Updated on January 5, 2023

10 Best Dating Sites for Single Parents (2023)

Being a single parent is not an easy job. 

From the moment the kids wake up until it's time to put them to bed, a parent's life revolves around their child.

They need to make sure their child makes it to adulthood. However, no matter how old the adult is, the parent will always see them as their child.

Parenting isn't a job; one person can successfully do by themselves, especially if the single parent has more than one kid. Some days the house is chaos when there's one parent in the home. It's overwhelming and stressful, and sometimes the parents want a break too.

Having kids in the house makes dating harder, too. Not only is the parent looking for someone to spend the rest of their lives with, but they want someone who's able to step up and be a parent. They need someone to understand that their children's needs are always going to come before the needs of a potential spouse.

Is there anyone out there who understands? Are there any dating sites available that cater to other single parents?

Luckily for single parents, there are popular dating sites for parents. Online dating giants have single parents visiting their websites every day in hopes of finding someone who understands too.

Below are the top ten dating sites for single parents. Single parents had the highest success looking for love on these sites.

10 Best Dating Websites for Single Parents 


Eharmony is one of the online dating giants in the dating industry. Since 2000, Eharmony helped over two million people find happy relationships and marriage. The website boasts that people are finding love on their site every fourteen minutes. The odds sound good. However, it doesn't cater to LGBTQ single parents.

When a user signs up for an account, they need to take Eharmony's signature personality test. This test goes over the 29 components of compatibility, giving users more accurate matches than if they went without the test. Users will only see profiles they're the most compatible with based on their results.

Eharmony is also available on mobile, too. When people try their luck on this site, they learn why it's been so successful for the past twenty years.


  • Its personality test makes it attractive to single parents. The high success rate makes single parents flock to this dating site.
  • There is a blog available through Eharmony to give users and potential users dating advice and tips about making an attractive profile.
  • There is a mobile app available.


Elite Singles is an ever-growing dating site. It's one of the safest dating sites on the internet with a high success rate. Its excellent customer service and compatibility algorithm make it one of the best dating sites for single parents to visit.

When users sign up for an account, they fill out a questionnaire that establishes their goals, values, beliefs, and preferences. Then, the survey goes through an algorithm. Every day, the user receives an email with three to seven profiles that closely match their answers. Customer service is available to offer tech support and tips for an attractive profile and dating advice.

Even if a user doesn't sign up for Elite Singles, they have access to the Elite Singles magazine, which also offers dating advice for people getting back into dating. There is a reason Elite Singles is such a successful online dating site.


  • Because of the algorithm, single parents can type other parents as their preferences and browse through their profiles. This site is growing for other single parents.
  • Most of the users are over thirty and hold at least a bachelor's degree.
  • There is a mobile app available for busy users.

#3: Match


Match.com is one of the original online dating sites. Since 1995, Match.com helped millions of people find happy, fulfilling relationships. It's watched the dating world evolve since the '90s and changed its style over the years so it can stay relevant.

Users can fill out a personality test to help the website find matches most compatible with them. Users can also use the filtration system so they can find other profiles based on lifestyle, location, gender, and many more. With over 30 million users on Match.com every day, there are a lot of single parents looking for love.

Match.com is one of the oldest, most successful dating websites on the internet. It doesn't take long to figure out why people successfully find love here.


  • There are over 30 million users on this site, making it attractive for single parents looking for other single parents.
  • Its filtration system makes it easy to find other profiles based on lifestyle, location, and other factors.
  • It offers a trial before you buy a membership.


Now, it looks weird to see a dating site for older people in an article about single parents. Many users on OurTime are recently widowed or divorced with children. Likely, the kids aren't living with the parents anymore, but they're still parents all the same.

When users sign up for an account on Our Time, they can browse through the different profiles and message the ones they like. It's better to download the app so users can not only flirt but see who looked at their profile. Even if the user isn't out for a date, they can still find friendship and companionship on this site.

OurTime recognizes people are different at 5o than what they were at 20, and it celebrates the evolution of its users. There is a reason, so many happy, mature single parents find success on OurTime!


  • Most single parents on OurTime have adult children, so mature single parents won't need to worry about starting parenthood over again.
  • Users can download the app in the Apple Store or on Google Play.
  • Users can see who looked at their profile.


Sometimes, what a parent needs in a relationship is someone that understands the hardship of being a single parent. Mums Date Dads is a niche dating site for single parents in Australia.

When users sign up for a free account, they'll need to have their profile verified first. Mums Date Dads takes security seriously, so they want to make sure their users are safe. Then, users can browse through other profiles and message one another. Its customer support team is dedicated to making sure users have a smooth dating experience.

Mums Date Dads understands free time is scarce as a parent, and they'll do everything to make sure finding love is fast and easy for their exhausted users.


  • Mums Date Dads makes sure all profiles are legitimate.
  • Users can download the mobile app to make their experience smoother.
  • The site has excellent customer service should any user need it.


The name of the dating site says it all. This dating site is exclusively for single parents. Users can come on this site to find others who know what they're going through on any given day. They know the struggles of raising kids by themselves, and they offer not only support but love.

When users sign up for their free profile, they can browse through other profiles after they've been verified, of course. Safety is essential to Just Single Parents, and nobody wants to waste their time on a spambot. Users have a dating diary, inbox for messages, and a photo.

Just Single Parents make dating as a single parent fun. Users can log on for free and see why so many people are finding happiness on Just Single Parents.


  • It's free to join and search profiles, including advanced searches.
  • Just Single Parents make sure all profiles are who they say they are by verifying people before they can use the site.
  • There is a mobile app available.


Being a single mom is tough. Single moms are expected to be a superhero in a thankless job. If she wants time for herself, she's harshly judged. But single moms are as deserving of love as anyone else. Local Single Moms comes in to help single moms find love.

When users sign up for their free account, they get the usual services on any dating site. However, Local Single Moms include forums, video chat rooms, audio chatrooms, and newsfeed. It's similar to Facebook.

Local Single Moms are getting more and more popular every day. See why single moms everywhere are flocking to Local Single Moms!


  • Local Single Moms has a Facebook feel to it.
  • It's free to join.
  • Local Single Moms offers video and audio chat rooms.


Single parents everywhere are looking for someone who knows what it's like to be in their shoes. They're careful who their children meet, especially if the date ends up breaking their hearts. Their future spouses need to understand their kid comes before them at all times. Thankfully, Single Parent Meet is a dating site filled with people who understand.

When a new user signs up for Single Parent Meet, they sign up for a fun way to meet other single parents. People can browse through profiles and photo albums. They can also have live chats with people they're interested in knowing. They can download the app on their phone and search through profiles quickly.

Single Parent Meet is a welcoming environment for single parents. People found friendship, love, and everything else by registering with Single Parent Meet.


  • Single Parent Meet has a mobile app for users.
  • Users can upload photo albums and have live chats with people they're interested in getting to know.
  • It's free to register.


It's not easy to start dating again after going through a divorce. For some parents, divorce turns people off from dating and marriage forever. Single Parent Match is the website for recently divorced parents to find love, casual dates, or friendships.

When users sign up for a free profile, they can access chat rooms, blogs, and health tips for the kids. This site isn't just a dating site, but it's a way for parents to help each other with raising a kid.

Customer service on this site is excellent. They'll help users through tech support and give dating advice to users looking to make an attractive profile. There are articles on the site to help provide dating advice too. Single Parent Match is a great dating site for anyone getting into dating after divorce.


  • Users can sign up through Facebook or mobile apps.
  • There are online chats and articles about parenting and dating.
  • Customer support is excellent.

#10: Zoosk


Zoosk is one of the biggest global online dating platforms on the internet. With more members on it than Match.com, Zoosk guarantees anyone can find love, including single parents. Many single parents come to this site because it's so fun and easy to use. It's also the most downloaded dating apps in the Apple Store.

When users sign up to Zoosk, they have access to millions of users online. They don't have to stick to local users, either. They can look in as many countries as they wish. To make signup easier, they can go online through Facebook, too!

Millions of people are looking through Zoosk every day and having fun while they do so. It's easy to see why more and more people are flocking to Zoosk every day.


  • With a high number of users, single parents are flocking to this site based on popularity. Often, younger single parents are on this site looking for quick matches for dates.
  • Its Behavioral Matchmaking technology learns from user actions to find the best matches for them.
  • Users can sign up through Facebook and Google.


It's hard to find love as a single parent. Not every date is going to understand that the children come before they do. But when single parents find people that understand this reality, they'll be happy they went looking for love.

With more and more relationships starting in an online dating site, single parents are having an easier time than ever looking for someone to spend their forever with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which dating site is best for single parents?

There is no doubt that dating can be a challenging and intimidating experience for single parents. Juggling work, kids, and other responsibilities often leaves little time for meeting new people, and it can be difficult to navigate the sometimes-messy world of online dating sites.

However, one site that has proven to be especially well-suited to single parents is eHarmony. With its extensive personality matching system and advanced search features, eHarmony helps users to find potential dates with ease.

The site's wealth of parenting resources and support groups help to create a safe and welcoming community, making eHarmony a great choice for anyone wanting to connect with other single parents out there. So if you're looking for an online dating site that caters specifically to single parents, eHarmony is definitely worth checking out.

Where can I meet other single parents?

If you're looking to meet other single parents, there are lots of great places to do so. For example, you could connect with like-minded parents at your local playgroup or parenting support group.

You could also meet people online through various parenting forums and boards. Another option is to look for activities that are geared towards kids and their parents, such as family movie nights or kid-friendly festivals and fairs.

Whatever your preference, there are plenty of ways to find other single parents who share your interests and goals. But what's the best way? Online dating sites of course!

How can a single dad find a partner?

When it comes to starting a new relationship, many single dads may feel a bit intimidated or unsure of where to begin. After all, parenting can be time-consuming, and the responsibilities of raising children might make it difficult to find the time and energy for dating. But with some patience and creativity, meeting a compatible partner is definitely possible for any single dad.

One option is to think outside the box a little bit and consider people that you wouldn't normally interact with regularly. For example, joining or volunteering with a local sports team or other club can be a great way to meet like-minded individuals in your community.

You might even make some valuable friendships along the way! Also, don't hesitate to reach out to your existing network of friends and peers - both online and offline - as they may have ideas or contacts that could help you connect with potential matches.

Online dating is probably the best way because you can meet potential partners online while you are spending time with your kids. There's just no better way! 

And remember: while it can certainly be overwhelming to start looking for someone special, not giving up or losing hope is key to finding true happiness as a busy single dad.

How do single moms find love?

For single moms, finding love can seem like a daunting task. Not only do they have to navigate complex emotional and financial dynamics in the context of their families, but they also typically experience more social stigma than their counterparts in non-traditional relationships.

Despite these challenges, there are things that single moms can do to increase their chances of finding love.

One approach is to be proactive and seek out opportunities for dating, whether through online platforms or through more traditional means such as meetups or community events. Another strategy is to foster supportive friendships with other single moms who may be going through similar experiences and provide an ongoing source of support and advice.

By being open to new experiences and trusting that they are deserving of love, single moms can give themselves the best chance of finding happiness and companionship.

Is it difficult dating a single mom?

Dating a single mom can certainly be difficult, especially if you have little experience interacting with children. You'll likely have to deal with extra responsibilities, schedules, and hassles that you wouldn't normally encounter as a single person. 

For example, you might need to take on some childcare duties while your partner is unavailable or busy, or you may need to organize weekend activities for the kids when they're not in school. Managing mixed feelings about your partner's parenting style or dealing with judgmental comments from others can be challenging aspects of dating a single mom.

Despite these difficulties, however, dating a single mom has many rewards as well. You'll get the opportunity to form close bonds with her children and help guide their development in positive ways. Plus, having an active and involved parent in their lives can help give these kids more stability and support as they grow up.

Overall, whether you're a single man looking for love or simply curious about this unique dating landscape, there are plenty of benefits to be gained from taking the plunge into the world of single-mom dating.

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