Best Affair Dating Sites 2022 – Cheating Website Reviews

When people hear the word "affair", it leaves a bad taste in their mouths.

In most people's minds, an affair is the same as cheating on someone they love. Nobody wants to associate with someone who would cheat and not see why it's wrong.

However, not every affair is like that. Some couples like when one or the other has an affair. For some, it's a strange fetish. An affair can also be used for arranging threesomes and for any other kink an individual has. It sounds weird to most people because of their monogamous upbringings.

In no way is this article condoning cheating. However, several couples practice ethical non-monogamy or polyamory. These people do have affairs, but they make sure to communicate with their partners before doing so. Some have an agreement that affairs can happen, but they don't want to know the details.

With all of the complicated ways an affair can be a turn-on, what kind of a dating site would condone affairs on their website?

Surprisingly, affair dating sites are common on the internet. Often, they're tied with adult dating sites and hookup sites, but affairs are a common subcategory for these sites.

Below are twelve dating sites for people looking to have an affair. 

Whether it's an agreement with their partners or a quick hookup, these sites are all over the internet. These sites pride themselves on their safety features to make sure a user's privacy stays protected.

12 Best Affair Dating Website Reviews


There is no dating site more infamous than Ashley Madison. It turned into a household name after the public found out a reality TV star had an account on the site. However, Ashley Madison helped facilitate affairs since 2002. Over 65 million people have accounts on Ashley Madison, and women can join for free.

Ashley Madison makes its users' privacy a number one priority. After the site got hacked, they stopped letting users link their social media accounts to the site and ramped up privacy settings. See why it's such a popular affair site today!


  • Women can join the website for free.
  • The site has a mask feature over pictures. It appeared after the 2015 hack of the site.
  • Users aren't allowed to link their social media profiles to the site.


Be Naughty is one of the most popular hookup sites on the internet. People flock to this site for casual encounters, threesomes, or for an affair. With over thirteen million people visiting the site every month, there is something for everyone here. Users can have access to Flirtcast, where they can broadcast a video to every profile matching their criteria.

Be Naughty is a fun site for people looking for something quick or for something that lasts longer. So many people are having fun on Be Naughty today. Sign up for a free account today and join the fun!


  • The site is almost evenly split between men and women. 48% men, 52% female.
  • The site is entirely free to join.
  • It's challenging for hackers to get on the site.


Over twenty-five million people turn to Adult Friend Finder every month to look for that steamy romance. It's one of the best sites for anyone looking for any type of sexual encounter. Users can join the site for free and have unlimited access to messaging, forums, videos, and more. No matter what the users are into, there is something for everyone on Adult Friend Finder.

Couples are more than welcome to sign up for an account together, so it makes it easier to plan other sexual encounters. See why so many people flock to Adult Friend Finder for their affairs today.


  • Over 77 million singles and couples have accounts on Adult Friend Finder, making it easy for people looking for an affair.
  • Users can sign up for a free account.
  • There is a nude cam feature with live shows.


Friend Finder-X is for users who want to be part of a welcoming community while looking for the perfect sexual encounter. Since 1996, Friend Finder-X helped millions of users find classic affairs, threesomes, and more. It's now one of the oldest, most established hookup sites on the internet. Established users are more than happy to help new users by giving advice on better profiles and how to arrange their encounters.

An account on Friend Finder X is free, and it never expires, no matter what happens in a user's life. There is a reason Friend Finder X is a high renown dating site for horny singles and couples.


  • The site is free to join and never expires.
  • Established users are more than happy to give new users advice on how to have a perfect affair.
  • Users can opt to have receive matches in their inbox.


Heated Affairs is how it sounds. It's for users that don't like to kiss and tell. Nearly fifty million people log on to Heated Affairs every day looking for that perfect affair. Users can sign up for an account for free and have access to the millions of other profiles looking for the same things. The site also offers advice, two-way cams, photos, and a lot more.

Heated Affairs is a popular dating site for secret people. See why so many people come to Heated Singles every day today!


  • Heated Affairs is LGBTQ-friendly.
  • The site is entirely free.
  • Users have access to two-way cams, photos, advice, and more.


Since 1999, this site helped married couples look for the affairs of their dreams. Over three million people use No Strings Attached every day to look for someone exciting to spice up their marriages. Users can sign up for a profile for free. Then, they have access to private calls and private emails until they arrange for a meetup.

No Strings Attached is verified by It's hard for scammers to come on the site and steal information from their users.


  • It's free to sign up for an account.
  • Users can build an anonymous profile.
  • Users have access to private calls and emails.


Find New Passion is so good at its services, one testimonial claimed it helped revive the passion in her marriage. Thousands of users go online every day to find a quick affair to relieve their boredom. The registration process is lengthy compared to other dating sites, but users say it's worth it. Users can communicate with one another for free on the site.


  • The registration process takes eleven steps, but it keeps users' information safe.
  • All communication on the website is entirely free.
  • There is a safe senders list available.

According to the site itself, over 30% of all people on dating sites are married. This site is designed with married people in mind. Married singles can go on the site and experience dating once again. It's free to join and browse through the thousands of pictures of married individuals on the site looking for the same things.

The site is also eager to hear if there are fake profiles on the site. Users have access to reporting tools to keep themselves safe from hackers on the site.


  • It's free to join the site.
  • There is a reporting channel to report fake accounts.
  • Users can browse other profiles and pictures for free.


Some singles and couples get excited at the thought of having an affair. The idea of a casual encounter is enough to turn on a boring couple or a single person looking for excitement. Get An Affair is a dating site that makes finding an affair sexy and fun. Users can sign up for an account on their desktop or iTunes. Then, they have access to location-based matching and chatting.

Get an Affair is fun and easy to use for anyone looking for an opportunity for a casual encounter.


  • Users can sign up through their desktop or iTunes.
  • There is a location-based matching feature.
  • Users have access to a live chat feature.


Affair Dating is so confident users will find a fun affair; they make it their mission to save bored people from lonely relationships. It's free to sign up for an account. Users wishing to stay with the free memberships will receive a profile that never expires. They have access to chats and games. If they're lucky, users can find people that want to meet up that very night.

Affair Dating wants users to find what they're looking for as quickly as possible. And they will do what they need to so users can discover those affairs as fast as possible.


  • Users can register for free and get a profile that never expires.
  • Profiles can interact with one another through chats and games.
  • Users can use a tool to arrange a meeting with people as soon as they start talking.


In most affair dating sites, more men are looking around than women. However, with Illicit Encounters, 45% of the users are women. Users can sign up for an account for free and browse photos, send virtual kisses, and more. Women can also hide their profiles and send messages for free when they sign up for their account.

Over one million people are looking for affairs in the UK, and they have an account on Illicit Encounters. See why it's been a successful dating site since 2003.


  • 45% of the users on this site are women.
  • It's free to sign up for an account.
  • Women can hide their profiles and send messages.


Hush Affair promises its users fun while they're looking for affairs. The only rule about the site whatever happens on the website stays on the site. When users sign up for their new account, they can be featured on the homepage to get more attention. The site has a matching system to pair people based on interests. It also has a Hot or Not section, polls, and an event calendar to meet more people.


  • New users will appear on the site's homepage.
  • The site's matching system pairs people based on their interests.
  • There is a Hot or Not section.


Having an affair can be exciting, or it can be something to do when someone's bored with their relationship. While lots of these sites encourage secret affairs, proper communication is vital to keep a marriage or relationship successful.

Lots of online sites can help create a fun secretive environment for users to have all their fantasies fulfilled. Whether they're spicing up their marriages or single people who get turned on by secrecy, there's something for everyone. All a user has to do is register for one of these sites. Then, they can see what's out there for them.

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