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Top 10 Adult Dating Sites in 2023

What's the difference between a regular dating site and an adult dating site? 

Regular dating sites tend to have marriage as the end goal. Most of the people coming to generic dating sites are hoping to find their future husband or future wife. They're not afraid to say what they want in a relationship. These people have happy, successful marriages by the time they found their future spouse.

An adult dating site has different ideas in mind. A lot of people looking at adult dating sites are looking for people who want to live in an alternative lifestyle. Marriage might be necessary to some, but they're looking to live a life that involves ethical non-monogamy.

That could mean living in polyamorous relationships, or they could want the occasional threesome. It depends on what the couple feels comfortable experimenting with.

What are the best sites for people interested in living in an alternative lifestyle? Are these sites friendly for hookups too?

People wanting to explore kinks and fetishes can come to these sites to find other people willing to explore their sexual limits with them. These are the safest, most popular dating sites for people living an alternative lifestyle.

Below are the test best adult dating sites for people interested in hookups, threesomes, and polyamorous relationships.

10 Best Adult Dating Site Reviews


Of all the adult dating sites on this list, Ashley Madison is one of the most infamous sites on the internet. Though it has a bad reputation for being the site for cheaters, many couples turn to this site to find the perfect person to experience a threesome. Ashley Madison makes a user's privacy a main priority for the site. Users are unable to link their social media accounts to Ashley Madison to keep things private.

Since 2002, Ashley Madison helped millions of couples and singles find hookups in an atmosphere that promotes secrecy. With sixty-five million people visiting the site, people looking to spice their sex lives can come to Ashley Madison.


  • Ashley Madison is entirely free to try.
  • Couples are welcome to sign up for an account to look for threesomes and an extra girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Users can't link social media accounts to their profiles. It keeps their Ashley Madison accounts private.


Adult Friend Finder is one of the most popular hookup sites for people looking for vanilla, BDSM, or group sex. All sexual orientations are welcome to join and find other singles eager for a good time. When users sign up, they have unlimited access to millions of singles with unlimited messaging services. They can also participate in nude cam chats, live model shows, or cyber sexual forums.

If that doesn't appeal to users, they can always write their erotic stories on the site's blog page. With over twenty-five million singles looking for a good time, there is something for everyone on Adult Friend Finder.


  • All sexual orientations are welcome to sign up and look for others interested in their kinks and fetishes.
  • The site offers nude cams, live model shows, and unlimited messaging services.
  • The site offers a free primary site for users to browse and find locals for a great hookup.


Friend Finder-X is one of the oldest and most established adult dating sites on the internet. Since 1996, millions of horny singles come to this site to try new experiences, spice up their relationships, or to organize a group sex date. The site is entirely free for new members to join. With over one million people visiting the site every month, Friend Finder-X is an excellent place to start when looking for new sexual experiences.

Friend Finder-X has one of the friendliest communities in the adult dating industry. Existing members are more than happy to help new members by giving them advice on anything their hearts desire. All the new ones have to do is ask.


  • The site is entirely free to join.
  • Users can search for profiles by themselves, or opt to have suggestions emailed to them every day.
  • Existing members are more than happy to give new members advice on organizing new sexual experiences.


Be Naughty is a hookup friendly website. It's one of the best adult dating websites for users looking for a quick hookup. With over thirteen million people on the site per month, there is an excellent chance for singles to find their ultimate hookup. Users can sign up for free to gain access to thousands of profiles. They can enroll in automatic responses and flirting when they see profiles that interest them.

Be Naughty is a fun, welcoming site for people who want a casual hookup. Singles of all sexual orientations are welcome to sign up for their free account and find a hookup near them.


  • Users can sign up for free.
  • Users can use Flirtcast, which broadcasts one message for users who match their preferences.
  • Premium members can search while incognito.


Men Nation is one of the largest hookup sites for gay and bisexual men. There are over 79 million members of Men Nation, and over 780,000 people visit the site every month! New users on a free standard account have access to unlimited browsing, various ways to message people, and erotic blogs for them to enjoy.

Men Nation is a staple for gay and bisexual men who want to find a quick, casual hookup. There are millions of beautiful men on the site eager to meet all of the new members.


  • Men Nation is one of the largest dating sites for gay and bisexual men.
  • Free accounts have access to unlimited browsing, erotic blogs, and suggested matches.
  • Users can start for free.


Gay and bisexual women don't need to worry about not having a place for them. Lesbian Personals are for all the gay and bisexual women looking for a hookup or casual relationship. Over thirty million women have memberships, and 500,000 women visit the site per month. Users can not only flirt with profiles they like, but they can participate in two-way video chats to get to know their new hookups better.

Lesbian Personals is welcoming to straight couples looking to spice their relationships up with a threesome. Some couples want to experience a unicorn, so they come to Lesbian Personals too. It's one of the biggest female-friendly adult sites on the internet!


  • Singles and couples are welcome to sign up for a profile.
  • Users have access to two-way chats and searching by their preferences.
  • Heterosexual couples are welcome for those looking to try polyamory.


Want to have fun while looking for the next naughty hookup? Online Booty Call is here to help bored horny singles add some fun to their days. There are millions of members on the site. Thousands of people are online at any point to look for someone fun to flirt and play with them. Users have access to private messaging and video chats when they sign up for their accounts.

The site is so easy to use, they suggest users every day that match someone else's criteria. Every day, users are making friends and enjoying No-Strings-Attached dating by using Online Booty Call.


  • Users can download the app on their phones and browse that way.
  • Singles can have other profiles sent to them by the site that matches their criteria.
  • Users have access to video chats when they meet other singles.


Saucy Dates is an award-winning dating site for adults looking for a casual date or a hookup. Safety is the site's number one priority, and it gives users access to reporting channels and blocking features to keep them safe. Users can participate in erotic chat rooms and have access to unlimited messaging to people they want to get to know.

Saucy Dates won't let users upload a picture unless the site shows the person's face. They want their users to explore their sexuality in a safe space where they feel comfortable. There is a reason it's a highly renowned site.


  • Saucy Dates has a policy on profile pictures. Profile pictures must show the user's face and not have nudity in them.
  • Users have access to erotic chatrooms and unlimited messaging.
  • Users have access to blocking and channels to report abuse and users being too sexually explicit.


Want to find a hookup, but afraid that person is on the other side of the country? Mixxxer is here to help people find hookups locally. It's location-based searching offers a map for singles to find other horny people near them. It also has a feature to blur out photos users aren't comfortable seeing. Some users find the mystery behind the blur makes things more fun and exciting.

Mixxxer is an excellent choice for people who don't want to go too far when looking for horny singles to hook up with them. Singles and swingers alike are eager to find people close to them for a good time.


  • Its location-based searching shows users profiles who are closest to them.
  • Users have the option to blur out photos that have too much nudity in them.
  • It's available on any mobile device.

#10: Xmatch


Xmatch considers itself as the hottest hookup site on the internet. This international dating site is one of the largest sex-positive communities for people to join. When users sign up, they can search for other users by location. They have access to unlimited messaging, live webcams, and nude photos for all to see. Users can also exchange pictures and videos with profiles they're interested in meeting.

Xmatch prides itself on being an international, sex-positive community. With so many users eager to meet new people, users can have fun meeting people no matter where they travel.


  • Users can search for other profiles by location.
  • There is a webcam feature for users to get to know one another better.
  • Users can send and receives photos and videos from other interested members on the site.


For adults looking for more sex-positive alternative dating sites, these ten adult dating sites are a perfect match for anyone looking for casual encounters. Singles don't need to look for monogamous relationships if that's not something they're into. Singles and swingers alike are eager to meet fun people to try new things with.

The world is too small of a place to never explore sexual experiences outside of the world's comfort zone. These sites offer safe, private areas for users to explore their sexuality with other like-minded people. Everyone on these sites is welcoming, open-minded, and happy to advise on whatever the user is curious about trying. The only way to find out if these sites are right for them is to try.

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