Updated on January 5, 2023

10 Best Interracial Dating Sites and Apps for 2023

For years, interracial relationships fought hard to have the right to be together.

Back in the days of the Civil Rights movement, it was illegal for men and women of different races to be in a romantic relationship. Some states could annul marriages if a white person had one drop of African American blood in their ancestry.

Today, interracial relationships are turning into less of an illegal act and more of a normalized part of life. TV shows are using interracial relationships as less of a plot twist, too.

With more acceptance of interracial relationships, are dating sites becoming more accepting of interracial relationships? Is it easier than ever to find someone to marry?

Here are the ten best dating sites for interracial couples. 

Top 10 Interracial Dating Website Reviews 


Eharmony is a giant in the online dating world. Since 2000, Eharmony helped millions of people find love, happiness, and marriage. Eharmony doesn't cater to interracial LGBTQ couples, however.

When new users sign up for an account, they need to take Eharmony's signature personality test. The "29 components of compatibility" will match people based on interests, preferences, goals, and values. Users will only see profiles who closely match their questionnaire.

New and potential users have access to a blog to help give dating advice and tips for building an attractive profile. Eharmony is so confident in their abilities, they state, "every fourteen minutes, someone finds love on Eharmony." See why Eharmony is considered one of the happiest dating sites on the internet!


  • Interracial couples pick Eharmony for its "29 components of compatibility" test.
  • Users can only see profiles that closely match their personality test.
  • There is a mobile app available.


Since 2002, Elite Singles helped millions of couples find successful, serious relationships. Most of the users on this site are highly educated and over thirty. Interracial couples prefer this site for educated individuals and their excellent customer service.

When users register for their account, they take a small questionnaire to talk about preferences, goals, and values. Then, users receive a daily email featuring three to seven profiles that match their survey. Users can message these profiles as much as they want for free. Elite Singles also deletes inactive articles to keep their customers from wasting their time.

Elite Singles also has a blog section giving dating advice and tips for an attractive profile. Sign up today to see why Elite Singles has such a high success rate!


  • Interracial couples love Elite Singles because of its customer service. They give excellent tech support and dating advice to make sure its customers are successful.
  • Most people on this site are over thirty years old with at least a bachelor's degree.
  • New and potential users have access to the Elite Singles blog, giving dating advice and tips on building an attractive profile.

#3: Match


Match hol

Match.com is one of the most popular dating giants on the internet. For twenty-five years, Match.com helped millions of singles find successful relationships and happy marriages. With over thirty million users online, singles have a high chance of finding the perfect partner in their interracial relationship.

When users sign up for their accounts, they can answer a small questionnaire to help them find matches based on their interests and preferences. There is also a filtration system for singles to find people based on lifestyle, location, gender, and ethnicity.

Match.com helped couples come together since 1995. There is a reason it's become one of the biggest online giants on the internet. See why this international dating site is one of the best in the business!


  • Match.com has so many users on it; there is a high chance for interracial couples to meet and come together.
  • Match.com holds events and meetups for singles to meet physically.
  • Users can download the mobile app.


Interracial Cupid is part of the Cupid network. Cupid Network is one of the reputable niche dating sites networks. Thousands of members are online every day. Users will get the quality service they expect when they log into Interracial Cupid.

When users sign up for a free account, they can expect the basic features of a dating site. This international dating site has advanced messaging features to make it a premium website for people looking for love.

Interracial Cupid prides itself on being a premium dating site for quality members. It provides a safe, fun environment for people to meet and look for love.


  • Users can register for free.
  • The site has advanced messaging features.
  • Users can download the site through Google Play and sign up through Facebook.


Black People Meet is one of the most popular dating websites for black, biracial, and interracial couples. With over one million users logging on, singles can have fun while looking for friends, casual romances, and marriage.

When new users register for an account on Black People Meet, they have access to millions of profiles they can message for free. Users can also post pictures and have live chats with other members to get to know them better.

Black People Meet is a popular site for people looking for an interracial relationship. See why millions of people found happy relationships since 2002!


  • Interracial couples flock to Black People Meet to meet other like-minded singles.
  • Users can take advantage of live chats and photo albums.
  • Users can download on the mobile app.


Interracial People Meet is a sister-site to Black People Meet. This site is for people wanting to be in interracial relationships. Biracial and mixed-race individuals are welcome to sign up to look for their perfect interracial relationship.

New users can register for a new account for free. They have access to thousands of new profiles, photo albums, and live chats.

Interracial singles found success looking through Interracial People Meet. Even if they're not looking for serious, long-term relationships, they can also find friendships with people in their community.


  • Users can sign up for an account for free.
  • New users have access to messaging and live chats.
  • Users can have a photo album to post pictures every day.


Interracial Dating Central is a community for multiracial and multicultural individuals. People can sign up for an account to find friendship, casual romance, and serious relationships. Some people find their future spouses on Interracial Dating Central.

When new users sign up for their accounts, they can customize their profile, upload a picture for an attractive profile. Users also have access to a blog site with articles about dating advice and current events.

Interracial Dating Central creates a fun, safe community for people seeking an interracial relationship. To make sign up more accessible, they have a mobile app available to register through Facebook.


  • Registration is easy.
  • Users have access to blogs and articles, giving dating advice, current events, and entertainment.
  • Users can register through Facebook and mobile.


Interracial Dating is one of the most efficient interracial dating websites on the internet. It prides itself at being the "world's #1 interracial dating site" because of its quick and straightforward use.

When users sign up for an account, they can filter the race they prefer. Black, white, Latin, and Asian users come on this site every day to find people outside of their race. Users can also look for someone based on religious views, interests, and goals.

Interracial Dating is one of the most successful interracial dating sites on the internet. The success stories on this site are a fantastic selling point for people wanting to date outside of their race.


  • Registration is free and easy.
  • Users can filter other profiles by race, religion, and goals.
  • The site is easy to use.


AfroRomance is a dating site for people interested in black and white dating. Thousands of members use AfroRomance every day and found successful relationships and marriages. It's not only welcoming for interracial couples, but they welcome people of different faiths, too.

When users sign up for their free account, they have access to thousands of black and white profiles. They can message as many profiles as they wish. Users also have access to blog posts dedicated to dating advice and current events.

AfroRomance is one of the models for interracial dating sites. Sign up today for a chance at interracial love!


  • Users seeking black or white partners will find luck on AfroRomance.
  • Multiple faiths are welcome on the site.
  • There is a blog page available for dating advice and current events.

#10: Swirlr


Swirlr is a dating site for people who want to look for love and have fun along the way. People on this site are looking for not only serious relationships but casual hookups too. People can find love in a fun, safe environment.

When new users register for an account, they need their profiles verified. Swirlr wants to make sure every user is safe by making sure users are who they say they are. Then, users can look through the many profiles and message as many people as they wish.

Swirlr is a fun site to find people and dates. It's an international dating site, too, so users can comfortably find someone for whatever they want.


  • Swirlr keeps safety in mind. They verify every profile before letting new users search through other profiles.
  • Users can filter for black or white users.
  • Users have access to a blog page with dating advice.


Today, it's easier than ever for interracial couples to find one another. With more and more people dating outside of their race, interracial couples are on the rise. Online dating makes interracial dating more accessible than ever when looking online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best interracial dating site?

When it comes to interracial dating, there are a lot of different options out there. Some sites focus solely on connecting people from different racial backgrounds, while others provide a broader platform for meeting new people in general.

So which site is best? That depends on what you're looking for. If you're serious about finding someone who shares your cultural background, then a dedicated interracial site may be the right choice for you.

However, if you just want to meet new people and explore your options, then a more generic dating platform might be a better fit. The key is to find an online community that speaks to your needs and interests, so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your search for love. 

Do interracial dating apps work?

Interracial dating apps have become very popular in recent years, as more and more people are looking for love outside of their own race or culture. These apps work by connecting users with potential matches in their area, allowing them to browse each other's profiles and chat online.

At first, this might seem like a great way to find meaningful connections with people who may not share the same cultural background or upbringing. And while these apps can certainly be useful in some contexts, they also come with some major drawbacks. For one thing, because they rely entirely on user profiles, it can be difficult to identify potential matches accurately.

Issues like racism and discrimination often arise on interracial dating apps, limiting the effectiveness of these platforms for certain groups of people. Despite these challenges though, interracial dating apps continue to grow in popularity, suggesting that there is still a real need for these services today. 

What is it like to be in an interracial relationship?

Dating someone of a different race can be an interesting and eye-opening experience. For one thing, you are bound to encounter all sorts of questions and misconceptions about your relationship.

People may become curious about the differences in culture or style of communication between you and your partner. And even though your family and friends might not initially be supportive of your interracial relationship, you will often find that some of them quickly come around when they see how happy you are together.

Being in an interracial relationship can serve as a great learning opportunity for everyone involved - a chance to learn more about another culture and to challenge their own beliefs and assumptions about race.

Whether you're dating someone who is from another country or someone who has a unique background within your own country, the benefits of being in an interracial relationship are many and varied.

Why are there so many interracial couples in the US?

There is no single explanation for why there are so many interracial couples in the US. Some might argue that it has to do with a greater cultural acceptance of diversity, while others might attribute it to a growing social openness towards different kinds of relationships and families.

Still others might suggest that changing demographics and shifting population patterns have simply led to more mingling between different racial groups. Whatever the case may be, what is clear is that interracial relationships are becoming increasingly common in modern American society.

Whether this trend reflects an admirable commitment to diversity or simply a reflection of exclusionary attitudes from the past, it is undeniable that these relationships are here to stay. So we should embrace them - and all the beauty and richness they bring with them. After all, isn't love something worth celebrating, regardless of its color or creed? 

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