Best Catholic Dating Sites

Catholics all around the globe want to find a fellow Catholic for their ideal God-centered relationship. 

However, they need to follow strict rules in their culture.

There are over one billion people following the Catholic faith. Over 51 million of those Catholics live in the U.S.A, making up over 20% of the US population. 

With that many people following the Catholic faith, it should be easy to find another Catholic, right? It depends on how many rules said Catholics follow.

Can online dating help Catholics find one another? Or are they doomed to hoping they find someone their mother approves of for them?

Below are ten dating sites popular with Catholics.

Top 10 Catholic Dating Website Reviews


Eharmony is one of the most well-known dating websites on the internet. Since 2000, Eharmony helped many couples, Catholics included, find their perfect matches. Over two million people got married with the help of Eharmony. It's one of the online dating giants in the industry.

When new users register their accounts, they take a lengthy questionnaire. This survey is Eharmony's "29 components of compatibility." Users will find compatible matches based on their goals, values, lifestyle, and background. Meaning if a user wants only Catholic profiles, they can get Catholic profiles. Users will only see profiles that closely match their questionnaire.

Eharmony is so confident new users will find love; it states, "every fourteen minutes someone finds love on Eharmony." See why so many people are finding successful relationships on Eharmony!


  • Catholics can put other Catholics on the preference section of their questionnaire.
  • Users will see only the profiles that match their survey.
  • Users can download the mobile app.


When looking for love online, users want to make sure they're in a safe space. They don't want anyone getting a hold of their information and sharing it with shady websites. Elite Singles is one of the most reliable online dating sites. Catholics like this website for their safety, and they'll have a fun place to find the Catholic partner of their dreams.

When users register for an account, they fill out a survey stating their preferences, values, and goals. Then, they receive an email every day featuring three to seven profiles that match their preferences. Elite Singles also verifies every account is legitimate and deletes inactive dating profiles.

Before users sign up, they have access to the Elite Singles blog to get dating advice and tips on how to make an attractive profile. Elite Singles has one of the highest success rates in the online dating industry, and when users sign up, they'll see why in no time.


  • Catholics can fill in their preferences that they want to look for other Catholics.
  • Users and potential users have access to the Elite Singles blog.
  • Most users on Elite Singles are over thirty and carry at least a bachelor's degree.


Christian Mingle is one of the largest dating sites for Christians. Catholics from all over the world can come to Christian Mingle to find fellow Catholics for their ideal God-centered relationship. Over fifteen million people are on the site looking for the person God planned for them.

When users sign up for their free account, they can have access to other users and pictures. No matter what type of Catholic the users are, they can find another Catholic person. Its questionnaire will make sure users are matched with other Christians practicing their particular faith.

Christian Mingle is one of the most successful Christian dating sites on the internet today. It's easy to sign up and register for an account today.


  • Catholic singles can fill out the questionnaire and get matched with other Catholic singles.
  • Users can sign up using Facebook.
  • Users have access to the Christian Mingle magazine called Believe. It has dating advice and tips for building an attractive profile.


Christian Cafe is one of the oldest Christian dating sites on the internet. Since 1999, Christian Cafe helped create thousands of successful relationships and over 25,000 marriages. It's a Christian-owned website dedicated to helping fellow Christians find the person for them. Catholics found success using Christian Cafe's services.

When new users sign up for their free trial, they can filter their search by denomination, involvement with the church, and level of faith. The site encourages users to participate in live chats so they can get to know the people they're interested in and start bonding. There are also group forums for people to socialize, too.

Christian Cafe has over three thousand testimonials on its site, showing it's one of the most successful Christian dating sites out there. Catholics singles can find someone today.


  • Catholic singles can search for other Catholic singles by using searches based on denomination.
  • Christian Cafe offers free group forums and live chats to make sure users get to know each other.
  • The site offers a free ten-day trial.


Catholic Singles is for Catholic singles who want to stick to finding other like-minded people. Since 1997, Catholic Singles helped people all over the globe find their perfect Catholic partner and build a stronger relationship with God. Instead of sifting through other denominations, users will have one thing in common with other users: their Catholic faith.

When users sign up for an account, they can search through other profiles based on appearance, interests, and location. When a user sees a profile they want to start talking to, then they can begin a membership plan with Catholic Singles. After that, singles can message, chat and flirt as much as they wish.

For over twenty years, Catholic Singles helped couples all over the world find one another. There is a reason this dating site is still alive in 2020!


  • Members can sign up for free and work out a membership plan when they find profiles they want to communicate.
  • Singles can search by appearance, location, and interests.
  • Catholic Singles offers a blog giving dating advice.


As the website states, it's the largest free Christain dating site on the internet. Catholic singles flock to Christian Dating for Free because users don't need to give up their credit card information. This site is also international so that American users can have access to other users in the UK, Canada, and Australia!

When users register for their free account, they have the basic features of any dating site. Users also have access to a live chatroom to message as many people as they want online. Many users can get to know each other using the chatroom feature.

Signing up for Christian Dating for Free is easy. Users all over the globe can sign up and meet other Catholic singles today in a safe, low-pressure environment.


  • Catholics flock to this site because it's entirely free.
  • New users can register for an account through Facebook.
  • It's a global dating site. Users from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia are logging on looking for love.


Want to find other Catholic singles without going broke? Catholic Friends Date is a growing online dating site helping Catholic singles find other like-minded people. Casual and devout Catholics alike can come to the website to look for serious relationships and happy marriages.

When users sign up for their account, they're signing up to have fun and socialize. Users can work on personality profiles to help them find other singles compatible with them. Users can receive emails with compatible profiles and participate in polls, one-on-one chats, and secure search features.

Catholic Friends Date creates a fun environment for Catholic singles ready to find a future spouse. Sign up for a free account and start a search for that future spouse.


  • The site is entirely free.
  • Users can create personality profiles to help find compatible matches.
  • Users can receive a weekly email with matching profiles, dating advice, and polls.


Traditional Catholics looking for marriage found success looking for love on Catholic Match. Since 1999, Catholic Match turned into one of the largest Catholic dating sites on the internet. Catholic singles everywhere are finding like-minded singles and marriage.

When users sign up for their account, they're required to marry under the Catholic church when they found their match. The founders want all marriages to be under the patronage of St. Raphael.

Catholic Match is a website that guarantees users will find their future spouse with them.


  • Over one million users use Catholic Match to find serious relationships.
  • Users must get married through the Catholic church when it's time.
  • There is a small monthly fee to be a member of Catholic Match.


Catholic singles everywhere can look for friendship, casual dates, and marriage on Catholic Mingle. It's a part of Spark, which offers a welcoming community, no matter what type of Catholic new users are. Catholic singles found success using the site and like the friendly atmosphere it fosters.

When new users sign up for Catholic Mingle, they can get to know other users through chat rooms and message boards. Then, they can send as many smiles and messages as they wish to people who interest them. There is a "Verse of the Day" to give inspiration to those searching for more than casual romance.

Catholic Mingle is determined to help users find the right people for them, no matter what they're looking for in a partner. See why so many people are finding success on Catholic Mingle.


  • Users have access to message boards and chats to get to know other users.
  • Users can send unlimited messages and smiles to other users.
  • There is a daily Bible verse to inspire users not to give up searching for their future spouse.

#10: Match

best-catholic-dating-sites-match is one of the oldest websites in the online dating industry. Since 1995, helped millions of people find love, happiness, and successful marriages. Their filtration system makes it easy for Catholic singles to find other like-minded individuals so they can see future spouses.

When users sign up for their account, they can take a short survey to help the site find compatible profiles for them. The site also uses a filtration system so users can search based on faith, lifestyle, and location. The site also runs events and meetups for singles to meet physically. has over thirty million profiles on its site, making the chances Catholic singles will find a future spouse high. See why has one of the highest success rates in the online dating business.


  • Catholics singles can filter profiles based on faith and lifestyle.
  • The site often holds events and meetups for singles to meet.
  • There is a mobile app available.


Catholic singles all over the globe can find happiness online like anyone else. With one in five relationships, starting online, chances are God's plans have more ways than one to show themselves. No matter how traditional a user's Catholic belief is, they can find someone with the aid of one of these dating sites.

Each of these Christian dating sites successfully helped millions of Catholic singles find someone online for a long, happy marriage. This fun, safe websites will help users everywhere find the person God planned for them.

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