Divorced Dating Sites

Ideally, when people get married, they stay married for the rest of their lives. However, that doesn't always happen. Unfortunately, people grow into different people throughout their lives. If spouses can't keep up, then the individual has to move on with their lives. Divorce is hard and painful, but it's often necessary.

It feels awkward going back into the dating world at first. A divorced single could feel like a failure at love if the divorce wasn't a friendly one, especially if the reason for it was a humiliating one. It's not easy for divorced singles to admit they were married before, but they're willing to try again.

Today, more and more people go to online dating than ever before. Does this mean there are places for divorced singles to meet without judgment? Absolutely! Divorced dating sites are a popular niche in the online dating world.

Below are seven sites geared towards divorced singles. All of these sites have unique features that make them stand out from other dating sites. Even if they're not specifically for divorced singles, some features make divorced singles find a lot of success on the site.

The Top 7 Divorced Dating Sites


Elite Singles is a growing online giant in the online dating world. Since 2002, millions of divorced singles found love again. A lot of second marriages happened thanks to Elite Singles. Users can have suggestions sent to them every week based on their dating preferences. The site also monitors every profile and deletes suspicious and inactive profiles.

Elite Singles has a friendly customer service team that's happy to help all its users find love. Sign up today to get a second chance at love!


  • Divorced singles can have suggestions sent to them based on dating preferences.
  • All users on the site are looking for serious relationships. Users don't need to worry about someone looking for a hookup.
  • Most of the users are over thirty and have at least a bachelor's degree.


Since 2000, Eharmony helped millions of people find love and happiness while using the site's services. Eharmony is so confident all its users can find love, it claims, "someone finds love every fourteen minutes." Every new user takes the signature "29 components of compatibility" test and has suggestions sent to them every day.

New and potential users can have access to the Eharmony blog. The blog gives dating advice and tips on building an attractive profile. Sign up today to experience one of the happiest dating sites on the internet.


  • Divorced singles can take the "29 components of compatibility" test and have suggestions sent to them.
  • There is a mobile app available.
  • New and potential users have access to Eharmony's blog page.

#3: Match


Since 1995, millions of singles found love and happiness while looking through Match.com. The success rate on this site is unlike anything any other site can offer. With over thirty million people visiting the site every month, divorced singles have a good chance of finding a profile or two they like. Users can search for people based on age, location, background, and more.

Match.com is one of the best in the online dating business. Because it's one of the first dating sites to ever launch on the internet, it sets the standard for all dating sites.


  • Over 30 million people visit the site every month, giving divorced singles a fantastic chance of finding love.
  • Users can search for people based on age, location, background, and more.
  • The site often runs events and meetups so other users can meet and mingle.


Just Divorced Singles guarantees all users will have at least one thing in common. Everyone using the site went through a divorce. So there's no need to worry about dropping any bombs on this site. It's free to sign up and look at other profiles. Every profile gets checked by the website to make sure all users are real people and not scammers.

Just Divorced Singles gives users a fun way to meet new people without worrying about the stigma of divorce. Everyone on the site's been through it, so they can move on and find love.


  • All profiles get checked by the website to make sure they're real people and not scammers.
  • All users went through a divorce, so there's no need to feel like users dropped bombs.
  • It's free to sign up and browse through other profiles.


Divorced Free and Single is the dating site for divorced singles looking for a serious relationship. The site is exclusively for divorced singles ready to take a chance at love once again. It's free for all singles to sign up, browse profiles, upload pictures, and communicate with other profiles. The site has an excellent customer service team making sure singles are getting the best out of their experience out of Divorced Free and Single.


  • It's free to sign up and communicate with other users.
  • The customer service team actively monitors every profile to keep all users safe.
  • This site is for users looking for serious relationships after divorce.


One Single Person is a dating site for divorcees and single people alike. 90% of all divorcees use One Single Person to try again at finding love. Fifty thousand new members sign up every day, making it a growing force in the online dating world. New users can sign up for a free standard account and have access to all the tools they need to find and communicate with a potential match.


  • Standard accounts give users access to all the primary dating site features so new users can have a shot at finding love.
  • It's free to sign up for an account.
  • 90% of divorcees on the site find love while searching on the site.


Divorced and Looking is exclusively for divorced singles looking for another chance at love. It's a popular choice for divorcees. It's one of the more affordable sites on the list. It's free to sign up and have access to basic dating features. Users can also make a Favorites List, have access to Encounter tools, and send introductions to profiles they like.

Divorced and Looking is a fun way for like-minded singles to meet and start trying again in finding love. Sign up today and see what's out there on this site.


  • It's free to sign up for an account.
  • Users have the option to pay a monthly fee.
  • All users have access to a Favorites List, Encounter tools, and more.


Dating after divorce can be an intimidating concept. If a divorcee hasn't been dating in a while, it can be downright scary. These seven dating sites are a way for singles to ease themselves back into dating after going through a divorce. All of these sites are safe to use, and they have a high success rate for anyone looking for a serious relationship.

Divorce doesn't mean it's the end when it comes to finding love. These seven websites are seven ways for divorcees to dip their toes back in the water to try again at finding love.

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