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Men and women working in the military or any wing of the Armed Forces are of a nation’s pride. If you’re one of them, we understand that you do so by sacrificing a lot of things. However, your personal life need not be one of them.

You might be thinking, how can you save your personal life while serving your country?

The answer is in front of you. Many military dating sites will help you find the right partner as these sites are specifically created for men and women serving the country.

 We have gone through hundreds of different dating websites to share with you the top 10 Best military dating sites which you can use to find the perfect partner for yourself.

Top 10 Military Dating Websites


Eharmony is amongst the most popular dating websites online. It receives over 4.1 million hits every month. While it can help you find civilian singles but did you know that it can help you find military singles as well?

When you sign up on the website, there are personality assessment tests that you need to fulfill. If you prefer military singles, all you need to do is to include them in your likes. After that, the compatibility system will automatically suggest to you members who are in the military.

You can further set match preferences to filter the profiles according to your criteria. It means that finding military singles on this dating website is quite easy. The member base consists of 47% women and 53% men.

 One thing which works in favor of this website is that the extensive database ensures that you can find quite a few military singles on this website. All in all, if you’re looking to choose from a pool of members, this dating website will not disappoint you.


  • Large member pool
  • Easy filtration
  • Accurate compatibility algorithms

With over 2 million member visits per month, Elite Singles can help you find the right partner. It consists of an only verified singles database, which means that browsing through the member profiles is quite easy.

You might be thinking, how can you find military singles?

During the signup process, the website asks individuals to list their occupations/job. While performing the search, you can filter according to the job profile. It means that finding single soldiers is easier than ever. With the gender balance of 56% females and 44% males, finding the right partner is not going to be a problem.

 The in-depth filtration process can certainly make it easy for you to find military singles. The simple interface and the extensive member database ensure that this is one of the best websites when looking for military singles.


  • Large member database
  • Verified single profiles
  • Simple interface

#3: Match

How can you forget one of the largest dating sites while looking for Military Singles?

We are speaking about With over 30 million members and over 13.5 million visits each month, this is a dating website that you cannot ignore. Gender diversity is pretty balanced on this site. It consists of 51% women and 49% men.

The best thing about this dating website is that it allows you to filter members according to their profession. It means that finding military singles is not going to be a difficult task. Moreover, you can filter them by lifestyle and income. Finding your perfect match is not going to be a problem when using these filters. It allows you to inbox a message to the person whom you find interesting. It means that taking the conversation forward is easy.

 The USP of this website is the filter by profession option. That is why; it is in the top 3 on our list.


  • Easy communication
  • Profession filter mechanism
  • Over 30 million members


Looking for only military-specific dating websites?

If yes, do not worry. We have quite a few of them as well. The one which we are going to speak about now is Military Cupid. The profile verification feature of this dating website means that you will find authentic singles.

With over 15,000 new members every month, you can be sure that finding your soul mate or a compatible partner is not a difficult task. Currently, it has over 600,000 members from all over the world.

Moreover, only 30% of the users are male, and 70% of the users are female. It means that finding a companion is quite easy. The activity rate on the website is on the higher side, which means that a lot of members are online daily.

The site consists of military personnel women and men looking to date military singles. Either way, finding the right partner is easy when you’re on the site.

 The hassle-free registration process and easy signup, along with hundreds of thousands of military singles, makes this website a must-visit.


  • Over 600,000 members
  • High activity rate
  • Verified profiles


The USP of Military Friends is the 1:1 men and women gender ratio. Also, the simple layout works to its advantage.

It consists of not only military singles but also civilians who want to date. Primarily, the members are from the US and UK. However, if you wish to find members from other countries, there are quite a few of them as well.

 You can easily filter the members by common interests, which means that finding a suitable companion is not a difficult task. The proper gender balance, along with a simple interface, is one of the primary reasons why you should use this website to find military singles.


  • Gender balance
  • Simple interface
  • Plenty of US and UK members


Are you looking for a completely free military dating site?

If yes, Military Friends Date is the perfect option for you. The website has only military personnel listed in its database. It means that you will not have to worry about filtering out among the civilians.

 The interface is quite simple, as well. It has complete mobile support as well, which means that you can easily access and browse through your smartphone. At the same point in time, the signup process is relatively simple as well, which is why you should go for it. The targeted user base and the free interface make it a winner.


  • Only military personnel
  • Completely free
  • Simple interface


The unique feature of the Army Dating Service is that it has chat rooms as well. Chat rooms are with webcams. It means that if you’re not able to find someone compatible with just browsing the profile, you can think about spending some more time in the chat rooms as well to converse with other members.

It also lets you know the members who viewed your profile and your chat buddies. Also, it alerts you to your friends who signed up on the website. You can like someone’s profile and send them a friend request or flirts as well. It means that interacting with other members is quite easy.

Most of the features are available for free members. It means that finding your soul mate is easy when using the website. It consists of military personnel as well as civilian singles who are interested in military singles. It means that the database is quite big. You can filter by the members near you as well as who share your same interests. It means that finding the right person is easier than ever.

 The chat room feature, as well as the availability of most features for free members, fits your requirements perfectly.


  • Excellent filtration criteria
  • Chat rooms on offer
  • Easy to interact with other members


This dating website specifically caters to black men and women who are in the military. The site also allows their admirers to sign up and date military men and women.

With the database of thousands of members, finding the right partner is not a difficult task. The website allows you to filter members according to the type of relationship you’re looking for. You might be interested in hookups, love, or romance. With the help of filtration criteria, it is easy for you to find a like-minded partner.

 The website allows webcam-based interaction as well as chat rooms, which means that discovering your prospective partner is easier than ever. With the help of targeted user base and relationship options available, it is one of the best military dating websites you can sign up on.


  • Targeted user base
  • Offers chat rooms
  • Webcam feature on offer


Uniform dating is especially for individuals who are either in the military or law enforcement or community service. The advantage of this website is that the signup is a 5 step process. It means that getting on the site is not a problem.

The website also has a few measures which eliminate the fake profiles. It means that around 80% or more of the profiles are pretty genuine.

Every week, there are more than 100,000 members who log in online. It means that finding a like-minded individual is quite easy.

The search filter allows you to filter them according to their profession, gender as well as a wide variety of other parameters. It means that finding the right individual is not going to be difficult.

 The website provides you with the message, live chat as well as the standard chat feature. It means that communication is not a problem. The large active member base, along with the high number of genuine profiles, means that it is undoubtedly one of the best military dating sites available.


  • The large active member base
  • Easy to search for the right type of members
  • Numerous communication features


Soldier Match is a dating website which asks for limited information from you but can help you find the right member quite easily. It asks for details like:

• Gender

• Type of relationship

• City

• Date of birth

Based on this information, it can provide you with regular suggestions as well.

The dating website consists of military singles and individuals interested in military singles. It allows you to find partners for a serious relationship, casual dating, friendship, or love.

You can filter out the members accordingly. It is free to join and does not have any hidden charges.

In terms of communication, it offers messaging, instant messaging service, online forums, and so on. There are no restrictions concerning communication. That is why finding a suitable partner for you is quite easy.

If you’re looking for a dating website that makes it easy for you to find military singles, you shouldn’t ignore this one.


  • Numerous communication options
  • Asks for limited information
  • Easy to find a suitable partner


So, if you’re looking for military singles, these are the ten websites that you should head over to. Once you choose any between these 10, it will become easy for you to find the right partner for yourself. Instead of grappling around on dating websites that do not have a lot of members, it is better to use our guide above to find the right partner for yourself.

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