their account, they fill out Eharmony's signature compatibility test. The "29 components of compatibility" is one of the most accurate tests a user can take. Then, they'll have access to other accounts that closely match the user's values, goals, and preferences. Users can quickly type. They prefer other Polish singles.

Eharmony is one of the oldest, most successful dating websites in the world. It's an international online dating giant so that others can find singles in other countries and other languages. It's easy to see why some of the happiest singles flock to Eharmony!


  • It's "29 components of compatibility" is an attractive feature for many Polish singles to find like-minded singles. They can add they want the same background and values.
  • There is a mobile app available.
  • Eharmony is available in multiple countries and translated into many languages.

#3: Match


Match.com is one of the original online dating sites. Since 1995, Match.com helped millions of singles find successful relationships and happy marriages in twenty-five years! With over 30 million users on Match.com, the chances are high Polish singles can find one another easily.

When users sign up for their account, they can take a small questionnaire, filling out their preferences. There is also a filtration system where singles can type if they can search by lifestyle, location, and background. Like Eharmony, Match.com is also an international giant, meaning Polish singles can find one another all over the world.

Match.com is one of the giants of online dating. See why millions of people found successful relationships and marriages using Match.com today.


  • The filtration system makes it easy for Polish singles to meet and mingle.
  • Match.com holds events for singles to meet physically.
  • It's translated into multiple languages.


Polish Hearts prides itself on being the largest Polish dating site on the internet. With over one million users online, Polish singles have a high chance of finding one another online.

When users sign up for their free account, they first get featured on the New to Polish Hearts Section. New users can get a lot of attention while on the New page. Afterward, they can quickly type in their preferences in the search section, helping singles find people they want to talk to quickly and easily.

Polish Hearts is entirely free for users, no matter how much time they spend looking for love. New users won't take long to see why Polish Hearts is one of the most popular dating sites exclusive to Polish singles!


  • New users can sign up through Facebook.
  • Polish Singles is a gay-friendly website. Users can make gender a part of their preferences.
  • The search feature is quick. Users can search by gender and preferred age range.


Polish Cupid is a dating site that is Polish dating for Polish people abroad. This site is available in the US, UK, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Denmark. No matter where Polish singles are in the world, Polish Cupid allows them to find other Polish singles for friendship or long-term relationships.

When users sign up for their free account, they need to be verified before they can use it. Polish Cupid screens every account to make sure people are who they say they are. This feature makes Polish Cupid one of the safer dating sites on the internet. Then they can create their profile, browse through other profiles, and flirt.

Polish Cupid is a popular dating site for Polish singles around the world. There is a reason the Polish Cupid is so successful. See why POlish Cupid could be a great dating site!


  • Polish Cupid is available in eight different countries for Polish singles to meet.
  • New users can sign up for Facebook.
  • Polish Cupid verifies every new user to makes sure there are no scammers online.


Polish men and other men who prefer Polish women flock to Polish Girl 4U to find friendships, casual dates, and long-term relationships. Before new users sign up for an account, they can look through pictures of the different Polish women on the site and decide if they want to try this site or not.

When new users sign up for an account on Polish Girl 4U, they can fill out what they're looking for in a woman then browse through the different accounts on the site. If they find someone they like, they can start messaging them. The site proudly states many couples are still together today from meeting on this site.

Men found many Polish women they're happy with on this site. New users today can sign up on this site and see if they can find their perfect relationship using Polish Girl 4U.


  • Polish Girl 4U is an international dating site, bringing Americans and Polish people together.
  • The account is easy to sign up for and free.
  • Polish Girl 4U has years of experience behind them.


Here is a strange dating site to add to the list. Why would a website catered to nerds be something Polish Singles would flock too? Not every Polish single is the same, so there could be a Polish geek somewhere in the online dating world. Trek Dating is here to help singles find their perfect Polish geek.

When users sign up for a free account, They can quickly look through pictures of other profiles. Trek Dating is available in eight countries, so the chances are high that Polish geeks can find each other on this site.

Trek Dating is a fun site for geeks who love Star Trek. There is a Polish single out there who loves Star Trek and wants to share that passion with someone out there.


  • Geeky Polish singles can come to find other geeks who love Star Trek as much as they do.
  • It's free to sign up for an account.
  • It's available in eight different countries.


As the name of the website shows, ePolish Wife is a dating site for people looking for long-term relationships and marriage. Polish men and women all over the world flock to this website to find people to spend forever with. Over twelve thousand people use this site every day.

When users sign up for their free account, they have the choice of keeping a standard account or upgrading to a VIP account. The standard account has all of the basic features of a dating site, and a VIP membership offers unlimited messaging. Both types of accounts have access to interest groups, live chats, and events the site holds.

With over 15,000 interactions happening per day, ePolish Wife is setting the standard for a fun way for Polish singles to meet and look for forever.


  • Users have a choice of a free standard account and a VIP account.
  • Each member has access to interest groups and live chats.
  • ePolish Wife runs events for singles to meet.


Adjusting to life in the US is hard, no matter what country someone's moving from. If new foreigners don't have access to other people from their homeland, they can find themselves depressed and lonely. Polish Souls helps Polish singles new to the US find other Polish singles, so they don't feel so lonely living in another country.

When users sign up for an account, moderators will verify a new user's account to make sure people say who they say they are. Then, they can get the same basic features of any dating site. Users can also see who's online at the same time they are. There are also blog posts giving expert advice when meeting people.

Polish Souls wants Polish singles new to the US to make sure no one is feeling lonely and sad. New users can sign up for an account today, so they don't feel so lonely adjusting to a new life abroad.


  • Polish Souls specifically caters to Polish singles living abroad.
  • Singles can see who's online while they're online.
  • Users have access to blog posts giving dating advice and tips on living in the US.

#10: Zoosk


Zoosk is one of the biggest online dating giants on the internet. Chances are high Polish singles who can find other Polish singles around the globe. Over forty-million users are online at any given time to find friends, casual dates, and long-term relationships. Zoosk is also one of the most downloaded dating apps in the Apple store.

When users sign up for their account, they can fill out a quick questionnaire and have the same features as regular dating sites. The Behavioural Matchmaking technology learns by the user's actions. The more the user looks through Zoosk, the more compatible the matches will be for the users.

Zoosk is available in multiple countries and translates into various languages. This feature makes it possible for Polish singles to meet and have a chance at love. There is a reason so many young people flock to Zoosk.


  • Zoosk is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.
  • New users can register through Facebook or Google.
  • Because of its international database, young Polish singles flock to Zoosk to find people.


Whether Polish singles are looking for love or finding friends in a whole new country, dating sites are around to help them find like-minded people. They won't need to feel lonely while looking through various profiles. Instead, they can have a lot of fun while exploring.

These top ten sites are the most successful when helping Polish singles find long-term relationships. Sign up today and see why these sites are the best at what they do!

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