Updated on January 5, 2023

10 Best Emo Dating Sites and Apps (2023)

For some of us, emo is more than another form of music.

It's a way of life for us. Our eyeliner is our best friend, and we want to be with people that understand that.

Let South Park make their jokes about us! The normies wouldn't understand. 

We'll turn up our Evanescence and keep having fun!

We like to be with people that think like us and understand. So where can we go to find people who like eyeliner as much as we do? Are we always going to have to hide our nose rings and keep our hair a normal color?

Enter emo dating websites!

These sites are perfect for people like us, looking for someone who loves My Chemical Romance as much as us. We want people to debate if Panic! at the Disco was good before or after High Hopes.

We want friends to go to Fall Out Boy concerts with us! Niche dating sites will help us find these like-minded people, so our mainstream friends don't suffer.

Below are the top ten emo dating sites. These aren't just for emos like us but for goths, punk, and metalheads too.

In all of these sites, you can find someone who gets you without feeling like you need to hide a part of you. Each of these different websites has different features to them that make them unique to each group. 

Top 10 Emo Dating Websites


I'm cheating on this website too. We remember the commercials with the old doctor and the Natalie Cole song playing in the background. eHarmony's existed since 2000. The only other dating site older than eHarmony is Match.com. Why would we want to go on this dating site?

eHarmony isn't a cheap website, but it's one of the most private dating sites out there. If you're willing to take the thirty minutes to find your match, you'll be satisfied with the result.

Note: eHarmony doesn't cater to LGBTQ singles.


  • If you're willing to answer the 150 questions when you sign up, you can get a detailed personality test to find people compatible with you. The only people you see are the ones you match with you.
  • All you need is one picture.
  • You're not spending every day sifting through profiles of different people.


I know! I'm cheating a little bit by including Match.com on this list. Match.com is one of the most successful dating sites on the internet, with an extremely high success rate. But what else makes this website a special one for us?

The site is easy to use and understand for all new users. With nearly forty million people all over the world using the site, it's hard not to find success on this website.


  • Users can sign up through Facebook and other social media.
  • The questionnaire takes 30 minutes to make sure you're getting the person you're looking for on their site. You can find someone who shares your music and lifestyle!
  • Holds events so you can meet people in real life.


Our single metalhead friends can find love on this website. This dating site is for anyone into metal. It's a relatively new website with more profiles coming up every day. Why would we want to go to this website for love?

If you're not big on talking to people online, you can use the calendar to marks events MetalDating holds to meet people. There is a reason this website is growing fast!


  • You can set up through your Facebook.
  • You can make a blog or read anyone else's blog.
  • You can have a calendar to mark your birthday, anniversaries, or other people's birthdays.


AltScene's goal is to be the biggest dating site for all alternatives. It doesn't cater to one group. It catered to punk, goth, emo, skater, and metal alternatives. Why would this be a good emo dating site?

It's hard to find people that have things in common with us sometimes. AltScene exists so we can connect. The best part about AltScene is you have to be eighteen and older to sign up.


  • It's completely free. A lot of dating websites try to charge extra for different features, but it's free.
  • You can fill out a music list so you can find people with the same bands in common as you.
  • You can search by location so that you can meet your new friend quickly.


Gothic Match sells itself as being the first site for goths. It's also the biggest site for our goth friends, too. Why would we want to take a look at Gothic Match?

Gothic Match is mostly for goths, but it's an emo-friendly site too. Fellow emos found success in finding all kinds of connections with emos and goths. It's as much an emo dating site as it is a goth dating site. Goths and emos alike can come to make friends or possibly find a new romance according to their star signs.


  • You don't have to be looking for love on Gothic Match. People go on the site to look for friendships as well as relationships.
  • You can view a tattoo show.
  • You can do an astrological sign search and get ideas for your goth date.


Of all the emo dating sites on this list, Emo wire is one of the most fun dating sites here. Emo Wire takes pride in being a fun-loving dating site for emos. Not convinced? Here are some features fellow emos love about Emo Wire.

Emo Wire is a free dating site, so you can have as much fun as you want and not worry about having to pay fees for some of the extra features. If you're looking for fun, this is a site to try.


  • You can post an unlimited amount of pictures on your profile. You can also post as many videos as you like.
  • There are discussion forums and personality tests for you to take if you want to do something fun.
  • You can socialize as much or as little as you want on this site.


This dating site is for our goth friends or any emo who's into goths. Goth Scene welcomes all types of goths. Why would emo want to try looking for love on Goth Scene?

It's easy to find someone on this site with similar interests to you. You can seek people out and message them if they're close to you! You can flirt or message someone as much as you like!


  • You can post multiple pictures of yourself on the website.
  • You can sign up on the website for free
  • Welcome to all types of goths.


Our punk friends will love going on this dating website! Punk Dating Site is for anything punk. If you listen to the music, dress like it, and mingle only with the punks, you can find love here. Why would you want to go on Punk Dating Site?

You can have a premium membership for a small fee when you sign up. If you want to find a relationship here, though, you better make sure you know you punk music past the Sex Pistols.


  • It's one of the easiest sign-ups on a website. All you had to do was enter your birthday, location, and email address, and you have an account.
  • There are a small number of questions for you to answer when you sign up.
  • You don't have to look for a relationship. You can look for a quick fling too.


Like Emo Wire, Emo Friends is a dating site for emos only. Unlike Emo Wire, Emo Friends isn't only about finding friends and possible relationships. Emo Friends give options for alternative sex lives, especially for those of us into BDSM. This site is one of the most adult sites on this list. Why would fellow emos enjoy it?

Emo Friends is a popular dating website, celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. It's also goth-friendly too, for the goth friends looking for someone to explore with them!


  • The website is for people looking for fun and sexual exploration. Emo friends encourage people to explore their different kinks.
  • You can post up to twenty-five pictures on the website.
  • If you're willing to pay a small fee, you can become a Gold Member and enjoy more features.


This last dating site is welcome to all goths. It's a free website for all things goth. What makes this dating site stand out from all the other goth dating sites?

It's free for anyone that wants to make a new friend or relationship. You can watch videos and chat with as many people as you like.


  • You can participate in forums talking about goth literature, the occult, and other goth passions.
  • You don't have to be looking for a romantic relationship on Goth Passions. If you want to find more people who have things in common with you, you can do that on Goth Passions too. You can find friendship, fun, and relationships.
  • For the bookworms, there is a page on Goth Passions recommending books to other goths.


For emos looking for connection, the possibilities are endless. Not every connection you make has to be a romantic connection. Lots of dating sites today have a feature for looking for friendships as well as friendships.

No matter what you're looking for, as long as you be yourself, you'll meet people no matter what you look for in someone. The best part about meeting new people in one of these emo dating sites is you don't have to turn down My Chemical Romance if you get the chance to talk on webcam. You will be glad to find people who finally get you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an Emo?

The term “emo” is short for “emotional hardcore,” a type of punk rock that emerged in the 1980s. Emo bands are known for their introspective lyrics and emotional intensity.

While early emo bands were often associated with youth culture and angst, the genre has since evolved to encompass a wider range of styles and influences.

Today, emo can be used to describe both music and fashion, as well as a general attitude or mood. In many ways, emo is about being authentic and staying true to yourself, even when the world around you is trying to tell you who you should be.

How do I get an Emo girlfriend?

While the term "emo" has been used to describe a wide range of people and styles, there are certain characteristics that are often associated with emo girls. These include a love of music, particularly punk and indie rock, a passion for fashion, and a tendency to be introspective and sensitive.

If you're interested in dating an emo girl, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances.

First, make sure you have some common interests. Whether it's going to concerts or simply listening to music at home, shared interests will help you connect on a deeper level. Secondly, don't be afraid to be yourself. Emo girls are attracted to guys who are genuine and authentic, so it's important to be honest about your feelings and thoughts.

Finally, don't try to change who she is. Emo girls are proud of their unique identities, so accept her for who she is and let her know that you appreciate all her quirks and qualities. You can find many Emo girls on the sites recommended on this page which include alternative dating sites.

How Do You Talk to an Emo guy?

Emo guys are often portrayed as being dark, brooding, and secretive. However, they can also be sensitive, introspective, and even funny. If you're interested in talking to an emo guy, it's important to be respectful and considerate of his feelings.

Emo guys tend to be attracted to girls who are confident and independent. So, focus on being your own person and don't try to change yourself to fit his mold. Be honest with him and don't play games. Emo guys appreciate sincerity and vulnerability. Ask him about his interests and hobbies, and share your own passions with him.

Most importantly, listen to what he has to say. He'll likely open up more if he feels like he's being heard. If you take the time to get to know an emo guy, you may find that he's not so different from anyone else after all.

How do you talk to an Emo?

How do you talk to an Emo? It is important to remember that not all Emos are the same, so it is best to tread carefully when talking to one. That being said, here are a few tips on how to communicate with an Emo:

First, avoid using any labels or derogatory terms when talking to an Emo. This includes words like "emo" itself, as well as "scene" and "goth." These labels can be highly offensive to Emos, who often see themselves as misunderstood outsiders. Instead, try to use respectful language when talking to an Emo.

Second, avoid making any assumptions about an Emo's interests or lifestyle. Many Emos dress in dark clothes and enjoy sad music, but this is by no means universal. Some Emos may dress in bright colors and listen to upbeat music, while others may not fit neatly into any stereotype. The best way to find out what someone is interested in is to ask them directly.

Finally, be patient when talking to an Emo. They may need some time to warm up to you, as they may be used to being misunderstood or ridiculed by others. However, if you take the time to get to know an Emo, you may find that they are intelligent, sensitive, and deep thinkers. With a little patience and understanding, you can have a meaningful conversation with an Emo that you'll both enjoy and remember.

Is there a dating app for Emos?

While there is no dating app specifically for emos, there are a few popular apps that are often used by this community. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps, and while it doesn't have an emo-specific filter, users can search for keywords like "goth" or "punk" to find potential matches.

OkCupid is another popular option, and while it doesn't have a dedicated emo section, it does allow users to fill out detailed profiles and answer questions about their interests. For emos who are looking for a more niche experience, there are also a few options available.

GothicMatch is a dating site that caters specifically to goth and emo singles, and PlanetRockDating is a rock music-themed dating site that has a sizeable gothic community. Ultimately, there is no shortage of dating apps and websites that can be used by emos to find potential matches. You'll find them all here on this page!

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