Updated on January 5, 2023

Top 10 Goth Dating Sites: Alternative, Emo & Punk (2023)

Some of us don't belong to everybody else. We're different, and that's cool.

We don't want or need to follow the mainstream to be happy. Let us have our spooky stuff, and we're good.

However, sometimes it's hard to find someone else that appreciates the spooky stuff as we do. 

We go out, and people stare at us or start thinking we're evil. Dating isn't that much better. With everything so mainstream, it's hard to find somebody that gets you.

So where can you go to find people who get you? Are there any non-mainstream sites I can go to find someone to connect with? Am I stuck sifting through vanilla profiles for the rest of my days?

Luckily, the answer to the last question is no. It's frustrating looking through mainstream dating sites, but it doesn't have to be that way.

You don't have to worry about scaring whoever you talk to anymore when you look at these Goth dating sites.

Below is a list of dating sites for Goths and other kinds of alternative people.

Top 10 Goth Dating Sites


Now I know what you're thinking. This site is for ordinary people. How could I find another nonconformist here? Normies don't realize the goth life doesn't die after high school. Most people on Elite Singles are over thirty years old and have some form of higher education. People on this site live successful lives.

When you sign up for Elite Singles, you take a personality test to pick out your preferences and interests. Then, the algorithm shows you three to seven profiles a day for you to look at and message. If you decide you want to meet in person, you can look at free articles that give dating advice and tips to make an attractive profile.

The people on Elite Singles are serious about finding true love and a connection. The site has a high success rate so that you can find another goth in no time.


  • Elite Singles provides free articles for you to look at for dating advice. Even if you don't sign up for the site, you can still look at the essays to get ideas on how to make a suitable date.
  • Elite Singles prides itself on its customer service team. They're readily available to give you tech support and dating advice when you need it.
  • You can download the app in the Apple Store or on Google Play. You're not stuck to your computer when you explore Elite Singles.


Eharmony looks like a weird choice. The website was created by a Christian psychologist in 2000 and helped over 2 million people find love since. Eharmony doesn't help if you're looking for love in the LGBTQ community. But people who use it found successful relationships with Eharmony.

When you sign up for Eharmony, they give you a thirty-minute questionnaire to provide you with as accurate of a match as possible. The test itself has thirty-two layers of compatibility. So you can put in your preferences, core values, and beliefs in the questionnaire. When you finish, you'll have access to the most accurate messages from your profile.

Eharmony is one of the oldest online dating sites to find love. Even though you're not part of the mainstream, you'll be able to find someone on this dating website.


  • It provides a detailed questionnaire to give you the most compatible people you can find.
  • The website itself writes that someone finds love every 14 minutes.
  • There are free blogs and articles, giving dating advice and tips. Top love experts and psychologists write them. Even if you don't sign up for an account, you can still look at them.

#3: Match


Once this site launched in 1995, Match.com helped create the online dating world we know today. Over thirty million people come on this site every day, and it has one of the highest success rates of any dating site. There's a good chance you'll find a fellow goth while looking around Match.com! It's arguably the most popular online dating site out there.

When you sign up for a profile, you get a three-day free trial. You can fill out a questionnaire, listing your preferences and interests, and you'll have accurate matches at your fingertips. With an almost equal rate between men and women, it'll be easy trying to find another person like you.

Match.com is one of the most successful dating sites on the internet. It looks mainstream, but there's a reason it's still alive in 2020. It's always learning in changing times and able to keep up with the trends of the dating world today.


  • Match.com hosts meetups and events for singles to meet one another in person.
  • It's one of the safest websites you can use to find someone.
  • They have a detailed description of your preferences, so there is little chance you'll find an average person in your list of potential matches.


On the website, it states, "The #1 website for Gothic Singles. When this site launched in 2001, it helped lots of gothic singles find someone that's into the same spooky stuff they are.

Gothic Match is open to emo singles too. When you sign up, you can look browse through profiles, join in the chat rooms, or participate in the Goth fashion and tattoo shows. Even if you're not looking for a date, you can make a friend while looking around on Gothic Match.

Gothic Match is one of the unique dating sites for goths. It guarantees you'll have something in common with everyone who uses this site. You won't need to worry about finding vanillas here.


  • The site is free for anyone to use.
  • It provides forums, tattoo shows, and fashion shows for people to share their fashion, tattoos, and stories.
  • You don't have to look for a date on this site. Some people come on the site to search for friends. It's not just a dating site for Goths but a Goth club.


Not all of us are ready to find our forever lovers. Some of us want to have some fun along the way. Emo friends is a site where you can find people to explore and have fun with you.

Emo Friends is part of Dating Factory, one of the biggest online networks in the world. When you sign up for a profile, you can look through the different profiles, depending on what interests you. You can also meet people to explore other kinds of fetishes. You can explore as much or as little as you want with other people.

Emo Friends is here for you and all your curiosities. The partners you find can have as many or as little strings attached as you wish. Hookups are encouraged here!


  • The site offers free registration when you sign up for its services.
  • It offers a list of different kinks and fetishes for you to explore on your own or with a partner. You can explore BDSM, foot worship, and much more.
  • Hookups are encouraged.


It's frustrating trying to find someone who isn't weirded out by your interests and your alternative lifestyle. That's where AltScene comes in. This alternative dating site is friendly towards all the alternative types: Goth, Emo, Punk, Metalhead, and Rocker. There is someone for everyone when you look around on AltScene.

When you sign up, they will make sure you're over eighteen. After that, you can create a profile and have access to photo albums and chat rooms. You can find friends with the same tastes in music, too!

Of all the alternative dating sites out there, AltScene is friendly to all types of people. If you want to try an emo boyfriend one day, you can. If you've ever wondered what it's like to date a skater girl, you can date them too. It's up to you. The Gothic and Emo community is very present here and chatting them up is easy.


  • The website is completely free.
  • You can participate in chat rooms, have photo albums, and pick out your music selections.
  • It's easy to sign up for.


Of all the dating websites on this page, Emo Wire is one of the most fun dating sites you could explore. This site doesn't act like a dating site but more like a social media platform. Some of its features are similar to Facebook from the old days.

Emo Wire is a free goth dating site and when you sign up, you have access to the many different features that make it one of the most fun websites you can be on. You can create a photo album with an unlimited number of pictures. There are also chat rooms for you to talk to people and live wall posts!

Emo Wire is a fun site for you to find dates and socialize. Signing up is a lot of fun for everyone!


  • You can have unlimited photos on your profile.
  • You can participate in chat rooms and take personality tests.
  • The website is free to join and acts more like a social media platform than a dating website.


As the website says, "Online dating has never been easier." Goth Scene is for goths looking for like-minded people to date or have fun with. Most people on the site enjoy techno, punk rock, and goth music. Even if you don't find love on the website, you'll be able to find a friend. It's one of the freshest and best goth dating websites out there.

Signing up for the site is free, and it stays free while you have a profile. Before you sign up, you have a chance to look at different profiles to find attractive people in your area. It's also translated in 17 languages, so you can practice with someone who shares the same spooky interests as you.

Goth Scene is a site for everyone to try when they first try online dating. No matter what, you'll have something in common with everyone who's looking for love on this site.


  • You can email or IM other profiles for free.
  • You have a black book that you can add you can fill in with profiles on the page.
  • You can search for your type of goth on the site.


The Goth dating website Goth Passions acts as both a dating website and a social media network dedicated to all things Goth. It's easy to sign up, make friends, and find that person you're looking to spend forever with. You can also have discussions with multiple people about different goth topics. It's a fun site for all things goth. It's suitable for people getting into the goth culture for the first time, too!

Signing up for a profile is free, and you have access to all things goth on the website. You can participate in message boards and forums that are continually updated to stay relevant. Goth Passions is part of the Passions network of niche dating sites, but members have to choose to be part of this site.

If you're exploring the Goth life for the first time, or you're someone who wants to find fellow Goths to socialize with or even find love, you should try Goth Passions today.


  • The website is 100% free.
  • You can access a chat room and message board as well as message people you're interested in.
  • You can log in using Facebook.


Of all the dating sites in this article, this one is one of the easiest to sign up for. As long as you have an interest in punk music, you'll find yourself, someone, fast when you go on Punk Dating Site.

All you have to do is answer four questions and give your email address. Once your email address gets verified, you can look through the many different profiles on here.


  • You have a choice of getting a free basic profile, or you can pay for a premium account.
  • You can browse through singles by category.
  • You can also browse by interests and location.

What to Look for When Choosing a Goth Dating Site

The Goth dating scene is acidic and rather toxic with people who only want to date other goths. But there are more alternative culture-filled websites out there that provide an opportunity for punks, emos or any person interested in this type of lifestyle!

Gold members of many websites are entitled to certain benefits. Basic services with a free sign-up process is available for those who want it, but more interesting options can be found by opting in the paid service or buying into an upgraded membership plan.

Chat rooms are still very much alive and well on most Goth dating websites. It's true that they may not be as popular among users these days – there was a time when security issues made people wary of using them- but chat features have their own pull for many goths who want an extra outlet in which to indulge during date night or after-work hours without having any expectation from another human being beyond companionship itself!

The dark side of the force is strong with this one. A dating site that ventures into more Goth interests like fashion and tattoo will automatically create a connection for those who live life in black, as well!

Gothic dating is all the rage these days, and for good reason. When you find someone who shares your interests in darkwave music Photography or Literature - it can be an amazing feeling to know that they feel exactly as though there too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

How do you date a Goth?

A goth date basically involves doing what one would usually do on a date. The main difference between dating a goth and someone who's not, is the goth date may involve things such as:

- going to see a horror movie or two (or three)

- having food at a restaurant with "death" in the title (i.e. Death by Chocolate)

- drinking coffee at some hipster cafe that has skulls as decorations

Where can I meet Goths?

Some popular dating websites for Goths include Gothic Match, another site called GothScene or Goth Passions. You can search through these sites to find someone with similar interests. The other option is to use mainstream sites like eHarmony or Elite Singles and use their extensive filters to find other Goths.

How can you find a Goth girlfriend?

If you don't want to frequent goth bars or other places where goths hang out, then your best bet is one of the top online dating sites for Goths. Gothic Match for example is a great niche dating site with plenty of hot Goth girls to choose from.

What's the difference between a punk, goth and an emo?

Though they are often lumped together, punk, goth and emo are actually three distinct subcultures. Punks are characterized by their DIY ethic, political anarchism and love of fast-paced, loud music.

Goths, on the other hand, tend to be more introspective, focusing on dark and romantic imagery. Emos, meanwhile, are known for their expressive lyrics and emotional openness. While there is some overlap between these groups, they each have their own unique history and identity.

Conclusion on Goth Dating Sites

You don't have to sift through an average, mainstream website to find someone who's into the same things as you. These ten dating sites will show you that you don't have to waste your time with mainstream people. They're never going to get you anyway.

On these goth dating sites, you'll be able to let your hair down and let your spooky flag fly. It won't be long before you finally find someone who you want to spend forever with.

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