Updated on August 15, 2022

5 Facts About Online Dating

The transformations that digital technology and smartphones have made in our lives touch almost every aspect, including how people seek romance.

When Pew Research Center first did a survey in 2005, meeting someone online wasn't as popular.

Now, 15% of US adults use online dating sites and apps.

There's a lot to say about online dating and we're here to make it easier to find. For now we've got five facts for you.

1. "Wow, Online Dating is Amazing"

When a study was done way, way back in 2005, most Americans didn't know much about online dating. In fact, they thought it wasn't as good as meeting someone online. 

Today, everyone has a friend or someone they've heard about who's met a partner through online dating sites or apps. People are starting to see online dating as a fantastic way to meet someone.

If someone says they've never tried to use or heard of online dating these days, they'll look like the weird one in the group. It's everywhere.

Yeah, sure, you'll have the odd person try to convince you its not that cool. They'll join you on the other side with their own little story about finding someone online.

2. "You Can do it at Any Age"

In 2013 alone, the number of 18 to 24-year-olds using online dating rose from 10% to 27%. Since 2013, the number of people aged between 55 and 64 using online dating has doubled from.

Something that might explain the sharp increase among young people is the introduction of dating apps. In 2013, only 5% reported using them. Now, 22%.

Older people looking for love might be taking a liking to apps too.

Even if they are more comfortable with dating sites, their choice of meeting people is rapidly getting more streamlined and easier to use, attracting more users and leading to more matches.

Whatever your age, you'll find someone using online dating. Sometimes, it might even be because of your age as people in your age bracket with similar needs and goals might be embracing the possibilities of online dating too.

3. Going From App to Date is Happening More

More and more, online dating sites are resulting in dates. As many as 66% of people who use online dating sites end up meeting and going on dates.

When the study was done in 2005, online dating sites were still quite good at resulting in dates. Nearly half, or precisely 43%, of people using them were setting up to meet.

4. Some Profiles go Through Editing

That profile with that witty line that made you smirk - there's a co-author.

As you might have expected, some friends get their friends to put the finishing touches on their profiles,

Admit it - you've done it too. 

Let's look at the stats. At nearly a quarter, 22% of female online daters have asked a friend to add a few details or just to greenlight it.

Women do this more, with 30% of them asking for a bit of help. That's compared to 16% of men, ,just over half.

 5. More and More People are Taking it Further

Five percent of Americans in a marriage or committed relationship are thankful for dating sites and apps helping them meet their partner.

One in 10 people are using dating sites and apps, which accounts for all those people finding love. 

Compared with how many people were using them a few years ago, that's a big number. Of course, as more and more dating sites and apps become available and as they innovate, more people will see the appeal.

Even among relatively recent couples who came together 5 years ago or less, 88% met offline. 

12% is still a big number, considering online dating as we know it is just over a decade old while offline dating has existed since....we'll need the guys who study dinosaurs to figure this one out.

The number of romances starting online is only going to increase, meaning more people will find the one.

In the same way the internet has changed the way we buy things through online shopping and the way we stay connected through social media, it's transformed the way we find love.

Dating sites and apps now offer you an incredibly easy way to meet someone and couple up.

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