9 Best Asexual Dating Sites for 2022

The asexual community is more visible than ever before, and with that visibility comes an unprecedented level of understanding that not everyone desires sex in a romantic relationship.

To some this might sound crazy, but for asexual men and women everywhere it’s nothing more than common sense.

The good news is that these dating sites below have made it easier than ever to meet other asexual singles who won’t make relationship demands you feel unable to meet.

Top 9 Asexual Dating Websites

eHarmony is one of the oldest dating sites on the web, and also one that boasts one of the highest success rates.

Developed by a clinical psychologist for the stated purpose of bringing couples together for life, it has reportedly helped to facilitate 236 marriages per day!


  • The site caters toward those who are seeking serious commitment and rejects applicants from those whose questionnaire answers reflect an interest in casual sex. That means you’ll have fewer non-starters to wade through than on most dating sites and apps.
  • Over 10 million active users and 750,000 paid subscribers give you a sizable dating pool to draw from. You’re bound to meet other singles who identify as asexual, demisexual, or similar.
  • Because users must pay to unlock many site features, there’s an implied level of seriousness about dating among those you meet on eHarmony.

One of the features that put Elite Singles a cut above other dating sites is the fact that its user base is highly educated. Over 82% of the men and women on Elite Singles hold at least a bachelor’s degree, and many have at least one advanced degree.

The mean age of site users also trends upward, which means you’ll find fewer singles looking for casual sex than on other dating sites.


  • Because so many of its users are highly educated, you can expect Elite Singles to include a high number of individuals open-minded enough not to consider asexuality a dealbreaker. 
  • The fact that the majority of its users are over 30 means you don’t have to worry that your matches are only seeking casual hookups. Most are searching for a longer-term commitment.
  • Site users are invited to create a profile including unlimited personal descriptors, making it easier for you to find prospective partners who share your relationship preferences.

#3: Match

Match.com is the original dating site, and it’s still one of the most popular! It boasts a thriving community of over 30 million singles from 25 different countries.

Given that around 1% of the population identifies as asexual, that gives you an abundant number of possible partners to choose from.


  • Match isn’t just for people looking to find romantic relationships. It’s also a great resource for meeting new friends and activity partners. The diversity of what Match users are seeking increases your odds of finding a compatible partner.
  • The sign-up process is fast, easy, and free, so you can be meeting new singles within minutes of creating an account.
  • Search filters make it easier for you to zero in on exactly what you’re looking for in a partner.

Celibate Passions is owned by the dating and social media platform Passions Network.

Per the homepage, it was designed exclusively for celibate and asexual singles, as well as those seeking platonic relationships for other reason.


  • Celibate Passions is entirely free to use and sign-up only takes a few minutes.
  • Users can browse groups for people who are celibate for religious reasons, those who identify as asexual, and those who would prefer a non-sexual relationship for other reasons.
  • Because it’s part of the Passions Network, joining Celibate Passions allows users to opt into a larger network of dating sites, connecting them to an even bigger dating pool.

Asexual Dating Site exists to allow singles to meet prospective matches without feeling pressured into sexual activity.

The site gives asexual and celibate singles a safe, supportive environment in which to connect with each other and to establish new relationships on their own terms.


  • The site acknowledges that asexuality is as much an inborn orientation as any other. You’ll never have to worry about being pressured to explain your sexuality to anyone here.
  • SSL encryption means you can safely browse without fear of having your sensitive information compromised.
  • As part of the Online Connections network of dating sites, Asexual Dating Site is an entry point to an even wider community of connections.

There are currently more than 54559 users on Asexualitic, and who knows how many of them are just waiting to meet you?

The homepage tells you how many users are currently online and breaks down those numbers by gender, so you can easily determine where to begin your search.


  • There are user groups devoted to interests including Instagram, long-distance relationships, child-free relationships, and more. Whatever niche you belong in, you’ll find a likeminded community here.
  • It’s totally free to register and start using the site, making it an ideal option for every budget.
  • Profiles are fast and easy to create and don’t require you to volunteer an uncomfortable amount of personal data.

This is the #1 destination for asexual dating on the web – at least according to their homepage!

Asexual Cupid spans countries around the globe, making it easy for you to connect with fellow asexual singles at home and abroad.


  • Their homepage includes a list of some of the more common sexual orientations represented on the site, including aromantic asexual, biromantic asexual, polyromantic asexual, and more.
  • Safety tips give users advice on how to connect with fellow singles without putting themselves at personal risk.
  • Forums give you a direct way to chat with other asexual singles and get to know potential partners in a friendly, low-pressure setting.

Asexual Chat is an affiliate of Asexual Cupid, with a focus on asexual and platonic dating and communication through the written word.

Like Asexual Cupid, this site recognizes that there are many different shades of asexuality and acknowledges that this orientation is part of a spectrum, making it an inclusive environment for all.


  • 24/7 customer support means you can get your pressing questions answered promptly by a team of courteous, caring professionals.
  • Privacy settings allow you to hide your profile from the general public, making it visible only to fellow asexual site users.
  • The “Let’s Meet” feature lets you determine compatibility before making plans to meet a possible partner or embarking on a more in-depth conversation.

#9: Zoosk

Because it comes with such a large pool of users, Zoosk is our final pick on this list of asexual dating sites.

With over 35 million members throughout 80 different countries, Zoosk is a vibrant platform with high potential for offering compatible matches.


  • Available on desktop and mobile, Zoosk makes it easy for you to meet matches simply by swiping.
  • It is currently the #1 dating app in the Apple Store, which should give you a sense of its popularity and user-friendliness.
  • The site is free to join, but Boosts allow you to make yourself more visible to your possible matches.


With so many options for online dating, you’ll never have to worry about finding a compatible asexual partner again.

Thanks to these sites, you never again have to feel like you’re in danger of being overlooked because of your sexual orientation. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of asexuality, there is someone out there for you!

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