Hippie Dating Sites Review

Good news! It’s 2020 and you don’t have to travel all the way to Woodstock to find a hippie life partner to share your future.

Instead, let the worldwide web do the legwork for you!

Whether you’re looking for someone who will accompany you to your favorite music festivals, who shares your passion for ecology, or who wants to see world peace become a reality as much as you do, there is a hippie partner out there for you – and they may be only a click away.

Top 10 Dating Sites for Hippies


If you were to sum up Elite Singles’ community in a single word, that word would be “educated.”

Over 80% of its members hold at least a bachelor’s degree, and many have at least one advanced degree.

Research has consistently shown that more educated people are likelier to hold more liberal political beliefs, and among this pool of liberal singles you are likely to find your share of hippie singles!


  • Elite Singles skews predominantly female, so men and queer women using the site will be at a slight advantage.
  • The site averages around 2 million unique visits per month. This is an active, bustling community full of singles eager to meet YOU.
  • All sexual orientations are welcome! Whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, or something else, you’ll find plenty of prospective partners on Elite Singles.


Match.com may not be expressly designed for hippies, but you’re bound to find more hippie partners here than probably anywhere else on the web.

Why? Because Match has the biggest user base of any online dating site in the world, with a community totally over 30 million members strong!


  • 13.5 million site visits each month mean turnover is high. You’ll never have to worry about seeing the same profiles again and again, and you’ll always have plenty of partners to choose from.
  • Search functions allow you to browse singles by spiritual beliefs, lifestyles, hobbies, and more. Match makes it easy for you to find eligible men and women just like you.
  • Though the site is equipped with paid features, Match is free to browse, so you can feel out your options before purchasing a subscription.


Hippie Dates characterizes itself as “The #1 Hippie Community on the Net", and once you check it out you’ll understand why! This site makes it easy – and free – to sign up, browse, and connect with other hippie singles in a matter of minutes.


  • New members are featured right on the homepage, so you don’t have to search high and low for users you haven’t met before.
  • Numerous matching tools make it possible for you to meet single men and women in simple, fun ways. For example, Take a Gamble randomizes profiles and shows you singles you may not have otherwise thought to consider!
  • Hippie Dates stands the test of time. This site has been around and thriving since 2004, and in that time it has carved out a well-deserved reputation as the go-to hub for hippies looking for romance online.


Dating for Hippies promises “free-spirited singles for love and romance”! Their homepage mentions all the classic hippie iconography: Birkenstocks, political activism, free love, and more.

If this imagery resonates with you, why not give it a try?


  • Sign-up is free and easy. Within minutes you can be browsing hippie singles right in your zip code!
  • The site encompasses all sexual orientations, so queer hippies as well as straight ones will have plenty of options to choose from!
  • One of the first sights to greet you on the landing page is a testimonial from a couple named Coral and Phil. These happy folks met through Dating for Hippies and are now happily married. (Who knows? You might be next!)


Hippies Date is an imprint of Dating Factory, one of the most popular networks of niche dating sites on the web today.

Since 2008, this community has grown to include millions of users from all over the world, and new folks join the site every day.


  • The homepage asks, “And you thought you would never be able to meet your twin flame?” and answers its own question, “Think again!” This site is all about bringing hippie couples together in lasting, spiritually connected relationships.
  • The site is oriented around people with busy lives who may not have the time for the traditional dating scene. It recognizes that most folks who identify as hippies have priorities from activism to exploring personal passions.
  • You can use the search function to find singles who share your interests. Whether you’re an enthusiast of classic rock, Eastern religion, yoga, hiking, or something else, there’s a match out there for you!


If you don’t have a lot of money to burn, Hippie Now is here for you! This site is totally free to use, and as a bonus it belongs to Online Connections, a network of niche dating sites.

Joining grants you instant access to the other sites in the Online Connections community, so you can maximize your range of possible options.


  • “Find a peace-loving partner” the homepage promises. If you’re a pacifist, interested in world peace, or similar, this is the site for you!
  • This site is all about positive vibes. If you feel jaded by the bitterness common on another dating sites and apps, never fear. The singles on Hippie Now share your optimism about finding love.
  • All sexual orientations are welcome here. Whether you’re a man seeking men, a woman seeking woman, or something else entirely, you’ll feel supported and accepted on Hippie Now.


If your hippie lifestyle revolves around planetary consciousness, then Planet Earth Singles is what you’ve been looking for.

This site is all about the mutual desire to change the world we share. Its community includes vegans, organic farmers, and all kinds of activists.


  • Everyone on Planet Earth Singles is trying to improve our world through a variety of different ideologies and approaches. Whatever kind of helping hand you want to lend the earth, there will be someone who wants to do likewise.
  • There are no pop-up ads on Planet Earth Singles, so you never have to worry about your online dating experience being plagued by bothersome interruptions.
  • The singles on this site come from all walks of life, but they share one thing in common: They want to leave the planet a little better than they found it. Even if you don’t match romantically with everyone you meet, you’re bound to make some good friends who share your vision of a better future.


Mindfulness isn’t just a trendy buzzword: It’s a practice with a ton of scientific and historical backing. The singles at Meet Mindful consider it an integral part of their day-to-day lives.

If that description resonates with you, you’ll feel right at home here.


  • The singles you meet on Meet Mindful are the types of hippies who incline toward Buddhism, zazen, and other forms of Eastern spirituality. If you gravitate toward these practices, you’ll love Meet Mindful’s community.
  • Compatibility is determined in part by selecting topics that are important to you, including conscious nutrition, eco-friendly living, mindfulness meditation, and more.
  • Registration is free, and the app can be downloaded for desktop or mobile via iTunes.


Green Singles is another site geared toward those with a passion for ecology. If you’re the type of person who considers environmental advocacy a priority, you’ll love the singles you meet here.


  • Many of the members of the Green Singles community are vegetarians and vegans. If you live a meat- and animal-product-free lifestyle, you won’t have to rationalize your choices to these folks.
  • Essay questions and matchmaking preferences make it easy for you to determine your compatibility with other men and women.
  • A 30-year lifespan means Green Singles has withstood the test of time and has the success rate to support its reputation.


Spiritual Singles is an offshoot of the same network that brought you Green Singles. Like the other sites on this list, it targets an audience of hippie singles, but unlike some of the other sites discussed here it has a particular focus on spirituality.


  • Eco-consciousness is a cornerstone of the Spiritual Singles experience. These singles recognize that we are inextricably intertwined with our ecosystem, and they strive to protect it.
  • The singles you’ll meet here come from all different subcultures within the hippie lifestyle: vegetarians, environmental activists, people living off-grid, and more!
  • The homepage offers testimonials from happy couples who have already found their perfect match through Spiritual Singles. If you’re ever in need of inspiration, look there first!


Hippie dating doesn’t have to be impossible. As long as you know where to look, you can soon find a partner who shares your love for the planet, your openness to alternative living, and your aspiration toward a higher collective consciousness.

Try hippie dating today and see how high you can raise your vibration!

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